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Layered for Fall


Fall is a tricky season. You’d think it’s time to bundle up as summer departs, but then you remember that 300-days-of-sunshine thing. So when the colloquialism is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 20 minutes,” the only solution is this: Layers.

Always Be Prepared

Insulation comes in many forms. Shawls, cross tops that wick away sweat, lightweight fleece vests. As the climes change rapidly be prepared to dress down and dress up with little warning. “The biggest thing in terms of layering,” says Emily Carroll, an Old Town Outfitters employee, “is the fabric that you choose.” For an active jog or hike, it’s worth getting polyester so sweat disperses through the garment’s surface in this capillary-like way to evaporate faster. Or perhaps, instead of reaching for a trusty wool sweater, consider a warmer and softer alternative like alpaca.

Attire: Hat /// Creaciones Camilo /// $60; Necklace /// Tracy Jane /// $56; Shawl /// Kuna /// $300; Tunic /// Dolcezza /// $130; Legging /// Comfy U.S.A. /// $60

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