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Best Brunches of Boulder


In the 1896 supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary, brunch was referred to as the perfect meal for Saturday-night carousers or reporters who ate at odd hours of the day. I in fact, happen to find myself in both of those categories, sometimes simultaneously. If you’re like me, or just like sleeping in on Sunday – here’s the best brunch places in Boulder.

The Buff
1725 28th St  Boulder, CO 80301

This one is for the carousers who need a heavy helping of meats, skillets, griddles, omelets or burgers. The Buff is a cozy spot wedged between a rock and a hotel fit for families and friends in modified versions of the outfits they wore last night. A dish that will rejuvenate your dehydrated body and soul is the Olé skillet: a generous helping of chorizo, green chilies, onions, potatoes, jalapenos and cheddar with con queso or pork green chili.

Dot’s Diner
2716 28th St  Boulder, CO 80301

I was walking through Boulder with a few of my friends in the sweltering heat one morning feeling like Pearl Street gypsies.  We clung to our overnight bags like they were the last items we owned. As we were ready to start deciding who we would sacrifice first to satisfy our ravaging hunger, Dot’s Diner came into view wavering like an oasis in the Sahara. We dropped our bags and felt right at home in the 30-year-old diner. Their motto is “just like old times, where the folks come to get their yolks.” It’s the kind of diner that you could see yourself becoming a regular at when retirement is kind to you. While their German pancakes take 25 minutes to cook, it’s worth it if you can resist eating your arm––or brunch partner. If you want to go for a more exotic option, a Nepali menu is available that features saag tofu and curry.

2124 14th St  Boulder, CO 80302

As a Colorado State Ram, I’m hesitant to thank Boulder for anything. But when it comes to Lucile’s, I’ll let down my pride. Thank you Boulder for Lucile’s. It’s the best (I don’t mean this loosely) breakfasts I’ve ever had. The creole cafe that began in Boulder in 1980, is unsurpassed. Think: one-of-a-kind strawberry rhubarb jam, butter biscuits and coffee. It  leaves you wondering if the cook slips in an illegal ingredient to make it so mouth-wateringly delicious.  I’ve tried countless times to recreate my favorite, Hank’s Eggs, with moderate luck — nothing is as good as the original egg, potato, cheese, tomato and avocado masterpiece at the yellow house.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Walnut Cafe: A funky, fun place that’s served Boulder for over 30 years with burritos, vegan breakfast and pancakes.


  • The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse: With a sister teahouse in Tajikistan, the beautifully authentic tea palace offers glorious teas and cuisine like the tea cured salmon benedict with poached eggs, capers, lemon, tomatoes, green tea hollandaise and potatoes.


  • Brasserie Ten Ten: Showered with a slew of awards for best French cuisine and excellence, Brasserie offers an elegant and upscale atmosphere with reasonably priced brunch dishes.

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