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Office: Tech, Gizmos, and Games



ARC TOUCH MOUSE Microsoft’s intuitively designed touch mouse cradles nicely into your palm. Works on an array of surfaces, and features a vibrate function while scrolling as an ode to the standard mouse. Best of all? That arc. It snaps down into a flatten surface, easily sliding into your already over-fattened computer bag. ($40)

WAVE LIGHT II This Denver-based SpaceCo product not only illuminates your workspace, it automatically adapts to ambient light for consistency. For an extra dose of green ethos, the product is 99-percent recyclable. ($375) 

FLOAT Humanscale’s standing desk adjusts height levels all the way to a sitting position. Research has shown the chronic diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles. Add a treadmill beneath for more activity. ($1750)

MAXIM ADJUSTABLE ERGONOMIC KEYBOARD Boulder’s Kare Products delivers a separated keyboard with adjustable angles to maintain a “natural arm and shoulder position.” Gel wrist rests add an extra comfort. ($180)


EVERNOTE This app syncs a myriad of life’s aspects. Office collaborations. Research. Taking or photo-ing notes. All of it can be accessed from any device. ($5)

CARDMUNCH LinkedIn’s app scans and transcribes your rolodex (you still have one?) into manageable contacts on your smartphone. It also saves a photo of the card. (free)

CISCO WEBEX MEETINGS Video conferences, PowerPoints, and sharing other content for meetings goes completely mobile. Late to work? Dial in. Just don’t hold that budget meeting in the bathroom. (price varies)

SHAKE Lawyer-up with your smartphone. Be it NDAs, hiring contracts, or any legal binding transactions, Shake gets it done on the go. (free)


NERF ZOMBIE STRIKE HAMMERSHOT BLASTER Sometimes coffee can’t jumpstart the midway humdrum of the workday. That’s when you grab this five-dart revolver concealed beneath your desk, and let the Nerf war break out. Distance from the grip and hammer requires you to use two hands, but a precise shot can travel nearly 60 feet—perfect for office spaces. Dart cleanup? That’s what interns are for. ($15)

KAROTZ Finally a purpose for pet rabbits. This Wi-Fi desktop pal connects to your social media, email, music, etc., vocalizing alerts and status updates. It also lights up and rotates its ears. Two RFID keychain tags for other users can send you alerts (like when the kids get home). ($130)

GET BIT! Twenty minutes to kill? Then grab up to six coworkers and play a quick game of Get Bit! Players draw cards competing to keep their robot game pieces alive as a shark swims after them. Inevitably limbs will be lost, but the player who crosses the finish line most intact wins. ($25) 

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