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Tweeting about Ferguson


During the Ferguson trial, the social media buzz kept growing. Twitter became a medium where citizens could voice their First Amendment Rights of free speech. Many Twitter users have been able to help educate and update citizens on breaking news such as the Ferguson trial.D

The Twitter buzz was fueled by protestors and angry citizens wanting to voice their opinions of the trial and the happenings throughout the Ferguson case. Three activists were actually able to use Twitter to voice their opinions and fund their way to Missouri to protest the trials.

Johnetta Elzie, DeRay McKesson, and Zellie Imani had all read the many of the posts on Twitter about the trail after the shooting in Ferguson.

After reading about the occurrence Elzie began tweeting and drove to Ferguson. She now has more than 57,000 followers on Twitter.

Mr. Mckesson had scrolled through Twitter during the August protests. He then became a full-time protestor and reports on the happenings of trial to keep up other followers up to date on whats happening. He now has 200,000 followers.

The 30-year-old math teach Mr. Imani made a GoFundMe account trying to raise money to fly out to Missouri and protest the trail. Since 2014 when he first made the account he has been to Ferguson five times, with three of them being financed by crowd funding. He now has 50,000 Twitter followers and has been helping to organize NJShutitdown, which is a group that protests police brutality in New Jersey.

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