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Boulder County’s Best Desserts: 20 sweet desserts and one savory one!


When you’re looking at desserts to celebrate a sweet milestone, or simply to satisfy a craving, you’re going to find a lot of variety across Boulder County. We’ve got it covered. From classic ways to end a meal and choices that accommodate dietary restrictions, to confections that stretch your expectations of what chocolate can do, here’s our list of Boulder County’s most indulgent offerings.






Apple Pie Crumble

Murphy’s Tap House


This pie is one of the restaurant’s most popular dessert orders and we can understand why. It’s generous size, sweet spiced thick crumble topping, and vanilla ice cream pairing, drowned in whip cream, is a great finale for the end of date night or to have on your own. Go ahead, we won’t tell anyone.






24 carrot cake

24 Carrot


Since day one, the 24 Carrot Cake has been this Erie staple’s signature dessert. As with everything else in this refined, charming locale, it’s a farm to table offering. Each piece has the right amount of sweet spiciness, and a “lick your plate clean” cream cheese frosting to indulge in.






Sgroppino Limoncello

Parma Trattoria


Limoncello is the extremely potent, citrus-based, after dinner liqueur. First made in Italian kitchens with family recipes passed down over generations, it’s now a mainstream after dinner treat. At Parma, they’ve turned it into a sweet, alcohol infused sorbet that’s an adult friendly climax to dinner.






Red velvet cupcakes

Aime’s Love


Everything on the menu of this Longmont bakery café is gluten free but you’d never know it. Their Red Velvet cupcakes are made red with beet flour rather than the artificial food coloring others use – genius! – lending it a richer, earthier color that we absolutely Aime – that’s French for LOVE.







Pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting

Boulder Baked


This seasonal cupcake is a one of the most popular sellers at the bakery once temperatures drop. The owners are fond of telling customers that it is approximately “four bites of autumn and tastes like Linus finally met the great pumpkin.” We tried it and we definitely agree…and now we want to rewatch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.






Classic baklava

Baklava Unlimited


Assembling layers of flaky pastry and nutty spiced goodness and honey isn’t a single-step process. It’s hard, and we’re glad there’s someone around who can do it for us. This dessert, available for purchase in stores but not out of its own storefront, is the result of years of practice turned into mastery by owner Janet Heath.






Cream puffs and
chocolate eclairs

Button Rock Bakery


Light and airy – think delectable clouds that you shove in your face – cream puffs and eclairs are the height of indulgence. These are great for special occasions or the end of a decadent meal. They’re also well-sized and satisfying so you’ll feel like you fully enjoyed your treat.






Create your own
cheese plate

Cheese Importers


Dessert doesn’t have to be sweet. One of the best ways to end a meal is with some cheesy goodness, and Longmont’s Cheese Importers offers a large, curated selection of this “food made from the pressed curds of milk” – which doesn’t sound as awesome as cheese actually is – to choose from. 





Sugar cookies

DPs Sweet Life


DP’s Sweet Life makes rich, buttery, custom crafted sugar cookies. However, if you want to learn the art of sugar cookie decoration yourself, they offer monthly cookie box decoration kits paired with an online tutorial. It’s fun to create the cookies in your kitchen and see how close you can get to what they serve in the bakery. Don’t stress your shortcomings. They’ve perfected it.






Jiggly Cheesecake

Enchanted Oven


Fun and shakable, jiggly cheesecake isn’t just a dessert, it’s a YouTube star. With its looser but surprisingly stable texture, you might have heard of it by its other names like Japanese-style cheesecake or souffle cheesecake. Whatever you call it, when it’s topped with fruit and whipped cream, it’s a light and delicious way to sate a craving.






Banana bread
ice cream sandwich
from their food truck

Eats and Sweets


You’ve probably seen the Eats and Sweets truck throughout the county at festivals and neighborhood gatherings. If you see it, take the time to order a banana bread ice cream sandwich. We’re not sure how banana bread holds up to ice cream, but it does. Try it for yourself in either chocolate or vanilla.






Chocolate peanut
butter stout cake

Collision Brewing
Company and Restaurant


Collison Brewing’s own Paddy Wagon Irish Stout is the key to this rich chocolate cake made with peanut butter and topped with whipped cream. It comes in pretty healthy portion sizes, perfect to share, and goes great with a pint.






Deep fried Oreos

Fat Shack


We all know that Oreos are pretty good all on their own, but there’s one thing that can make them better: dipping them in batter, frying them, and coating them in powdered sugar. OMGGGGG, and maybe tossing them on a scoop of vanilla ice cream (but that’s not how they come). They’re why we have the phrase “save room for dessert.”






Sweet corn
and salted
caramel gelato

Gelato Boy


If you have a chance, stretch your perception of what gelato can be by trying their fresh, crafted sweet corn and salted caramel gelato. While corn is typically considered a savory food, it has never been more amazing than in this sweetest of forms.






Any truffle.
Really.  Any of them.

Chocolaterie Stam


Stepping into Stam’s shop brings you into a sweeter world. Their finely crafted chocolates have plenty of eye-appeal and flavors that range from plain to spicy, nutty, and salty. They’re all based on recipes and techniques that the Stam family has been developing in Europe for more than two centuries.






Molten center chocolate cake

Babette’s Pizza and Pan


There’s a reason this bakery and pizza restaurant has been called out for national recognition by Zagat, Bon Appetit, and others. We’re glad it’s close by, in Longmont’s Prospect neighborhood, and would suggest that if you haven’t tried their moelleux, molten center chocolate cake made with Valrhona chocolate, you get there fast. It’s delicious cold, room temperature, or completely melted on the plate.







Via Toscana


A lot of restaurants offer Tiramisu at the end of their meals but Via Toscana gets it exactly right. Espresso soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cream unite with just the right amount of sweetness, coffee flavor, and cream to fuel your sweetest dreams. Order it for yourself or share. Never mind, don’t share. This one’s just for you. You deserve it.






Warm bittersweet
chocolate truffle cake



Chocolate lovers will find this cake irresistible. Honestly. It’s warm and not too sweet, moist and gloriously rich. It’s also topped with espresso ice cream, which adds a delicate mocha finish that makes it a bucket list dessert for any chocolate addict. Oh hi, that’s us. 







Cake Bars

La Momo Maes

It’s nice to know that you don’t have to order a whole cake to have that slice you’re clearly eyeballing. At this bakery, you can order a single, generous slice of more than eight kinds of cake, ranging from apple spice to cookies and cream or German chocolate. They’re all moist, filled with frosting, and great for satisfying your sweet tooth. 



Gulab jamun

Tandoori Kitchen

These sweet cheese balls fried and with honey syrup are a light, strangely delicious way to end a meal. Initially popular in India, they’re making their way to restaurants in the U.S., thankfully, because this is a great way to hit a sweet spot that you didn’t know was there.

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