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A Guide to Accents: A little guide to get the creative juices flowing

Published on: August 5th, 2020



Summer is here and we’re making our way back into the swing of things, one slow, stylish step at a time.


If you’re anything like us, you may have spent the past couple months lounging in your comfy clothes… you know the ones we’re talking about. No More! We like getting fancy, we like to wear suits, and dresses, and fun hats, shiny earrings, and beautiful rings. And we’re so ready to open that neglected wardrobe, pull out our very finest, and hit the town for a well deserved socially distant date or friendly outing. But for every runway worthy outfit it’s the accessories that tie it all together, that turn beauty into divinity, just like a good editor.

We’re talking about the feel good pieces of fashion that not only resemble who we are, but maybe even how we feel. So we’ve come up with the best we could find, from heteronormative to gender neutral, from Black owned to corporate, we’ve pulled the hottest accessories to make sure that no matter who you are, we’ve got you covered for your big day.




Goorin Big DDD – $300
With a shop in downtown Boulder, Goorin has been a wonderful purveyor of hats since 1895.
Available at

ASOS DESIGN natural check bucket hat – $28
Bucket hats are back, but less fratty and more cute.
Available at




Lucky Brand 5 pack pleated cloth face mask – $25
Classy high quality face masks with a stylish design
Available at

Vera Bradley Cloth Face Mask (non-medical) – $8
We all know and love Vera Bradley, and now we can complete the look.
Available at

Billie Blooms Karolina Kurkova Mask (M) – $28
Fun and incredible! Who says masks can spur a couple laughs.
Available at




Anti Gender Rolls Pin – $14.55
How can you not love this.
Available at




ASOS DESIGN Luxe chiffon maxi kimono jacket in scarf print – $90
Summertime, and the living is easy, breezy and the weather is hot! Grab this Kimono for cool summertime fun.
Available at




Penguin Rainbow Pride Print Shirt – $79
Show your pride with this subtle accented shirt.
Available at




Anjuna Utility Belt Bag – $595
Belt, meet bag. Also easily worn over one shoulder and across the chest. Black owned
Available at

Melah Boutique Trina – $56
Cute hands bags and Black owned.Available at





Automic Gold Heart Anklet – $145
“Radically wearable fine jewelry for everyone to wear”. With the intention to break the mold of the jewelry industry, Automic Gold, has developed itself as inclusive and diverse.





L’enchanteur ‘Palm of Our Hands’ Studs – $125
Another Black Owned business, making absolutely stunning pieces like these stud earrings.
Available at

Urban Outfitters – Urban Renewal Vintage Large Circle – $8
Budget friendly, larger earrings that can’t not be noticed.
Available at




Third Crown Prizm Ring Set – 18K Gold Plated Brass – $160
Wear them separately or wear them as one, this amazing set strikes a cord, and stirs conversation. Black Owned.
Available at




Skagen Signatur Brown Leather Watch – $69. Sleek, simple, and high quality for a friendly price. Available at


Pocket Square


Tie Bar Liberty Thorpe Navy Pocket Square $14
Boost your look in under 5 minutes. Wear it to match or wear it to stand out.
Available at




Kleman Padror – $160
Tyrolean shoes made in France. Comfy as can be and stylish as ever.
Available at

Tomboy Toes – The Downtown Dapper – $67
LGBTQ+ friendly masculine shoes that come in smaller sizes for all people to wear.
Available at




It’s all about the flair, the pizzazz and elaborate tinge of something extra, something that pulls together that look of simplistic modern class with glamour and style.


It’s the pinpoint pieces of a greater whole, the centerpiece on the fashionista table, a single ring with a magnificent stone or wonderfully crafted leather shoes. Whether it’s your hand sewn leather bag gingerly demanding the admiration of the thoughtful and of those who know, or it’s the simple and subtle suggestive nature of a piece of social or political prowess, how we accentuate ourselves matters. It sends a signal of the process it took to decide, the care it took to pull the whole thing together.
The decoration of our bodies, be it tattoos or accessories, becomes a momentary (or permanent) extension of ourselves, and it’s important to recognize that, it’s important to understand that each piece matters, that each piece adds to the overall expression of who we are. And sometimes, it’s just the feel good experience of having a little pop in your look, from studs to pins, hair ties to shades. It’s all about the flair, and how you feel.

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