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Why pass Gun Control Laws when the U.S. has so many guns already?

Published on: November 10th, 2019

The question was asked why pass gun control when the country already has so many?

On that note…
What’s the point of ending slavery when the country already had slaves?
Why stop the Prison Industrial Complex when we have so many lives already screwed up from it?
We are already involved in so many wars, we can’t stop them now?
Why let gay people marry?
Why let women have the vote?
Talking about racism is racist, why not accept racism is over?
Why legalize Cannabis?
We have already screwed up the planet, why bother being environmental?
Why help kids who are dropping out of school?
Why stop bullying?
Why try and stop the opioid epidemic?
Why have Police Monitoring Committees when so many are already corrupt?
Why try and fix our Democratic system? It’s already broken.
America isn’t ready for a female president, why should we try?
Why change the language? He/She/They/Them
Why reach across the aisle?

and on and on…

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