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Scene: Rocky Horror Picture Show at Bug Theatre



Equinox Theatre Company is known for cult classic, film-to-musical adaptations on stage. With huge hits like Evil Dead: The Musical, Carrie The Musical and Reefer Madness. Finally, Equinox brings that sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania to the stage at The Bug Theatre. Made famous by the 1975 hit film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the film and musical have both defined what it means to hit cult stats. Here, Equinox Theatre’s own “Frank ‘N Furter,” John White, talks about the show and what it means to step in to Tim Curry’s iconic stilettos.

Yellow Scene: So – Frank ‘N Furter. That has to be an intimidating role to play. How are you approaching the character? Why do you think this specific character is so popular?

John White: Yes…it’s certainly intimidating, but I think the biggest approach for me to is pay homage to Tim Curry and his truly iconic portrayal of the character in the movie. I’m definitely going to add my own flair of who “my” Frank will be, keeping in my mind those performances that I have seen in the past and what I interpret this character to be. Frank ‘N Furter is so iconic because of his frankness about his sexuality. He’s living life the way he wants to live it, and that means not paying attention to any boundaries put on him by society. He really has a sexual appetite like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

YS: Speaking of popularity — why do you think The Rocky Horror Show has maintained such an amazing following over the years?

JW: It amazes me that generation after generation of people just flock to this movie. It truly embraces a “be who you want to be” mentality. Also, the various audience participation pieces are not seen in any other type of setting. Now with the FOX broadcast in 2016, a new audience is learning about this cult classic.

YS: Tell me about this cast and production. What can we expect?

JW: This is truly an amazing cast and I love the way that the casting was not the “norm” for this show. You have to wait with anticipation, as there are many risks being taken and surprises that I won’t give away now.

YS: What is your favorite song from RHS and why?

JW: “Sweet Transvestite” has to be my favorite, because the first time I saw the film I was 10 years old and finally saw someone on the big screen who dressed like I felt inside. Go figure. It’s an introduction into the world of Frank and shows his obsession of making the perfect man.

The Rocky Horror Show runs May 26–July 1 at The Bug Theatre, 3654 Navajo St., Denver. There are two midnight audience participation performances on June 10 and 24. All other shows are non-participatory. Tickets start at $20. EquinoxTheatreDenver.com

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