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Locavore Gift Guide


Our holiday season celebrations were originated by ancient Pagan cultures who held massive events to celebrate the winter solstice. Regardless of your secular or religious background, everyone can appreciate that pivotal moment of the winter solstice. For instance, we all enjoy celebrating that the cold, dark, and short days of winter are concluding, and that the brighter, warmer, and longer  days of the new year are approaching.  But while we cruise from one year to the next at rapid speed, pausing during the holiday season to provide gifts is a great way to let our loved ones know that we appreciate having them along for the ride and that they are important companions in our lives. The selfless and benevolent act of giving them presents, filling them with joy, and putting a smile on their faces is an excellent tradition to commemorate our relationships and to celebrate the occasion. Although determining which gifts to get for everybody we care about can be difficult, Yellow Scene Magazine is here to help. Our gift guide can enable you to get remarkable gifts for your loved ones while supporting the local shops and impressive businesses in your own communities.


Tru Skincare: Gift Card

A Tru Skincare gift card can serve as an effective present for your loved ones. Boulder-based Tru Skincare offers many services for customers, such as spa facial treatments, professional makeup services, and body lotion products. A gift card can give your loved ones a chance to spoil themselves with the cathartic release and therapeutic treatment of a good spa session. For instance, the facial and peel treatments can accentuate their natural beauty, and the serene and tranquil environment can relax their minds. The flexibility of the card is also guaranteed to make your loved ones happy by affording them the freedom to schedule the sessions at a convenient time and by allowing them to decide which services to utilize on their special spa day.

Tru SkinCare Gift Card

The Alpaca Connection: The Zip Sweater

The Alpaca Connection is ideal for holiday gifts due to their extensive selection of artistic and comfortable sweaters, ponchos, and coats. Produced by native communities and manufactured with Peruvian materials, the combination of luxury and authenticity establish the sweaters as prime holiday gifts. The intricate designs, compelling shapes, and symmetrical patterns are aesthetically remarkable for those who see the sweaters, and the soft material is incredibly comfortable for those who are lucky enough to wear the items. Of all the options, the zipper sweater is a perfect present for your loved ones during the winter holidays. With the zipper blending into the design seamlessly, they can wear the item as an attractive sweater at social events, or they can leave the sweater unzipped and throw it on as a convenient jacket when stepping outside.

The Zip Sweater

Christina’s Luxuries: Cashmere Robes

Christina’s Luxuries also has many wintery items that make great gifts. This Boulder store features attractive clothing and high-quality lingerie products for women, and many customers appreciate the superior materials and elite styles of their selection.  However, the warmth and comfort of the robes makes these items optimal for the winter holiday season.  In fact, your loved ones might hope that the weather stays cold and snowy forever so that they can have the perfect excuse to just remain warm in the house and comfortable in their robes. While all of the robes at Christina’s Luxuries are appealing, the cashmere robe collection would definitely solidify the success of your gift. Your loved ones will relish the soft texture, comfortable fit, and gorgeous appearance of the high-end cashmere material.

Cashmere Duster Robes  

Time Warp Comics: The Comic Books for Hit TV Shows (Dark Crystal)

Time Warp Comics is a store that you should definitely visit during your holiday shopping spree. Getting comic books for your loved ones can be a thoughtful and moving gesture, as you can pick comics that directly relate to their unique interests and that provide a substantial source of entertainment. For instance, many people are now obtaining the comic books that spawned their favorite television shows. Time Warp has numerous comics that have been converted into hit shows and that are now being binge-watched by the masses, including Watchmen, The Boys, Walking Dead, Umbrella Academy, and Dark Crystal. Your loved ones would enjoy having the comic books around the house, seeing the animated depictions of their favorite characters, and learning how those thrilling storylines unfolded in the original comic as envisioned by the initial author.

Dark Crystal Comics

The Fitter: The Toker Poker

The Fitter is a glass pipe and smoking accessory shop that has been serving the Boulder community for over four decades. The Fitter has several items that your loved ones would appreciate, but the Toker Poker is an especially useful gift that they would use frequently. The Toker Poker is a padded sleeve that is manufactured in Breckenridge and that fits onto almost any lighter. The soft and firm ergonomic sleeve provides a comfortable grip, and the sleeve features a poker that can conveniently clear the congestion of clogged pipes. The Fitter also offers sleeves with many different designs and colors so you can select the options that your loved ones would enjoy looking at with every use. Additionally, a new glow-in-the-dark series would be very handy while watching movies in the dark.

The Toker Poker

Firefly Handmade Gift Market: Holiday Market (Indie Artisan Items)

Although some people lament the lengthy and tedious task of walking through stores and shopping for gifts, the Firefly Handmade Gift Market can transform the shopping experience into an exciting event.

Every holiday season, the Firefly Market hosts large events in Boulder that feature an abundance of local indie artisans showcasing their unique items that make impressive gifts. For instance, numerous display stands offer jewelry, lotions, clothes, paintings, and sculptures. You can also get toys for pets, games for children, and decorations for homes. Additionally, the many bands playing music and vendors offering food can further augment the excitement of shopping for your holiday gifts. Admission to the market is free, and the event occurs on the weekend of December 14th and 15th.

Address: UC @ Balch Field House and Folsom Field
Hours: Saturday (Dec 14) from 10am-5pm, and Sunday (Dec 15) from 10am-4pm

Neptune Mountaineering: Vermont Classic Sunglasses

Boulder’s Neptune Mountaineering is a great store to explore gifts for your loved ones who are especially passionate about all things mountains. This Boulder store has a comprehensive selection of gear that should allow you to find products that are ideal for all mountain activities, including climbing, skiing, hiking, and camping. However, the Vermont Classic Sunglasses would be a unique and special treat for your loved ones. These sunglasses are used by the most elite mountaineering professionals because the durable material can last for years, the hooked handles stay fastened to their faces while maneuvering around the mountain, and the powerful lenses can protect their eyes from the bright glare of the sun as it reflects on the snow.

Vermont Classic Sunglasses


The Alibangbang tree – a Tagalog word for the native tree from the Philippines – is alternatively defined as a small, yellow-winged butterfly, a woman who’s a flirt (figurative usage from the old days), or a tree with the scientific name Bauhinia malabarica — named from the fact that its leaves are butterfly shaped. Whichever usage you like, the leaves are used to craft the shade for this gorgeous indoor/outdoor lamp. Boasting 800 lumens and sturdy wrought iron framing, this is built to last up to 20 years, providing culture, comfort and a lovely glow for years to come.

Goblet Table Lamp, multiple colors

Goorin Bros Hat Shop

Under new arrivals on the Goorin Bros Hat Shop Boulder website, you’ll find too many to choose from, so let us suggest the Wisteria. We get that black and brown hats are a go to, like with black and brown shoes, but breaking from the pack to rock something as absolutely gorgeous as this nude colored, wide brim, wool, flat top hat will have every head turning to figure out why they aren’t as cool or stylish as you. We’re actually going to need this hat, stat, for our own winter look. Keep the hair dry, keep the style fly, while you go about your life. Pop in to Goorin Bros for hundreds of great looks.


Savory Spice

There’s a joke that Europeans traveled the world in search of spices but don’t use any when they cook. Now we know that’s not 100 percent true, but any POC chef will tell you that increasing spice use in some households is absolutely needed. Enter Savory Spice, where you go for all your international spicing needs. Try something new, have at it with reckless abandon, or – as we’d suggest – consider a spice pack gift set. Just select your gift set and upload your personal photo or company logo for a glorious culinary gift that will be appreciated by the gift receiver and whomever eats their next meal.

Custom Spice Gift Set
Price varies by design

Sock ‘Em Emporium

Let’s be clear: we love socks. High rise, low rise, sport, hidden, golf, black, white, designed. Sock ‘em has ‘em all.  From Notorious RBG, everyone’s favorite badass feminist SCOTUS justice, to Donald Trump hair socks (a memento of the time before he was impeached), to all manner of Will Ferrell socks, to every style of holiday sock you could possibly need. Get a pair of stockings for everyone’s stocking. Plan a group outfit with matching pairs for the team. We’re not even recommending one: we’re recommending em all.

Cost Varies

Umba Love

Time to get magical (even if you have to save them for spring). “Your unicorn dreams have just been answered!” Umba says. Fresh in store under the new tab on the website, these unicorn moonbeam overall shorts are “pretty much the sparkliest fabric known to mankind. With an iridescent pastel blue/ silver sheen (and a fabric colour which is literally impossible to describe in words) you are bound to be the thing of unicorn daydreams.” Are you as excited as we are? Turn someone you love into pure awesome with this overall set.

Unicorn Moonbeam Short Sequin Overalls


Atomic Forge: Railings and Sculptures

Located in Erie, the Atomic Forge can provide unique gifts to adorn an entire household. Atomic Forge is a welding company that is renowned in Colorado for its superior railing services, as the experts can construct and install rails and staircases entailing creative shapes, smooth curves, and winding spirals. However, they can also build custom sculptures. Though the Virgin Mary sculpture that they recently constructed might be too large for a house, you can have the reliable welding specialists build a customized sculpture. For instance, you can have Atomic Forge sculpt an object that reflects the passions of your loved ones, enhances the quality of their homes, and fills them with amazement when they open up the wrapping and see the astounding welded sculpture.

Price Depends on Project

Colorado in a Basket: Winter Snow Basket

Colorado in a Basket can provide a perfect gift for the holiday season. Located in Erie, the vast selection of baskets made by the company are woven with elaborate designs, adorned with colorful decor, and filled with delicious sweets. Colorado in a Basket fills their products with chocolates and sweets made by eminent Colorado companies, including Rocky Mountain Chocolates, Hammonds, and Enstroms. You can also accommodate the health needs or dietary preferences of your loved ones, as the company can customize their baskets for people who want gluten-free, vegan, or sugar-free products. Though you can choose which basket design and food selection would best satisfy the taste buds of your loved ones, the holiday themed baskets can allow them to celebrate the holiday season well by enjoying a massive supply of sweets.

A Winter Snow

Stone and Cottonwood: Serving Sets

Stone and Cottonwood is a family-owned shop that is located in Erie and that can provide many gift options. The company uses locally harvested lumber and carbon-negative methods to construct various home decor and furniture items. The elegant shapes are aesthetically beautiful. The versatile company can carve a wide variety of home decor products. The rustic ambiance of the natural wood effectively complements the surrounding landscape of the Colorado mountains.  Though you can select from their many decor items, the kitchen serving sets would be an effective gift.  The serving sets feature smooth wooden platters and exquisitely carved bowls, and your loved ones can use the serving sets consistently when preparing family dinners or hosting large parties.

Server Set

A Quilter’s Corner

When we read that Barbara Bush had hand stitched extra holiday stockings for grandchildren that would be born after she had passed, we got a serious case of the feels. Luckily, we can all put effort into handmade goods with the excellent goods at A Quilter’s Corner. Get fancy with the Luminaire Innov-ís XP1, which brilliantly empowers your creativity through innovative uses of beaming light that allow you to preview stitches and embroidery designs directly onto your fabric. Make those stockings extra cool with this high tech level of embroidery. We’re going to go ahead and also recommend spending time on their “tutorials” tab for free videos on how to do all kinds of excellent quilting and fabric related projects.

Luminaire Innov-ís XP1
Cost not stated


27th and Grace: Scarves and Beanies

Longmont’s 27th and Grace offers exceptional clothing items for women. Their vast selection of dresses, tops, and pants would highlight the beauty of your loved ones, and the gorgeous accessories of bracelets and necklaces can also provide you with numerous gift options. But for a holiday gift the scarf and beanie selection would be a definite winner. The soft materials of the scarves would be comfortable for them to wear, the cozy beanies can keep them warm during the coldest arctic blasts, and the attractive beauty and compelling designs of the products should garner compliments from everybody in the town. The one-size-fits-all quality of the 27th and Grace scarves and beanies is also beneficial for the shopping experience. Whereas determining the correct sizes of clothing items can be a risky and difficult challenge, having one universal size can alleviate the pressure of guessing measurements and can ensure that the items will fit your loved ones perfectly.

Scarves and Beanies

Crystal Joys: Handmade With Love Collection

Crystal Joys is a prestigious jewelry store in downtown Longmont that would be an optimal place to shop for your holiday gifts. The “Handmade with Love” collection is a top choice for holiday gifts. Made by artists who are intellectually disabled and who possess remarkable creative skills, these sparkling stones and glistening gems radiate with a brilliant splendor and shine with a colorful luster. You can choose among the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in their Handmade with Love collection. But the pendants are perhaps the best choice for holiday gifts due to the beauty of the stones and the size of the items. Additionally, the “Heart Amethyst and Rose Quartz” pendant would be an especially effective way to melt the hearts of your loved ones as they open the wrapping, see the gems, and admire the shapes.

Heart Amethyst and Rose Quartz

Hello Furniture: Plant Stand

Longmont’s Hello Furniture is another place you can stop for your holiday shopping needs. The store has attractive and durable furniture items for living room and bedroom areas. But the store also features many home decor products that would enable you to buy affordable and pleasing gifts for your loved ones. Pedestals are advantageous because they can enhance the beauty of a room and provide a useful function for the house. For instance, the plant stand with the faux marble top can fit into many areas of a home, such as the corners of rooms or the ends of couches. Your loved ones will appreciate having a plant stand that they can place in convenient locations and that they can use for many different purposes.

Plant Stand Pedestal with Faux Marble Top

Jenson Guitars: 3D Lamp–Piano

Jenson Guitars proudly offers high-end guitars for musicians throughout the Front Range area. But the store also has a plethora of apparel items that would be perfect if you are providing gifts for people who are passionate about music or who play instruments. Though you can choose posters or tee-shirts that display their favorite bands or artists, the 3D Lamps shaped like musical instruments would make very exciting gifts for your loved ones. The lamps feature rotating lights and come in the shapes of various instruments, which can allow you to demonstrate thoughtfulness by picking the instrument that matches their musical passions and by giving them a product that they can frequently use. While you should pick your loved one’s favorite instrument, as a piano player we’re going to be biased and select the 3D Piano Lamp.

3D Lamp – Piano

Samples Longmont: Gift Certificate

Receiving a gift card for an exciting and entertaining meal can hit the spot for your loved ones. Samples Longmont is a restaurant in the downtown area that has been featured on the Food Network twice due to the unique meals they provide for foodies and the pleasant experience they offer for customers. But your friends or family members might also enjoy the craft beer selection that Samples provides and that recently won an award for “Best Craft Beer in Colorado” by Craftbeer.com. You can load the gift card with however much money you deem appropriate, and the card would allow your loved ones to spend a night out while enjoying the company of good friends, a meal of delicious food, and a pitcher of refreshing beer.

Gift Certificate

Recycled Records

After spending a day setting up a new-to-me record player and speakers, and a whole night listening to the Smithsonian Jazz Collection (all 10 sides), I’m convinced we all need more music in our lives…of the high fidelity sort. Was music ever better than when records were rolled out? Did music ever sound better any other way? While we highly recommend digging through their 100,000+ records and their 20,000 CD’s from 7 vendors and over 50 components on display, you are sure to find what you need to turn the music lover in your life into a bonafide audiophile.

Kanto YU 6 speakers on display. High Powered with built in amplifier


Just Dandy: Christmas Gnomes

Just Dandy is a must-stop location while you’re shopping for holiday gifts. This family-owned Lafayette shop has a diverse selection of home decor items and a massive array of ideal holiday presents. Walking through the store and browsing the shelves is a fun experience, as Just Dandy constantly modifies its selection to keep customers excited to see what the store is offering. But the creative and attractive home decor items should provide you with several tempting gift options. While their Christmas lights and holiday ornaments are appropriate for the season, the Christmas Gnomes would make especially great gifts for your friends and family. The gnomes come in various shapes and sizes. Your loved ones will enjoy setting them into different amusing positions, and the presence of the gnomes can perpetuate a joyful ambiance throughout their homes.

Christmas Gnomes

Arbors Anglers: Scott Sector Fly Rod

Arbor Anglers is an excellent catch for fly fishing enthusiasts. Located in Lafayette, the store has almost all fly fishing items, including rods, wheels, attire, and tackles. But one of the hottest items for a holiday gift would be the Scott Sector fishing rod. The Scott Sector brand is revered among the fly fishing community and has won the National Best in Show rod competition. Arbor Anglers now has the newest Scott Sector rod model, and you can get that for your loved one. When they open up the package on Christmas morning, they might try to melt the icy pond in the neighborhood themselves so they can jump in the water, throw the rod around the pond, and catch every fish in the area.

Scott Sector Fly Rod

Jax Outdoor Goods: Sorel Boots

Exploring the Jax Outdoor Goods store would provide you with a productive shopping experience. This enormous Lafayette store has gear for almost all of the outdoor activities and adventure sports that Coloradans cherish in the Rocky Mountain landscape. You can focus a gift on your loved one’s favorite sport, such as climbing, hiking, and hunting, but the Sorel boots are great gifts for everybody. These boots are renowned because the strong grip of the soles can maximize performance levels while climbing tall slopes, walking long trails, or hunting in muddy woods. The comfort is another appeal that makes Sorel boots so popular, as the soft and comfortable interiors of the boots will have your loved ones eager to take walks around town and reluctant to take them off even to sleep.

Sorel Boots (Caribou)

Atlas Valley Purveyors: Lafco Candles

Atlas Valley Purveyors is a reliable place to purchase your holiday gifts. Located in Lafayette, this store has many items that serve as excellent presents for your loved ones, including bottles of aged wine or fancy liquor that would keep your loved ones warm and happy throughout the holidays. However, the candles would be a very sweet and thoughtful gift. The essence of the lit candles, the stimulating designs of the melting wax, and the delightful aromas that the candles emit can enhance the pleasure that your loved ones derive from relaxing in the house during the cold holiday season.

Lafco Candles

Due South

Popping over to Lafayette and checking out the new arrivals section, we’re definitely feeling the sweater life. From the cardigans to the pullovers, Due South is keeping us cozy, comfy, casual, and warm this winter. Add these high quality threads to your wardrobe because – as we found out on Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj – buying clothes that last longer, reducing your purchases and throways, is an amazing way to support the earth and reduce waste. One item not thrown away is the equivalent of a half million cars taken off the road. That’s insane. Make your wardrobe last by buying well made clothes, at Due South.

Adirondack Cardigan

Wildwood Guitars: Bogner Overdrive Pedals

Wildwood guitars would be an effective store for friends and family members who play the guitar.  This Louisville store features high-quality guitars from the top brands, including Fenders, Gibsons, and James Tylers.  Although your loved ones may already have great guitars, most musicians appreciate the excitement that accompanies new sound effect pedals.  In this case, Wildwood’s Bogner Overdrive Pedals would satisfy most guitarists.  Bogner is an elite brand, and the diverse sounds emitted from the Bogner pedals are often lauded by musicians because of the genuine nature of the effects, the powerful force of the tones, and the comprehensive voicing options that should allow your loved ones to use pedal effects that complement their musical tastes.

Bogner Overdrive Pedals


Eric Olson Master Jeweler: Mountain Jewelry Earrings

Eric Olson Master Jeweler is the prime choice if you’d like to get your loved one jewelry for the holiday season. Their high-end jewelry includes a large selection of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. The master jeweler can also customize items, which allows you to determine which particular gemstone and design pattern would most effectively match your aesthetic desires or jewelry preferences.  However, the Mountain Jewelry would be an obvious winner for a holiday gift. These products feature images of mountainous landscapes engraved in gold or silver gems. The engravings accurately depict actual mountain peaks in Colorado, such as the Flatirons and Longs Peak, and your loved ones will be proud to wear the gorgeous earrings for both casual occasions and formal events.

Mountain Jewelry Earrings

Starbuds: Edibles

Louisville’s Starbuds is another stop you can make for purchasing holiday gifts. The Louisville store has numerous marijuana products, including various strains, vapes, accessories, and topicals. But gifting edibles has emerged as an especially popular option for a cozy holiday season. Many people enjoy putting the edibles in the stockings, and you can also have fun by burying the edibles beneath a pile of relatively boring items so your loved one has to dig through the entire stocking before seeing the edibles at the bottom. While Starbuds has many edibles from which to choose, their Coda Chocolates would be best for that holiday experience. The chocolate flavors, colorful designs, and modest sizes make Coda Chocolates an ideal occasional snack that your loved ones can enjoy during the winter stretch.

Coda Chocolates

Little Horse Vintage: Books

Little Horse Vintage is an ideal spot for holiday shopping. The Louisville store offers rare vintage items, including antique books, furniture, records, and art. This gives you two wins with one stroke. For instance, you can purchase a book or record that your loved ones would enjoy, and being rare vintage items further enhances the excitement that accompanies the gift. Picking between vintage records or antique books depends on your own preferences, but we’re going to go with books. In the age of tablets and Kindles, many people would appreciate the powerful and exhilarating experience of holding a vintage book in their hands, flipping through the pages, and reading printed words on real paper. In turn, the combination of appealing books also being antique items should truly satisfy your loved ones.

Price Varies by Book

Nina’s Flowers: Holiday Flowers

Nina’s Flowers can help your holiday season keep its blissful tune. The store is located in Louisville and offers a wide array of flower sets, including several different types of flowers, colors, designs, and arrangements. While gifting flowers to your loved one is always a surefire way to notch a victory and evoke a smile, the Christmas flowers are most conducive for the winter season and the holiday spirit.  You can choose from several different Christmas flower arrangements to pick colors or designs that your loved ones would especially enjoy. Additionally, the store also features Hanukkah and Kwanzaa flower arrangements for people who want to utilize colors for their particular holiday traditions. Regardless of your choice, these holiday flowers can provide the pleasant aroma, blissful atmosphere, and comfortable home experience that we associate with the season.

Holiday Christmas Flowers


Ajoya can also provide you with gifts that your loved ones would relish.  This marijuana dispensary store is located in Louisville and offers high-end medical and recreational strands that produce different effects, such as strands that can induce serene relaxation, focused thought, or active energy.  But Ajoya’s vape pens would make most smokers very happy over the holidays, and the Wana Balanced Vape has features that would make it an especially effective gift.  This vape pen includes an even balance of both CBD and THC, which gives it a powerful punch and a smooth calming effect.  The superior hardware, reliable constructions, and delicious botanical flavors also enhance the blissful experience of using the vape and enjoying the hits.

The Wana Balanced Disposable Vape

Pitter Patter

Pitter Patter is a mandatory stop if you’re shopping for your own children or other’s kids. The store has countless items for infants and toddlers, including attractive clothes, fun toys, exciting stories, and games.  For the occasion of the holidays, getting awesome toys is probably the best way to earn monstrous hugs from the precious little ones.  The toy selection of Pitter Patter is vast, and so you can have fun browsing the shelves and selecting the gifts.  But little girls might jump for joy over the beautiful Nutcracker Advent Calendar that features a pink jewelry box, and boys might roar with excitement over the Halftoy Dino set that allows them to combine dinosaur parts and build dinosaur worlds.

Children’s Toys (Halftoy Dino set or Nutcracker Advent Calender)


Retailers Picks: Restaurants

Bin 46

More than a neighborhood restaurant.  It is a vibrant retro-modern atmosphere and a kitchen serving a distinctive brand of New American Cuisine.

For private events & catering arrangements, contact Candy at 720.438.7410 or events@bin46bar.com.

600 Longs Peak Ave, Longmont

Brewing Market

Espresso Vino is everything you have come to expect from Brewing Market and so much more.  All of Brewing Market’s coffees and teas are available at all times.  We serve lunch & crafted small plates!   Happy hour draft beer & wine.  Don’t miss 1/2 price selected VINOs for our “Wino Wednesdays.”

Our NEW EVENT SPACE is available for your holiday party or meeting.  Call today to reserve.

2770 Dagny Way #101, Lafayette


Busaba serves Thai favorites including curries and noodles.Take a break from your holiday shopping or cooking and eat some Thai specials!

133 McCaslin Blvd, Louisville

Button Rock Bakery

Holiday Special: Cookie Platters. A delectable assortment of red velvet crinkle cookies, Peppermint Brownies, Sugar Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Spritz Cookies and Gingersnaps (available in regular and gluten-free)!

1377 Forest Park Cr, 102, Lafayette

Cellar West

With a focus on barrel aged, wild, and Belgian farmhouse style ales, Cellar West’s mission is to craft refined, expressive lagers and ales for those seeking a genuine beer experience.

This place had a wonderful atmosphere, and some of the best beer I have ever tasted. The day I visited they had an open mic starting which really added a sense of community to the place. 

778-B W Baseline Rd, Lafayette

Ras Kassas


Chipper’s Stocking Stuffers

Includes: Bowling, Rental Shoes, LaserTag, $5 Arcade Card. Only $18.95.

Unlimited Bowling starting at $9.95, see website for details.

100 Nickel St, Broomfield

Cosmo’s Pizza

Fresh Local Ingredients, no frills, just great New York Pizza with a crust that’ll flip your every tastebud.

3 Boulder Locations

1325 Broadway  |  3117 28th St  | 659 30th  | cosmospizza.com

East Simpson Coffee

Coffee is our favorite excuse to gather community at historic East Simpson Street.

*Full Espresso Bar

*Organic Coffee & Tea

*Locally Baked Pastries

Great spot! Favorite coffee shop in town. Lots of power outlets and space if you are there to work. Plus, a wonderful patio outside! 

414 E Simpson St, Lafayette

Gaucho de Argentina

Our delicious Latin hand held pies with savory fillings can be purchased hot for take out (call ahead we can have them waiting for you), frozen for cooking at home or in the freezer section at many local locations.

The pastry is flaky and the fillings are tasty! Great local place. And you can get frozen ones to bake at home. Yum. 

656 Kattell St, Erie


Gondolier Italian

The Gondolier has played a big part of Boulder’s community history for over 50 years, and we want to make memories with Boulder County families for years to come.

We Welcome Large Parties.  Our private dining room can accommodate up to 36 people for your special event.

4800 Baseline, Boulder

1217 S. Main St, Longmont

Kalita Grill

Family-owned Greek fare with an array of Mediterranean grilled meats & sides in a relaxed space.  The cuisine at Kalita Grill includes classical Greek favorite foods, which are made fresh daily. From salads, to Gyros, to dinner time plates, we use only quality, fresh ingredients. Let us cater your holiday gathering, call today for details.

Great Greek food! Gyros are the best I’ve found in Boulder! So glad to have found Kalita Grill!

2426 Arapahoe, Boulder

Paul’s Coffee and Tea

Paul’s is a locally owned and operated micro-roastery and full-service coffee shop based in Louisville.  We strive to serve the finest and freshest seasonal coffees, teas, and treats to you.

Now selling Wholesale, call for details.

One of my favorite stops going into boulder. They have quality coffee and friendly staff who always want to serve you. Their commitment to reducing waste is so nice.

956 W. Cherry St, Louisville

The Sink

Specials: Our gift cards make the perfect stocking stuffers! Sink Gifts For Your Little Angel (or Devil). Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, The Sink has gifts for everyone on your list!

If you can’t come to see us in person, gift cards, t-shirt, hats, sweatshirts, etc. can all be purchased via our online store.

1165 13th St, Boulder

Spice China

Traditional 5000 year old Shanghai recipes, and now introducing melt in your mouth Sushi and Hibachi!   Everything is always really good. This is our go to take out restaurant.   

269 McCaslin Blvd, Louisville

Taj Mahal III

“Food is the music inside the body and music is the food inside the soul making your taste buds dance for 20 years. Thank you for all the happiness.”

1075 E South Boulder Rd #145, Louisville


Located in North Boulder, Old Town Lafayette and Main St. Longmont, Tangerine creates innovative takes on traditional morning fare with menus rich with natural quality and focused on fresh products.  Healthy if you want it – or less so – if you want that, with many vegetarian and gluten free options.  Enjoy day time meals with our bright and cheery decor, a full bar and world class espresso/coffee program featuring locally roasted Salto Coffee Works.

Boulder : 2777 Iris Ave.

Lafayette : 300 S. Public Rd.

Longmont : 379 Main St.


We believe real ingredients and time-tested methods produce the freshest, most memorable dishes.

Our kitchen is 100% GLUTEN FREE.

Warm and welcoming atmosphere. Excellent and unique taco choices. Great service and delectable cocktails. I especially enjoyed the variety of salsas. 

103 N Public Road, Lafayette

Thrive Raw

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy our food.

Organic, local, raw, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free restaurant serving creative dishes made from scratch with love.

So amazing! Delicious raw, vegan cafe with elixers, tonics, amazing soups, teas and smoothies. Super good vibes. Highly recommended

1509 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder

West Flanders

The holiday season is all about bringing friends and family together, counting our blessings, reflecting on the past year, and taking some time to enjoy good company. Don’t forget to bring your favorite brews to your holiday gatherings this season! All West Flanders crowlers are $2 off during happy hour!

1125 Pearl St, Boulder

Eats & Sweets

Our dessert orders are prepared custom for your gathering.  We offer custom dessert platters upon request.  Order your holiday desserts today.

Always good sandwiches and baked goods (love the mini pies!) and friendly service, serving our local community. Oh, and of course the ice cream. 

401 S Public Rd, Lafayette

Old Santa Fe

Retailers Picks

Larkridge Outdoor Regional Retail Center

Your destination for shopping, dining, and services with more than 45 retailers. Along with retail, Larkridge provides health and beauty services, banking and financial services, restaurants and entertainment.

16542 Washington St, Thornton

The Orchard Town Center

Holiday Shopping & Dining at Macys, JCPenney, REI and so many more! Plus, shop local at 35+ stores, and enjoy unique dining at Asti d’Italia, Bitto Bistro, Rusty Bucket, Mt. Fuji Hibachi, and Lazy Dog.

I-25 and 144th Avenue, Westminster

School of Rock: Broomfield

Specials: “Learn to Rock”
Lesson 4-Pack, $220

We have something for everyone including group rehearsals and one-on-one lessons for all skill levels.

“I love how involved the teachers are with the kids!” -James B.

11970 Quat St, Broomfield

Alpaca Connection

Holiday Special: Luscious Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear Ready for Adoption, $19.99 “Lindsey from Nebraska, now 16 years old, told us that the Alpaca Connection is her favorite store.

She has been collecting our little fur animals since she was 12. Her family comes to Boulder every summer and a stop at the Alpaca Connection is in her must do list.”

1334 Pearl St, Boulder

Colorado in a Basket

Specials: Winter Snow Basket (Featured): Cinnamon/Orange

Cider Spices, Sesame Crackers, Mountain Thunder Coffee, Seasonal Berry Jam, Christmas Crunch Nut Mix, Mile High Pecan Caramel Corn, Gourmet Holiday Boxed Chocolates, Colorado Christmas Cocoa.


Cottonwood Farms

From Pumpkins to Christmas Trees, Cottonwood Farms has been adoring homes for 35 years. Open every day
10 AM to 7 PM November 29 – December 24

10600 Isabelle Rd. in Lafayette

Crystal Ski Shop

Holiday Special: Gift Certificate for Full Tune of Skis or Snowboard, Gift Certificate to try something new, and a Giro Ski Helmet.

Nothing says “I love and care about you” like a helmet to ensure their safety and well being.

1933 28th St #101, Boulder

Eric Olson

Holiday Special: Pendants

14k white or yellow gold mountain pendants available with Long’s peak mountain or Flatirons. Also designed in three different sizes.

950 Spruce St #1a, Louisville


Evergreen Cottage


Add some sparkle with $10 off Highlights.

Buy 2 gift certificates and receive  travel Aveda hand relief.

Best salon around. Rebecca does an outstanding job and has for many years! I highly recommend her and the lovely little cottage! 

502 W Baseline Road, Lafayette
(303) 926-0426

Jax Mercantile

A great source with quality outdoor gear and equipment for all of the activities you’ll want to do over the holiday season.See website for multiple locations.


Ivy Rose

On trend animal print in cozy scarves. Choose an oblong shape or a easy to wear infinity scarf. Stop in and check out our full collection from $20-$30.

“Love this Boutique! Awesome selection,  beautiful pieces,  and amazing service.”

“The ladies at Ivy Rose are so kind, helpful and good at suggesting clothing items that look good on each individual! Their price point is affordable too!”

520 Main St, Longmont

High Altitude Archery

Holiday Special: $37.50/class – Includes four instructional hours over four days of instruction, one day per week.

” If you’re looking for something completely different, consider introducing a friend to archery. The Adult Level I classes teach adults the foundational topics of safety and the four-step shot process. The instructors are all experts, and these four-week classes are a great gift idea.”

455 Weaver Park Road #500, Longmont


Boulder Body Wear

Mini Lily bag by Lole

It makes life easy and hands-free to carry whatever you need for the day or overnight.


“The only place to go for quality dance wear, knowledgeable customer service. You know you’ll get the right fit, the best quality and pricing at Boulder Body Wear! No need to go anywhere else!”   

2770 Arapahoe Rd., Lafayette, Atlas Valley

The Acne Lab

Makeup tutorial + Full-size Custom blend minerals; Perfect for acne, Perfect for all skin-types: $75 (reg $100)

“The new VALUE ADD by Acne Lab is makeup that works with my sensitive skin!!! The custom blending is really miraculous!!  Also, because it’s customized, there is no guesswork!!”
~ Jane E.

101 E Chester St, Lafayette

Jax Mercantile

Pizzacraft Grilling Stone $59.99 Interlocking Pizza Stones for even heat with no hot spots Works great in oven or on direct flame.

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket $99

100% post-consumer recycled. Cape clip, corner loops, packable

Lafayette • Broomfield


Handmade earrings support indigenous Solala, Gautemalan women!

Balsam Wood Trees will add pizazz to any table!

Save the earth with reusable straws!

My new favorite store in Boulder. Every piece is carefully selected. Very stylish and more importantly super good priced. I will highly recommend this store anyone who is looking for great style and good prices! 

2500 30th St, Boulder

Cottonwood Kennels

Nestled on a small farm just east of Boulder, you’ll find a perfect spot for a vacation in the country for your pet. We provide a safe, comfortable and fun-filled setting for a day, for a few days, or for several weeks.

Give the gift of happiness to your pet.

Doug and I want to thank you so very much for all the extra loving care you give Obee.

7275 Valmont Rd, Boulder

Dingo Diner

Self Wash $14

We have three wash suites and all include a pro-bather system to offer the perfect blend of soap and water at the tip of your fingers, a variable speed dryer, towels, loops and brushes.

Great independent store. Awesome groomer and self wash. Love the selection. Locally owned too!! 

2741 W 120th Ave #300, Westminster

Front Range Birding

Free Bag of Birdseed with any feeder purchase through 12/31/19

They have a quality selection of food, merchandise, feeders, books and resources, binoculars, and more. They are extremely community oriented and offer many events and walks to engage further with birds in the area.   

5360 Arapahoe, Boulder

Blackbird Ink

Beautiful Art should be made in a beautiful setting.

By Appointment Only.

My wife went in to get a piece of my art tattooed on her leg.  They are both amazingly professional,  and amazingly talented.  The shop is very clean and Kirstie is a phenomenal artist to both work with and in terms of replicating a piece. I highly recommend them. 

2770 Arapahoe Rd #104, Lafayette

Leadville Railroad

Holiday Special: Save 14 percent on your tickets with the purchase of holiday special gift tickets! Give the gift of relaxation and scenic wonder. This is a great gift for train buffs, families, and those just pining for summer. Gift certificates are valid for the May 26 through October 7th 2018 season. The only exclusions for these tickets are the BBQ Specials and Wildflower Tours.

“We do request that you have the person or persons call five days ahead of their scheduled tour so we know you are coming!”

326 E 7th St, Leadville

No Place Like Home

Great selection at affordable prices.

Since 1986 No Place Like Home has been known as the go to store for gently-used consignment furnishings, but if you thought that was all we carried, you haven’t seen NPLH lately.

This place is great when you are in a jam for new furniture, lots of new and used stuff at very reasonable prices and all used pieces are in good condition. Sometimes you find cool stuff…I snagged a mid century modern style distressed dresser for only $80! 

3550 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder

Mountain States Thrift

We continue to have an assortment of items for purchase at great prices.  Our inventory keeps changing like the weather.  Stop in and go through the many selections of clothes, shoes, furniture, household items and the many other treasures.

Love the cause and I always find some treasures! 

818 Coffman St, Longmont

Post Net

Canvas wraps make the perfect gift.

Looking for design, printing or shipping solutions? We are locally owned and operated, and known for providing exceptional customer service in the Lafayette community. For your convenience, we provide custom graphic design, high-quality printing, multi-carrier shipping services and more, so you can tackle everything on your to-do list quickly and in one place. 

2770 Arapahoe Rd Ste 132, Lafayette 


We are Longmont’s #RaddestBar with our retro arcade and 20 rotating taps of craft beer, wine, and cider.  Our self-serve bar means you can pour as much or as little as you want with no waiting for a drink.

Staff is kind and helpful. Great place for kids or adults to enjoy arcade games both classic and modern. I’ve been here a couple of times and I highly recommend checking it out! 

475 Main St, Longmont

Elements Boulder

Elements Boulder is a shop that caters to all lifestyles by carrying the largest selection of strains in Boulder County.  So you get more of what you want.

Loyalty Program: 1 pt per $1 spent to redeem for in store cash back/credit

I had the best experience! Prices are great and staff super friendly! Very much enjoy this store!! 

1534 55th St, Boulder

Time Warp Comics

A legendary shop for all the new comics, hard to find back issues, manga, collectible cards, anime, statues, graphic novels, posters, miniatures, games, toys, and comic book collectibles you could ever want- all in the heart of Boulder!

3105 28th St, Boulder

Apple Rescue

We aren’t looking to sell you a new computer – we are looking to fix your old one – at a fair price. 10% off labor when you mention Yellow Scene.

Doing such great work with old apple computers. Super nice, knowledgeable and helpful! 

7970 Sheridan Blvd #100b, Westminster


We offer a wide variety of products including buds, extracts, CBD, edibles and more. Not sure what you’re looking for? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help!  Check out our Daily Specials

The Employee’s are great. Great Location. Prices are affordable. Products are unbelievable. Definitely wanted to share my Starbuds experience. 

1156 W. Dillon Rd #3, Louisville

7521 Ute Hwy #66, Longmont

Derby Bikes

ANJi sensored helmet; Detects accidents and verifies your location, than notifies your contact. Live Tracking, Ride Notifications, Time based safety alerts, and 100% MIPS integration.

I bought my mountain bike from Derby at the beginning of summer, rode it pretty hard. Took it in for the free service that you get when you buy a bike within the first year and they hooked it up! 

410 E 104th Ave, Thornton


Shredder is a Colorado-owned, independent company focused on community engagement and families. Our business is designed to help lower the barriers of entry for kids and adults to learn a new sport by addressing the common industry issues of time, distance, and money.

Winter classes start January 6.  Enroll Today

Ask about our New Gear Rental Program for the 19-20 season.

Boulder * Lafayette * Frederick * Stapleton * Wheat Ridge

Loveland Ski

If you have never tried skiing or snowboarding before but always wanted to, the 3-Class Pass is the best way to get started!  With Loveland’s 3-Class Pass, you can learn an exciting new sport and we will reward your commitment with a FREE season pass after your third lesson!

3-Class Pass Lessons Are Available  November 22, 2019 Through March 31, 2020

I-70, Dillon, CO

Snowy Peaks

Colorado Grown – Colorado Crafted Tempranillo and 26 Custom made gift baskets full of Colorado made products.

Experiences – gift certificates for wine tasting.

We stopped to enjoy some wine and ended up going back a second time! Wonderful staff and a nice atmosphere too! The sangria is delicious.

292 Moraine Ave, Estes Park

Carbon Valley Eye

We offer the latest in cutting edge lens technology, high quality fashionable frames, children’s eyewear, sports eyewear, and safety glasses. We have accounts with frame and lens manufacturers across the country and locally, which allow us to quickly make the personalized eyewear you need, at competitive prices.

“Honestly the best eye dr I’ve been to. They listened to me. Great selection of glasses. Dr Burger knows his stuff! “

5900 Keyes St, Frederick

Clutter Consignment

Handmade earrings support indigenous Solala, Gautemalan women! Balsam Wood Trees will add pizazz to any table!Save the earth with reusable straws!

Boulder 2500 30th St. #120

Jensen Guitars

Dozens of Music Gifts for the Music Lover in your life.

3D Music Lamps in 24 assorted music and instrument designs.

Regular price $29.99 – Black Friday Special $19.99

350 Main St, Longmont
(303) 827-3163

Ageless Health

The Ageless Health Endymed system is an FDA approved Skin Tightening treatment that comfortably reverses the signs of aging by reducing fine wrinkles, improving facial contours and tightening loose skin, resulting in a much smoother, more even complexion. Endymed RF is non-invasive, is safe and effective on all skin types and involves no downtime. Improve your overall skin quality in areas that are most telling when it comes to age, such as the eyes, brow lines, cheeks and around the neck.

Call now to schedule a free personal consultation for any of our offerings.

149 S. Briggs Suite 101, Erie

Salt of the Earth

In the NoBo Art District, we offer dry salt halotherapy. Pulverized, pure-grade salt from a halogenerator is dispersed throughout the air in our communal salt rooms and private chamber. Salt naturally clears and heals with its anti inflammatory, anti fungal, and antibacterial properties. Get salted and breathe easier!

4520 N, Broadway Unit D, Boulder