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A night at the Global Dance Festival


Sunday night began the last of the three-night Global Dance Festival. Only able to attend one night, we arrived into the lower south parking lot around 5 p.m. Surrounded by people in various tie-dye colors, drinking and playing music out of their cars, we joined in and met many new friends.S

After talking in the parking lot for a little while, we headed down the road which wrapped up and around the beautiful Red Rocks of the famous amphitheater.

After a hike up the entrance we made our way to the bottom of the steep steps. After crawling up the steps for another few minutes and making it past security and through the gates, we were finally in the middle of the massive amphitheater.

Thousands of people lined the steps of the amphitheater, making their way to the best rows that had enough dancing room. Many DJs began the night before Benni Benassi came on to play his set at 9 p.m.

Beginning the show, some of DJs played harder EDM music than others. With bass that seemed so low it caused the whole amphitheater to rumble, while others remixed popular new songs and made them their own with new beats. Each DJ had their own style, that every audience member was able to enjoy and dance to.

Following right after was the headliner Tiesto. The audience cheered as he finally made his way out after 10 p.m. and began to play. Colored lasers streamed through the air, projecting into the sky and lighting up the rocks. People held glow sticks, and bright neon balloons as they danced with friends.

After spending almost seven hours at Red Rocks, we were exhausted, and pushed out through the crowds and back towards our car ready to go home and sleep.

It was a great night, and definitely worth the money. Making it through one night was more than enough. Dancing for so many hours was so exhausting but the weather held out and it did not rain, and being in such a beautiful amphitheater having fun with friends made it all worth it.

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