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Smart Shopping


Smart shopping doesn’t mean clipping a forest worth of coupons or spending hours researching for the perfect item anymore. Shopping has evolved and digitalized and we’re here to arm you with the best shopping weapons to get you the best deals, make money and pay efficiently.


You have a small nation of friends on Facebook. You Instagram every one of your prepared dinners and fro-yo outings. And you check-in with Foursquare on the daily. It’s a lot of work to be maintaining your social media influence, so why not get rewarded for it? Klout is a social media analytics site that scores a person’s social presence on a scale of one to 100. To give you an idea, President Obama has a score of 99, the Rockies have a score of 90 and mine is 47. Klout then assigns what topics a person is most influential about. Then depending on your social media usage and what subject you most talk about, you can receive related Klout Perks. For example, the more you tweet about movies, the more likely you’ll get a Perk for free movie tickets. It’s free advertising for a local café you’re checking in at, and it could turn into a free lunch or coffee for you.

Localize It: 

Aspen/Snowmass is said to give out free lift tickets. Chat it up about skiing.

Bud Light is having a  Vail hotel promotion. Win free rooms or other swag when you enter with your social media and Klout account.

Downtown Boulder (score of 63) is an avid Klout user. Tweet them to encourage more perks.


Three million people are sitting on their couch watching TV—and making money. Viggle, a mobile app, checks you into the show you’re watching using audio recognition then allows you to interact with friends, quizzes and special promotions that gets you points that can be redeemed for gifts and prizes. It’s being called the second screen experience—a supplement for your viewing pleasure. Viggle allows unique marketing for TV shows, and allows you to make some benefits from tuning in. The app works for most television shows like HBO, ABC Family, National Geographic Channel and ESPN. If you have a recorded show, Viggle works until 8 a.m. EST the next day. Viggle can also be paired with MyGuy Sports, a fantasy sports app that allows individuals or teams to interact with live broadcasts of football and basketball. MyGuy also follows a point system that allows to you cash in on your fantasy league.

Localize It:

If your living room isn’t local enough for you, watch the Nuggets or Broncos and basically get paid for it.

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