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House District 33


Dianne Primavera–Democrat


A mile in her shoes: Primavera, a legislator in District 33 for the past eight years, is convinced that she’s walked the district farther and more frequently than any of her opponents, past and present. The former chairwoman of the Legislative Audit Committee, she sponsored more than a dozen bills to reign in the cost of government and increase transparency. It’s little wonder that money issues are at the top of her agenda.

Immediate concerns: “Unemployment is a huge problem in the state,” she says, pointing to a need to create jobs as a high priority and “making sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely,” a close second. Funding education is just as much a key issue for her as it was in the past, and she promises to do her part to “look for ways to ensure K-12 has the resources.”

Across-the-aisle-ability: Primavera touts her bipartisanship as a key reason she’s deserving of re-election and she has the “Legislator of the Year” award from the Colorado Nonprofit Association to prove it.

Tell us how you really feel: Being a House Representative is “the best job I’ve ever had.”

W. Earl Allen–Libertarian


Motivation for running: No stranger to campaigning (this is Allen’s fourth time running for office as a Libertarian), Allen hopes to make sure that “Colorado does not get Californicated,” at least in terms of its moribund economy and crushing debt. The solution to that, he says, is to rely on free market solutions in energy and jobs. Over-regulation and over-taxation are barriers to economic recovery.

Why Libertarian? “Libertarians are here to make sure that there is an alternative,” he says. “If you don’t like the two big-government candidates, you can vote for Libertarians.”

Operating philosophy: “Less is more,” he says. Allen is in favor of local control over fracking, advocates opening the energy markets to more development to bring down the cost of energy in Colorado and rolling back regulations to prevent the government from “destroying jobs.”

Parting words: “If you really want to continue the downward spiral of our economy … you will vote for a big-government candidate. Both of my opponents are big-government candidates.”

David Pigott–Republican


No interview.

YS Endorsement: Dianne Primavera

Dianne Primavera is the sort of politician we’re proud to endorse (and proud to have working in our backyard). Her blend of fiscal restraint coupled with the pragmatic need to fund education for the good of both students and the economy of the future embodies the sort of push-pull we wish more politicians displayed.

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