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Quote ‘O The Day, thanks to lawyer David Lane


Yup, here’s the quote of the day, from attorney David Lane, representing Seth Brigham, an outspoken critic of the Boulder City Council, who is challenging a restraining order the city has against him:

“I’m willing to stipulate that Boulder City Council members huddle under their beds in the fetal position at night crying and having psychological and social distress because their feelings have been hurt by Seth Brigham,” Lane is quoted as saying in Westword. “But if the First Amendment revolved around Boulder City Council members having hurt feelings, no one would be able to speak in this country.”

Worse, we wouldn’t be able to listen to David Lane speak, which — when he’s talking about defending the First Amendment — is a form of entertainment in itself.

Boulder was given additional time to try to defend its restraining order against Brigham. The two sides are due back in court on Aug. 17.

Read Lane’s interview with YS here.

Tip-o-the-hat to Michael Roberts at Westword.

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