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Beer or Boot?


Everyone knows the pain and pleasure of shopping for the beer snob on their list. You wander the aisles of the largest beer emporium, dumbly mouthing names and styles you never knew existed only to hear later, “Oh yeah, that’s alright, I still have a couple of those left over in the basement.” This holiday season it’s time to spice things for your beer nut. Why not go for gusto and get them something that won’t just sit and get skunky or go down the hatch and out of the memory?

This year, give ‘em the boot.

If your beer connoisseur has the proper and due respect that the German and English beer masters deserve than they should know that it’s an unofficial rule that every collection of glassware needs a giant drinking boot. Frankly anyone with more than a passing interest in Oktoberfest needs this iconic artifact the German’s fondly call a “Lady’s Leg.” Naturally not everyone is expected to rise to the challenge, but nevertheless the shelf space must be set aside for this symbol of pub-based bragging rights and robust excess.

And to that end there’s a convenient new source of beer gear that just sprang up in Littleton: beerware.net. This new web-based store, which only opened Dec. 5, features a slew of steins, shirts, and other gear—mostly from Paulaner and Fuller at the moment (and yes, they have the boot). Does someone’s brewroom or bar need a touch of German or English class? Get them a tap handle or some classic signage. Everyone knows that “vintage” is all the rage these days.

It’s a rookie mistake to try and impress a beer lover with what you think is a “unique” or new brew. Now that’s not to say that they’d snub their nose at a free beer (at least one would hope), but if you want to truly surprise someone this year find them something a bit less on the fleeting and temporary side.

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