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PRESS RELEASE: Aaron Harber Show Election Guide



The Aaron Harber Show ™: Election 2020




Welcome to our Election 2020 series.   Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to see and hear in-depth discussions about the often complex ballot issues on which Colorado voters have to make decisions.


We have 13 different programs for you which include the major statewide ballot issues and several of the most important ones which also are on the ballots of citizens in the City & County of Denver.


Statewide Ballot Issues now available!


Amendment B: Repeal of the Gallagher Amendment (real estate taxation)


Proposition EE: Nicotine Tax (taxing cigarettes, vaping, and other tobacco products)


Proposition 113: National Popular Vote (whether or not to join the National Popular Vote)


Proposition 114: Gray Wolves Reintroduction (bringing gray wolves back into Colorado)


Proposition 115: Abortion Restrictions (banning all abortions after week 22 of a woman’s pregnancy)


Propositions 116/ 117: Income Tax Reduction + Major Fee Approval Requirements (reducing the State Income Tax and requiring voter approval of fees)


Proposition 118: Family & Medical Leave (providing leave for employees)




Denver Ballot Issues now available!


2A:  Climate Sales Tax


2B :  Homelessness Sales Tax


2C, 2D, 2E & 2G: City Council control of Services, Transportation, Appointments, and Budget


2J: Pit Bull Ban & Restriction Reform


Denver Schools 4A & 4B:  Real Estate Mill Levy Tax Increase & Bonding Authority Increase




Special Program


Expert Panel: Dick Wadhams (R) versus Steve Welchert (D): The Political Battle!  (Former GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams and Democratic strategist Steve Welchert face- off).

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