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Opinion: Government Waste vs the Private Sector


Agreed there is waste at all levels of government.

There is also tremendous waste in all levels of the private sector. Since most people work or have worked in their lifetime, we all can attest to waste on the job.

There is even MORE waste when public services are managed by private entities. THAT is where you find the biggest waste. That and when single industries are allowed to dictate policy. 

From the Military-Industrial Complex, Oil & Gas, the War on Drugs, the Judicial System, Prisons and Private Prisons (even more so), and now Migration “Camps”, Healthcare, Banking, Roads/Transporation. When private companies are banking off of public dollars they have a spending problem-ON THEMSELVES-and not on the services they were contracted to do.

The best way to stop waste is to not allow the private sector to manage public sector jobs. Almost every department that has been turned over to the private sector over the last 40 years, is costing taxpayers huge dollars. We would rather see that money go to public services


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