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Marilyn Manson blames Columbine for shutting down career


It’s been sixteen years since Columbine, one of the notorious school shootings in the country, happened. The shooting left 12 students and one teacher dead, and 21 others injured, sparking the debate for gun control.I

Columbine has resurfaced in the news lately with Marilyn Manson, who is beginning his “End of Times” tour next month, claiming the Columbine shooting shut down his career.

After the shooting, false allegations were released saying the shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, listened to Manson’s music, potentially inspiring them to open fire onto the school.

(Of course, whether they listened to his music or not really has nothing to do with their actions.)

Manson reports that after the incident venues refused to book his shows.

“It’s almost unprecedented. Not only did I not do anything, they were not fans of mine. I sat and watched it live on TV and they said initially they were wearing Marilyn Manson make-up and t-shirts. You find out later that they weren’t,” says Manson, in a speech made at Grey’s annual music seminar in Cannes, France, last month.

Though there was no evident connection between Manson and the shooters, some media outlets continued to associate him with the shooting.

Manson released his ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor, this year. He is touring around the U.S. this summer with Smashing Pumpkins and returning to the U.K in November.

Manson’s tour will stop in Colorado, playing at Red Rocks Amphitheater on July 13.

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