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YS at Bolder Boulder


Last Sunday, I attended the 37th annual Bolder Boulder 10k race for the fourth consecutive year. Beginning around 7 am, the race had around 30 different waves because of all of the thousands of people running it.L

Each year the race is packed with two types of people: some dress in all Nike attire ready to beat the running time they received from their previous races, or the second type, who is someone wearing a tutu with red white and blue proudly symbolizing America because the race is always held on Memorial Day.

Regardless of how serious the competitors are, each came out to have a good time, to support their team mates, and to run!

Every year, I look forward to running this race because they always do so much with it to make it fun. While running through Boulder neighborhoods people stand outside with hoses ready to spray you and help you cool down from over heating. Some hand out marsh mellows, gateraide and other sugar filled snacks to give you a buzz in order to finish the race.

On certain streets slip and slides are set up for people willing to take a break and glide through before reaching the end of the race. Entertainment is always set up. Awaiting runners are bands trying to motivate them by playing various genres of music or even dancing through the streets.

At the end of the race you run through the CU Boulder stadium and circle through inside where you are given goody bags with snack, chocolate milk and the optional beer for any one of age.

For me the race is not just something I look forward to every year in order to push myself to receive a better time than the years previous but it is also fun to be able to dress up with my brother and look at all of the other people that share our excitement and love of running.

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