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Summer is all about exploration and fun. In true Colorado fashion, we put together a guide to the ultimate reading adventure. From hot reads and inspiring locations, to handy little things, it is everything that a book-lover needs. Dive in and find your next summer favorite!      

Best Books:

by Christine Mangan

What a compelling debut Tangerine turned out to be! Christine Mangan put together an exotic thriller that captures it all: intricate relationships, soul-searching, and obsession. Set in Tangier, a Moroccan city, this novel is full of colors, smells, and unexpected turns. Beautifully written, it will not leave you bored for even a fraction of a second.

War on Peace
by Ronan

A serious read for those who like to stay on top of current events. Ronan Farrow closely investigates the decline in diplomacy and its harmful effects on U.S. foreign policy. This thought-provoking narrative will take you inside complex international conflicts: from Washington DC to Afghanistan, Pakistan to Somalia, and other terrifying places.

Where You Once Belonged by Kent Haruf

Even though Holt, Colorado, is a fictional town, its community could not be more real. Kent Haruf, who was born in Pueblo, precisely depicts small-town people and their ways. Among beloved landscapes, you will revisit places where man’s goodness is still of value. It’s a somewhat tragic, yet sensitive and powerful story; totally worth your summer days.

Strange Stars
by Jason Heller

Another talented Colorado author and music journalist, Jason Heller released a new book on June 5th. It promises to be a curious and exciting work about the science fiction integration into the world of 1970s rock’n’roll. The music of David Bowie, Pink Floyd and other pop artists inspired by outer space has changed the industry forever. See for yourself how it happened and why nerd culture will continue thriving.

How to Stop Time
by Matt Haig

Beware! This is not an ordinary time travel story. In fact, Matt Haig’s novel is not about time travel at all. It’s about exploring the possibilities in human life when one is given over 400 years to learn, love, and fight. The road to ultimate happiness is rough and exhausting. What would you do to conquer it?

Best Spots:

Boulder Creek

When things get heated on the pages of Tangerine, hop on a tube and float down the creek to cool off. Eben G. Fine Park is a great starting point for beginners. There are no sharp turns and flows are low, so you’ll be able to enjoy the city views. If you want a lazy river type of ride, double check the creek’s volume of water passing that day. It shouldn’t be more than 200 cfs (cubic feet per second). Happy tubing!

The Bitter Bar at
835 Walnut St, Boulder

You can hide away at the corner table, sipping your favorite drink and reading a copy of War on Peace, or you can sit at the bar and discuss it with a bartender. We bet he has an opinion. For an enhanced experience, order a few small plates – the food goes hand-in-hand with out-of-this-world cocktails. Also, their happy hour is seven days a week.

Artist Point on
Flagstaff Mountain

The perfect spot to embark on a new literary adventure. Whether you are hiking or driving, the final destination is breathtaking. You will see glorious Indian Peaks Wilderness and Longs Peak along with the blooming plains, just like those from Where You Once Belonged. Make sure to stay hydrated, elevation is unforgiving.

Cannon Mine Coffee
at 210 S. Public Road, Lafayette

Community-oriented, vibrant and cozy, this coffee shop is great for quiet mornings and not so quiet evenings. Indulge your bookish side with local organic brews or kombucha on tap to cool off. Cannon Mine hosts music events regularly, so you might connect with a Strange Stars kind-of-crowd. A little cosmic and super fun.

Little Horse Books &
Vintage, Historic
Downtown, Louisville

Don’t get lost like Tom Hazard, protagonist of How to Stop Time, as Little Horse has three locations. All of them are awesome and can be found within Historic Downtown Louisville. Little Horse 1 offers LP vinyl records and rare books. Little Horse 2 has more records and vintage stereo equipment. Finally, Little Horse 3 is famous for its mid-century modern furnishings and art. Wow, that’s a lot of merchandise to explore.

Best Items:


Whitewater Tubing and McGuckin Hardware are locals favorite stores for outdoor stuff. 1-day pro tube rental at Whitewater Tubing will cost you $17 for a single and $24 for a double. At McGuckin Hardware you can actually buy a tube for less than $10. It’s a lot simpler and, hey, you’re saving big, especially if you are planning to tube down the Boulder Creek more than once.

Kiss the Sky

This signature happy hour drink at The Bitter Bar is for readers who take it easy. Gin, French ginger liqueur Domaine de Canton with lavender syrup and a hint of lemon create a very balanced flavor that is refreshing and rich. Pace yourself, because the cocktail is pretty strong but the price is just right.


Get the most out of your summer adventures with a hammock. It’s light, easy to pack and oh, so comfy for reading in nearly any setting. Trek Light Gear are experts when it comes to choosing the right travel equipment. Check out their Boulder location – every hammock purchased plants two trees. Are you ready to relax at the top of Flagstaff Mountain?

Retro 1951 Pen

Two Hands Paperie on the Pearl Street Mall is a place for bibliophiles and office supplies fanatics. Anything you can imagine is there: journals, stamps, paper decor, writing instruments, etcetera. We think a 1951 pen would be cool to have in case you need to scribble a phone number for your new friend at the coffee shop or take a note in the book. Oops! Just make sure it’s not a borrowed copy.


Remember we said there are 3 Little Horses? Well, you’ll need something to carry your books and other goodies between them. , a craftsman shop also located on the Pearl Street Mall, has a huge variety of beautiful totes. The majority of products are handmade and each sale benefits artisans from around the world. It’s a win-win for all.


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