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Caravan for Racial Justice: August 22, 2020



Dear Sponsor or Sponsoring Organizations,

The Caravan for Racial Justice is currently hard at work preparing for the “1000 Miles for Racial Justice” ~ Call to Action Town Hall.

This event will be held Saturday, August 22, 2020 at “The Mile High Steps”, Colorado State Capital, 5 PM -8 PM.


Scars of racism from America’s past have reopened wombs that were never healed. The soul of America is broken and your support is needed to help facilitate the real conversations that educate and empower every community and citizen.

The Caravan for Racial Justice is on a mission to raise awareness, educate, and empower citizens to become civically involved and eliminate systemic racism. We will hear from state and community representatives on initiatives to improve race relations and community policing. Additionally, we will host a voters registration drive during this event. Your support will allow this organization to:

(1)Educate citizens on civil and human rights

(2) Increase voter participation through registration drives

(3) Serve as a resource and voice for members of the protected class by advocating and implementing solutions that eradicate racial and societal inequalities.

(4) Get the Caravan of Activist & Community Leaders from Louisville, KY to Denver, CO.


You (individual) or organizations can be a sponsor by remitting one of the following donations packages.



  • Silver Sponsorship – $250 (Individual/Business Mentioned as Sponsor, (1) Annual Membership)
  • Gold Sponsorship – $500 (Individual/Business Mentioned as Sponsor, (2) C4RJ T-Shirts (2) Annual Memberships.)
  • Platinum Sponsorship – $1,000 (Individual/Business Mentioned as Sponsor, (5) C4RJ T-Shirts, Logo Display at Event (5) Annual Memberships)
  • Executive Royale Sponsorship – $5,000 (Individual/Business Mentioned as Sponsor, 5 C4RJ T-Shirts, Logo Display at Event, Logo on Website, (5) Annual Membership)
  • Legacy Builder Sponsorship – $25,000 (Individual/Business Mentioned as Sponsor, (10) C4RJ T-Shirts, Platinum Logo Placement on all promo products, Logo Displayed at Events, Logo on Website, (5) Annual Membership for 5 years)

We hope that you will partner with us to make America a great and safe place for all. If there are any questions, please contact Shenika Carter (678) 300-9475- cell or email the Caravan for Racial Justice at info@c4racialjustice.org.

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