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Blissful Peach Tree

Blissful Peach Tree


A woman so loving,
a hug,
open arms
upon first encounter.

She’s beautiful.
I see where he gets it from.
Love pouring out of her,
kisses on one’s shoulder.

How does one learn to love
as deeply as she?

How does one carry herself
as elegantly as she?

So intriguing,
she knows so much.
So intelligent,
so experienced
and such.

Easy to love,
easy to die for.
I admire you
and all that you could
cry for.

A woman so grand,
she defines her title
more than any “idol.”

Easy to love,
loving is she,
open arms
always she greets me.

Well, hello!
I absolutely love
speaking with you,
beautiful nature.

A blissful peach tree
she ought to be,
always sharing her
with many more
than just me,

Nectar so sweet,
let it drip down your cheek.
Don’t you dare wipe your feet.
Sit and just be
with her
as she models being free in one’s mind.

You can’t help but
crave more,
beautifully crafted
never so poor.

So glad we meet,
a peach tree so
deep, deep roots in the ground.
Oh, how lucky I was to have found
your baby peach tree
as he has led you to me,
me to you
more like it.

Make many others
loosen their crown
as it belongs to
Mother Earth,

The woman of
all, many hours,
wise peach tree
she ought to be.
Oh, I am so glad
you welcome me
with the hug,
open arms
upon first encounter.
I aspire to be like you,
elegant peach tree.

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