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Drinks You’ll Love – From Old Fashioned to New Fangled: Mixology and Magic in BOCO


There’s no going out for a meal without drink considerations. We imbibe because, as Benjamin Franklin noted, god loves us and wants us to be happy. And YS want you to be happy, too. We want you to indulge. So we went out for a drink or two so we could tell you where to wet your whistle with the area’s sexiest sauces. Cheers!

Bitter Bar   

835 Walnut St, Boulder

GM Dan Maguire’s take on the venerable Manhattan is a lovely and refreshing take on a bar classic. Made with Rittenhouse Rye, French peach liqueur (instead of sweet Vermouth) and a dash of Regan’s Orange Bitters #6 it is a righteous take on this uptown cocktail.

Bohemian Biergarten

2017 13th St, Boulder

If you’re wondering what a traditional Oktoberfest (Marzen) beer tastes like, check out the Warsteiner version. Rich, malty with just a touch of hops to counter the cloying sweetness.

The Kitchen Upstairs

1039 Pearl St, Boulder

Clear the air with an El Camino. Refreshing fresh lime and mulled cucumber dance perfectly with the tequila and Lillet. A dash of habanero tincture and ground black pepper garnish make this lip smacking tasty.

St. Vrain Cidery

350 Terry St #130, Longmont

Just down the alley from Longtucky Spirits, St. Vrain Cidery includes a quartet of its own dry ciders among the two dozen Colorado ciders on its constantly changing tap list. The Dry Chokeberry has a beautiful red hue and light, faintly fruity aroma that complements the crisp cider bite that refreshes with every sip.


909 Walnut St, Boulder

The new kid in town nails it with its Beyond the Wall rum cocktail. A dash of Ancho Reyes Verde poblano liqueur brings a hint of heat while floating dots of basil and chili oils lend an earthiness.

Anvil Distillery

117 S. Sunset St #G1, Longmont

Anvil keeps pulling in the accolades for its vodka, gin and rum. But treat yourself and stop by the tasting room for a Zeus Juice. The Grumpy’s Vodka infused with onion is garnished with rosemary sprigs, lemon peel and feta-stuffed olives. By any other name, it’s a martini, but this flavorful libation is certainly deserving of its godly moniker.

License #1

Basement of the Hotel Boulderado, Boulder

A Manhattan says a lot about the bartender and the establishment. And for License #1 (formerly the Catacombs), this classic is everything it should be. Redemption rye whiskey, Carpano Antica vermouth, Angostura bitters and a house brandied cherry combine in flawless execution. Sure, you could make your own bitters, but apart from top shelf craft spirits and vermouth, why mess with 100 years of greatness?

Wild Cider

11455 County Rd 17, Firestone and 1501 Lee Hill Dr, Unit 14, Boulder

The source is in Firestone, but you can tuck into a wide selection of Wild Cider offerings at their cider bar in Boulder, too. The current summer favorite is the Bee Hoppy, a crisp, dry cider with a hint of Cascade hops that lend a hint of aroma and flavor without the bitterness. A touch of honey gives a faint sweetness in the finish. Ahhhhh.

The Roost

526 Main St, Longmont

Rich, complex and full of flavor, the Coffee and Cigarettes cocktail blends Redemption rye whiskey, compari and Richardos Coffee Liqueur over an iceberg size ice cube and shaved coffee. A cinnamon stick is added for garnish. The result is a dense blend of flavors that balances the bite of the rye with the sweetness of the liqueur that could be habit forming.

West Flanders Brewing Co

1125 Pearl St, Boulder

Brewmaster Brian Lutz has been dialing in Belgian style beers for decades and you can taste his malty mastery in the Trippel Lutz. A sweet, yeasty banana nose gives way to a clove and coriander finish. Ahhhh.

24 Carrot    

9999 Western Ave, Boulder

The Representative From Naboo is from the Star Wars Cocktail List Takeover now playing at 24 Carrot in Erie. Made from a Cognac and rye milk punch foundation (ask D.J.; it’s a process), the Naboo is a bit on the sweet side, but the orange oil and fall spices lend it a refreshing flavor and aroma.

Open Door Brewery

2030 Ionosphere St, Longmont (Prospect)

Light, crisp, smooth and perfect with pizza, Open Door’s Libertas Cream Ale does the style proud. Brewed as an ale, finished as a lager, Libertas has flavor galore without being excessive.