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Elephant Revival at the Boulder Theatre


Before I even entered The Boulder Theatre I was incredibly excited and anxious to see Elephant Revival. Being a local musical group originating from Nederland, I felt proud that they had gained much traction in the past couple of years. So much so that a group named Emancipator (another one of my favorites) covered one of their songs “Forgiveness.” One of my favorite songs and one of those songs that absolutely strikes a power cord with me every time I hear it. The song is one of those that could have easily been one of the chapters to describe my life. Elephant Revival has been on the band bucket list for quite some time and I jumped immediately on the opportunity.B

I took my good friend with me to the show. Come to find he went to high school in Boulder with the sisters of Paper Bird, the opening act for Elephant Revival. I was completely blown away by the talent and the beauty of Paper Bird. The two sisters Genny and Esme Patterson along with Carleigh Aikins harmonized perfectly. Introducing Carleigh to their wonderful home of Colorado was warm and incredibly inviting. I cant wait to hear what’s next for this absolutely talented group.

Then the Revival happened. A mix of folk, bluegrass, and psychedelic country, they delivered a performance that buzzed through my entire body. The crowd at the venue were ensued with passion and heartfelt cries of joy for everyone in the band. Every single member has an incredible part to bring to the table. Bonnie Paine killed it on the washboard. It was such a treat to watch her command the stage with her presence. I was particularly intrigued with the fiddle player, Bridget Law. She reminded me so much of my little sister who also rocks at the fiddle in the way she played and her general stage presence could have easily been her doppelgänger. The gentlemen of Elephant Revival have such beautiful voices, I couldn’t help but ogle…just a tiny bit.

The way Elephant Revival are able to compliment each other so well is amazing. I knew this was going to be one heck of a performance by an incredibly talented group but I had no idea just how wonderful seeing them live would be. If Elephant Revival is playing in your town or a town near you, you should go. Become immersed in music that is so beautifully raw. Your soul will thank you.

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