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You Voted…By Mail


As a citizen of these United States, voting is arguably the most sacred and important thing one can do. It’s well-known policy that if you don’t participate in this fundamental process of democracy you effectively waive your rights to complain about the results (now enforcing this policy is another matter entirely). Now I don’t particularly care who you vote for, but for the love of Lincoln do a bit of research on the candidates and Amendments before you do. How to vote is the next question, and this year’s mail-in ballots have gotten even more convenient with the option to have it emailed to you (no, you do still have to print it out and physically send it in—they’re not that green).

Granted, some folk just get a kick out of rubbing elbows with the general public on Election Day and exercising their natural rights (plus, you get that cool sticker!). But if standing in line on a Tuesday isn’t your idea of performing your civic duty you don’t have long to get that mail-in ballot. If you want to exercise your rights and maximize your convenience (which being a red blooded American you must) you’ve got to get on the ball and order your ballot by Tuesday, Oct. 30, to have it delivered straight to you. Check out the Boulder County election page for more details.

If you’re a bit too concerned with piecing together your Ziggy Stardust Halloween costume and miss that deadline than you’ve got to put in at least the bare minimum effort into the electoral process and pick up your ballot by Friday, N, (conveniently the last day those of you who made up your mind months ago can vote early). This is your last shot to get your vote counted without having to join the plebian masses and doing it in person on Nov. 6. Remember, one way or another, every ballot has to be in (and not just in the mail) by 7 P.M on Election Day. Don’t let your voice be disregarded on account of snail mail.

Now let’s level a bit here, this has been a somewhat grueling election season. Between the vicious attacks and circular arguments the American people deserve some good old electoral satisfaction. Frankly, giving up your vote at this point would be to have wasted every second you’ve spent reading election-based Facebook posts or watching the news. Now get out and vote!


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