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Critics’ Picks: Retail


Best non-traditional tourist attraction

Cheese Importers

Sure, you could take your family to Chautauqua or the Pearl Street Mall. But if you really want to impress your foodie friends take them to Cheese Importers for a European experience. A calm café is surrounded by a shop filled with cooking accessories, chocolates, oils and cookbooks. And the kicker: the massive walk-in cheese cooler. 103 Main St., Longmont


Best place to unlock treasure 

Lafayette Flea Market

This place never ends. Seriously. 130 E Spaulding St., Lafayette


Best new store for home cooks

The Singing Cook

From San Marzano tomatoes to handy doohickeys, The Singing Cook is the newest locale for foodies to find. 728 Main St., Louisville


Best promising side of Pearl Street

West End of Pearl Street

For awhile, everyone was talking about the East End of Pearl Street. You know? Frasca, Two Sole Sisters, Cured. But these days, the west side of Pearl Street, past Salt and The Kitchen, past Jax. Keep going to discover Spruce Confections, the West-End Gardener, Piece Love and Chocolate and more. It’s a very sweet little area, and it could possibly take the East End in a street brawl.


Best progressive bookstore that’s volunteer powered and celebrates alternative viewpoints

Left Hand Bookstore

For the next couple months, this is the closest thing Boulder has to the feminist bookstore in Portlandia. Except this all-volunteer, not-for-profit, progressive bookstore has much better service. 1200 Pearl St., Boulder


Best bike-centric spot

Derby Bicycle Center

In this retro-style bike shop, every space is packed with bikes. It’s a velo-splosion, a cycle-surge, a bike-outbreak. 410 E 104th Ave., Northglenn


Best shopping experience

Barbara & Co

There is shopping, and then there is shopping at Barbara & Co. Prepare to find something you must have, and prepare to develop real feelings for the staff. Prepare to have a wardrobe that makes you feel powerful and yet feminine. 1505 Pearl St., Boulder


Best shop for everyday clothing

Boulder Body Wear

Boulder lives in its active wear and Boulder Body Wear is the spot for yoga, dance and casual clothing. It’s either a smart business plan or just serendipity! 2660 Canyon Blvd., #1, Boulder


Most approachable

Eric Olson Master Jeweler

When someone is a “master jeweler,” you somehow picture a snotty, monocle-wearing guy who judges people by their shoes. But Eric Olson, who does incredible custom jewelry, is completely the opposite. He’s helpful, casual and respectful…and he doesn’t wear a monocle. 489 U.S. 287, Lafayette


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