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Web Beat: (ghost), Autumn Creatures, Harn SOLO, Hog MaGundy, The Patti Fiasco, and Danielle Ate the Sandwich


Yellow Scene prides itself on being hyper-local, and that includes music. We want to make sure that as many local bands, DJs, MCs, etc as possible get the press that they deserve, so Web Beat will be a weekly online column going forward. Every week, we’ll check into Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and whatever else we can find, and listen to the latest tunes from local artists. If you have hints and tips for us, email [email protected].Y

Local Denver musician Brian Froh, publishing under the name (ghost) seamlessly blends his busy backgrounds with emotional melodies to create what he calls a “bridge between emotions felt in everyday life and a story of fantasy.” His beautiful soundscapes are simply more than an auditory experience, it feels as though the shapes are so real they can be touched if only you could reach far enough.

Blue Forest is the newest album to be released by self-proclaimed storytellers Autumn Creatures based out of Colorado Springs. Each track is carefully crafted into it’s own small tale with a wide range of volume and rhythm. Reminiscent of groups like God is an Astronaut, Red Sparowes, and Explosions in the Sky Autumn Creatures still finds a way to present their art in a completely different form.

Denver hip hop artist Harn SOLO offers a funky ode to the Mile High City in his November track Right on Time. It’s rare to find a rapper who can be so playful with the rhythm of his words, but Harn SOLO is able to do just that. His artistic presentation is equally as fun featuring bold usage of bright colors, providing an experience which just can’t be compared to anybody else in the local scene. Plus, it’s hard not to be a fan of somebody as passionate as Harn SOLO about Colorado.

Fort Collins checks in with single Out Back from area americana group Hog MaGundy, a song which can only be summed up in a single word: Colorado. Hog MaGundy has a different take on the term “Jam Band” by offering a unique interpretation of the americana genre which mixes perfectly with their bluegrass style. With appearances which come few and far between, make sure to listen in when you see their name listed on the marquee.

Is Chicken Song from Fort Collins dobro-toting, high-energy, country rock band The Patti Fiasco the next big thing in line dancing? One thing’s for sure, the unabashed take on country soul certainly registers as a fantastic take on the tried and true two-step dance formula of rockabilly favorites that have come and gone.

There must be something in the water up north in Fort Collins as there seems to be no stopping the influx of amazing talent calling FoCo home. Danielle Ate the Sandwich is no exception; her cover of Dream a Little Dream of Me featuring solo vocals and a healthy dose of ukulele is just the thing to remind Coloradans of warmer times as we get ready for yet another dip into winter over the weekend. Stay warm!

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