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List of Boulder County Mask Makers for fun and style

Published on: July 12th, 2020






Where to find local masks!


If you just want a functional mask head to your nearest pharmacy, but if you are a mask fashionista these local sources have a wide variety to choose from. 



Mi Casa Azul Mexican Crafts Boutique

Artisanal embroidered & sporty masks  


*100% of proceeds benefit St Louis Catholic School in Louisville




Hidden Treasure 2

The Hidden Treasure has made and given out more 31,500 masks—for free—for anyone who needs one. They have donated to schools, medical facilities, and for workers.


2330 Main St Unit D, Longmont



Face Forward

Kids to adult masks designed by North Boulder textile engineer Brad Poorman



Jacque Michelle Gift & Fashion Boutique

Hand-crafted, fun patterned masks by Boulder line Miss Magoo


2670 Broadway St., Boulder CO



The Citizen Mask

Child to adult-sized masks handcrafted by local artisans using a double layer of a durable high-quality stretch cotton twill



Masker Aid

By local activists introducing a wide range of styles & medical grade masks with polypropylene filters to support Colorado nonprofits. Masks that can be autoclaved for medical professionals & even a mask that allows drinking from a straw!




El Loro Jewelry & Gifts

In-house made, adjustable masks with stylish designs


1416 Pearl St., Boulder, CO



LiliKoi Fashions

All sizes for Kids, teen, women and men





Pitter Patter

Wide size range to accommodate smaller faces as well


931 Main St., Louisville, CO



Mike’s Camera Boulder

Can print cloth masks with any design or image you want!


2500 Pearl St., Boulder, CO



Bliss Boulder

Locally made, fashion masks with fabrics sourced from neighboring fabric shop Fabricate


1643 Pearl St. Boulder, CO




Honey Pouch – Local Longmont artisan with Etsy Shop




Jack Byrd Handmade – Locally made in Louisville. A portion of each sale is donated to local organizations that assist people during COVID-19



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  1. I can not believe you do not have The Hidden Treasure 2 in Longmont on the list. Sandy and her 80 mask makers have handed out over 30,800 free masks to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, First Responders, Senior Centers, Food Banks, Schools, the public and much more. She has donated over $60,000 dollars in supplies to accomplish this amazing task. They still have orders for over 1000 masks for local schools. They don’t charge for them and yet no mention of them at all. They should be on the list for sure. The Hidden Treasure 2, 2330 Main St, Longmont, CO. T

    • We had covered Hidden Treasure in other articles during the shut-down and it was an oversight to leave them off this list. It has been remedied and they are included, along with the article 7 News featured them in!