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Music That Gives Back


Already had your fill of Christmas music? For a change of pace, turn off the radio and turn on In Good Company, the newest CD by Denver musician and troubadour Megan Burtt.

Spanning a range of genres, Burtt’s voice dazzles as it oscillates between powerful chords and more delicate singer-songwriter acoustics —the result being a sound uniquely her own. For this album, Burtt teamed up with 50 of the best musical talents Colorado has to offer. Up-and-coming as well as up-and-already-came local talent like Rachel & The Kings, Reed Foehl, and Tyler Despres joined Burtt in writing and performing the twelve tracks that appear on the album in what was mostly a labor of love.

Proceeds from the album help support the Colorado-based non-profit Love Hope Strength Foundation. The organization works to find bone marrow matches for people in need by registering donors at concerts and music festivals across the country. Buying the album also helps the NGO to build more cancer centers all over the world. Besides being a retreat from “Jingle Bell Rock,” the CD doubles as your answer to the problem of what to buy that person who already has everything—give them something that gives back in more than one way. Good music for a good cause is in the spirit of both the season and Colorado.

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