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Hot Import Nights Denver Brought ALL the Cars to the Yard


Colorado is car country. We have a ton of roads and not much public transportation. It makes sense that the line for Hot Import Nights – held this past March 29 at the Denver Mercantile Mart – stretched completely around the building for the entire time I was there. This is HIN Denver’s first time in Denver, but the international tour is well known in Los Angeles, Australia, Japan, and other mod car friendly locales. But you’re not really interested in my thoughts on the show. Badass cars, gorgeous models, a DJ scratch battle you had to hear to believe…but if you’re reading this, you want photos. Luckily we took a few. Don’t forget to follow HIN for future tour info and to see even more photos.



Quick, everyone act tough

Smile for mom

Double duty model

Toy run

Flying the flag of our people

Ms. Park

Tell Denver this is how you Suburu



Easter treats in the aisle

When grown men play with toys

The bB squad at rest

Teal monster

Young enthusiast

Model enthusiasts

Model grandstand

The model maker

Trucking along

Model at work

Love[ly] Bug

This is just nutty


Curtain call

Color Wheel


Take your tricycle anywhere


Big wheels

The models chlling

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