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Reclaiming Your Roost


There’s never a wrong time to bring new life into your home. These Colorado-made products do exactly that by celebrating the concept of reclamation. Whether it’s a kitchen table made of upcycled materials or an armchair that will help you rehabilitate the style of a room, these four items will inspire you to reclaim your home’s aesthetic as something of your very own.

Table Talk

When you buy a piece of furniture that is made of upcycled materials, it’s almost like buying an antique.

This table from the custom furniture designers at Boulder-based Custom Board & Steel has a beautifully subtle character. The two men behind Custom Board & Steel met while working as firefighters in the mountains of Colorado and eventually opened their own unique woodshop together, specializing in modern wood and steel creations.

Their reclaimed oak bar table was built from reclaimed semi-trailer floor and recycled steel legs. The wood has a warn quality with nicks—scars from its former life and proof of its history—dimpling its surface. Paired with the warm wood, the steel legs give the piece a contrasting style: a soft-meets-hard juxtaposition with an industrial edge.

For more information on Custom Board & Steel, visit their website at boardandsteel.com or their Etsy page. $850

Don’t Be a Doormat

Nicole Linton found inspiration in Peru, and you can see that in her rugs. These luxe Alpaca wool pieces are hand-woven by Peruvian artisans, so they are both authentic and sustainable (the company’s philosophy is all about supporting craftspeople with fair wages and using eco-friendly products).

Linton has a true knack for creating lovely, contemporary designs to decorate your floor—the kind of designs you wouldn’t mind hanging on your wall. É bella’s rugs—especially the graphic, colorful pieces in her Open City collection—can bring new life into a room and make you forget why covered your home in neutrals in the first place.

For more information on é bella, you can visit their store at 2304 Pine St. in Boulder or check out their website at ebelladesigns.com. Prices varydepending on the rug.

From the Ashes

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. For the past decade in Colorado, pine beetles have also become a life source and nurturer of invention. From birdhouses to bed frames, we’ve seen a whole host of uses for the masses of beetle-kill pine harvested from the forests of the Rocky Mountains.

At Azure Furniture, based in Denver, these dearly departed trees get new life, and in return, your home gets an upgrade in style. We love the bike shelf, which allows apartment dwellers to hang their bikes out of the way (plus, if you have a sleek bike, it doubles as an art piece). But the reclaimed pine is on display in Azure’s tables, benches and desks. The Shavano farm table is strong, sturdy and beautifully crafted, and each piece is as stunning as the last.

To learn more about these pieces, visit azurefurniture.myshopify.com. Bicycle shelf $89; farm table $799

Sitting Pretty

Sometimes, when you say, “Oh, that’s interesting,” what you really mean is “Oh, that’s odd” or “That’s not something I’d ever wear” or “Are you drunk?”

But when you look at a David Rasmussen piece and utter “Oh, that’s interesting,” what you really mean is, “That is heady and gorgeous and unlike any piece of furniture I’ve seen before, and I totally want one.”

Rasmussen’s ReMix chair is surprising and sophisticated and, trust us, you really want one. It’s a modern spin on a classic armchair with a molded wood back veneered with claro walnut and adorned with bespoke details on the arms, accentuating the stately form. It exemplifies Carbondale-based Rasmussen’s avant-garde approach, intellectual style and relevant creations.

Find David Rasmussen pieces at the I Heart Denver Store, 500 16th St., Suite 264, Denver, or visit drdcustomfurniture.com. $4,000


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