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Best of the West 2021: Readers’ Choice

Best of the West 2021: Readers’ Choice


All the Best of the West you could need.

Winners, Runners-up, Critics Choice

& a few we made up!


Yellow Scene Magazine’s Best of the West adheres to the same strict journalism standards the entire magazine has held for 21 years. Thus, our Best of the West is a true Reader’s Poll with the Region’s only write-in ballot. There are not preselected menus, or multiple choice answers for our readers to vote on – instead, they write in their answers. The following are the local businesses and people who ranked high enough for several hundred people to vote for them!


Overall Restaurant

EC – 24 Carrot: With Kevin Kidd at the helm, 24 Carrot continues to dominate as one of the best restaurants in the county. Comfortably nestled along Erie’s main strip, folks from all over are coming to pay tribute to well-crafted cuisine and locally-purveyed culinary goodness.
Runner-up: Hickory & Ash

B – Black Cat: Black Cat defies the superstitious myth, as anyone who enters this BOW winner for best overall restaurant is immediately granted the good luck and beneficial fortune of eating the best farm to table food in the downtown Boulder area. Customers also count their Black Cat blessings for being able to feast their bellies on delicious meals while feasting their eyes on the views the restaurant offers.
Runner-up: Flagstaff House

Contemporary American

EC – Sugarbeet: A beautiful location for a fancier night out. The Lamb Skewers are an amazing starter, and the Butternut Squash Risotto or the Crab Cake Ramen tie it all together. With unique cocktails and a lengthy wine list, there’s something for us all to swoon over.
Runner-up: Community

B – The Kitchen: Most people have to choose between eating a meal from the comfort of their home or going out. The aptly named Kitchen asserts that this is a false choice and that you can enjoy the dining experience and home comfort all at the same time… but with a better chef and a larger menu.
Runner-up: Black Cat Bistro


EC – Piripi: Having conformed to the new take-out norm, Piripi has gone above and beyond to provide our community with the very finest takeout. Its speciality of Tapas as well as larger meals are great for a casual lunch or well-planned dinner. Try the Chorizo & Cream Cheese Jalapeños!
Runner-up: Birdhouse

B – Rosetta Hall: A riddle: how do you explore the world while sitting in a chair in Boulder? If you guessed the Rosetta Hall experience you must have already heard or experienced the wonders on offer. With multiple stations, each representing a different culture, you can get a taste of Greek, Asian, American, Mexican, and Italian meals all in one spot.
Runner-up: Corrida

Cheap Eats

EC – Eats & Sweets: Eats! Sweets! Eats and Sweets. Voted best Cheap Eats in East County, this place is sure to satisfy with their wonderful sandwiches, salads, treats, and of course ice cream. Thoughtful, good souled food, at great prices.
Runner-up: Flight Deck Grill

B – Picas: Picas brings the authentic sizzle and explosive spice of the Mexican food experience right to Boulder. We can see why this family-owned Mexican delight won the award for the best cheap eats restaurant in Boulder, as it shouldn’t be legal to pay such affordable menu prices for such high-quality Mexican dishes.
Runner-up: Curry & Kebob


EC – Moxie: They’re a self-proclaimed small town bakery with old world ambitions. As an independent bakery, Moxie is working with Colorado farmers and those from surrounding states to bring freshly baked bread using 100% Heirloom grains. Whether you’re lathering it, layering it, or simply dipping it, the voters have spoken: Moxie is the best.

B – Great Harvest: The best bread in Boulder was baked into voters’ minds for this year’s competition. For decades the Boulder community has appreciated the high-quality bread, expert baking, and creative items that Great Harvest provides. You’ll always be happy to find an excuse to stop by Great Harvest and add some dough-liciousness to your day.


EC – Button Rock: Baked goods have been said to change people, to bring them together, to enlighten, and potentially to even create world peace. Just kidding, but they are really, really good! Button Rock is the best bakery in the EC. They’re there for you and for me.
Runner-up: Moxie

B – Shammanes: Want to relive that childhood experience of bursting with excitement while entering a candy store? Shammanes instills adults with that same joy to treat your taste buds to special sweets. Your eyes widen and your mouth waters as you enter and hear the temptations calling your name. Few in Boulder have been able to resist the alluring siren song of these tasty sweets.
Runner-up: Boulder Baked


EC – Big Daddy: Bagel time is Big Daddy time. Come for the plain with cream cheese or load it up with eggs, bacon, and cheese. Grab a coffee and start your day right, it’s no wonder year after year Big Daddy is voted the best bagel in the EC.

B – Moes: Sometimes the heavyweight champion retains the title for a reason. Moes has frequently won the best bagel award, and this year Moe remains comfortable on the throne with the belt around his waist while continuing to provide exceptional bagels. No city can go without a bagel shop, and Boulder voters have once again voiced their appreciation for Moes.


EC – Georgia Boys: Southern comfort food served fresh and smokey fine, right here in BOCO. From delectable in your mouth melting brisket to fully loaded Mac N’ Cheese, from smothered ribs and smokin’ hot Skillet Corn-bread, Georgia Boys are serving up what’s finger lickin’ fine.
Runner-up: Lulu’s

B – West End Tavern: Let’s take back our beloved Q and put it where it belongs: Right at the caboose of the BB. And let’s also put West End Tavern where it belongs: On the pedestal as the winner for the best BBQ in Boulder. The zingy flavor of the bbq sauce, the tender texture of the meat, and the party atmosphere of the restaurant make this a hands-down winner.
Runner-up: Moe’s Original BBQ


EC – Tangerine: You know it because they’ve serving up the best breakfast in town, I know it because of that orange decor and subtle, calm, old school meets modern age brunch time dining experience. With coffee shop quality cappuccinos and lattes, and mind-altering poached egg galore, it’s no wonder Tangerine keeps winning the title of best breakfast in town.
Runner-up: Morning Glory

B – Tangerine: Boulder agrees that Tangerine is the ideal way to start your day. Known for traditional breakfasts with a Mediterranean touch, Boulder takes pride in this unique spot. Some enjoy the meal before work during weekdays, others enjoy the relaxing environment and full bar – including mimosas – on the weekend, but everybody enjoys the unique style.
Runner-up: Village Coffee Shop

Breakfast Burrito

EC – Santiago: Hot. Mild. ½ & ½. Early Sunday morning journeys to Santiago’s for three or four of their delicious burritos and hot coffee to cool the nerves. Take yourself on a mouthwatering experience of breakfast greatness.
Runner-up: Dug Out

B – Blackbelly: Most Boulderites have enjoyed having a full belly after being served these breakfast burritos. Blackbelly performs a feat, constructing a breakfast burrito better than any of their competitors. Blackbelly dining area is always an exciting and delicious experience.
Runner-up: Santiago’s


EC – 24 Carrot: Fried Chicken & Waffle Benedict, Strawberry Mascarpone Crepes, Coffee Braised Short Rib Hash. I would say more but you’ve probably already leaped from your chair, ripped your coat from it’s hanger, flung open the door, and sprinted towards Erie, for the absolute best Brunch in EC.
Runner-up: Huckleberry

B – Greenbriar Inn: No atmosphere can match the special brunch experience that Greenbriar Inn provides. The extensive menu, the luxurious environment, and the beautiful surroundings combine to make this a special place. On any pleasant day, you can brunch on the patio while admiring the scenery or in the picnic area right beside the pleasant pond. If it happens to be cold, the elegant dining area is also a cozy spot fo brunch.
Runner-up: River & Woods


EC – Waterloo: Imagine yourself soaking in the warmth of the Colorado sun on their amazing rooftop patio as a fully stacked, half pound bison patty jammed between two freshly toasted buns arrives. Barely holding on you lunge to devour it, overcome with ecstasy as the all American sandwich ignites your senses and satisfies your soul.
Runner-up: The Roost

B – The Sink: Nothing hits the spot as reliably as a juicy burger and a beer. And no restaurant can satisfy this classic experience as well as The Sink. Their burgers (pick one) are undisputed champions of juiciness, from a restaurant that has served Boulder since forever, and you eat surrounded by artwork that represents the “Sunken Gardens” theme. Perfect.
Runner-up: Dark Horse


EC – Tings: Take out Chinese food needs to be done right. It’s easy to get quick & cheap Chinese food, and there’s lots of places to do so. Tings goes beyond the expected by providing nicely priced delicious food for those at home movie nights or quick spur of the moment dinner plans.
Runner-up: Fan’s

B – China Gourmet: Boulder residents had to loosen their belts while casting this vote for best Chinese food. The menu has every menu item you crave, and also provides the Shanghai specials with authentic entrees, and massive portions to feed the Brady Bunch. Or gorge, relax, unbutton those pants, and just lay on the couch, unable to move for the rest of the night. That sounds like a good night to us.
Runner-up: Zoe Ma Ma


EC – Paul’s Coffee: One day we’ll be able to comfortably sit with friends and family and enjoy a cappuccino with-in the confines of a coffee shop. Till then, Paul’s Coffee is doing the best they can to satisfy our needs. Quality beans. Well-steamed milk and milk alternatives, drip coffee, and all day treats and pastries await.
Runner-up: Fox Dog

B – Ozos: Ozos provides that perfect caffeine boost and the jolt we need to finally, fully, open our eyes, activate our minds, and begin our days. Check out the many rich and full flavors and the ambiance: an ideal location for gathering to converse while getting that coffee kick.
Runner-up: Laughing Goat


EC – Morning Glory: Lily and Jules have been running Morning Glory to bring us amazing food with gluten-free options in mind. With options such as Huevos Rancheros, Pancakes, a Tofu Sauté Bowl, and a variety of Omelettes and Scrambles, Morning Glory takes the ordinary and hands us extraordinary!
Runner-up: Martino’s Pizzeria

B – Shine: Looking for a home base to find like-minded gluten-free health enthusiasts like yourself? Shine, with delicious gluten-free meals that can satisfy your gut and vitamin drink potions that can improve your health. Shine also prides itself on being a harbor for locals to gather with others who share their health values.
Runner-up: Fresh Thyme


EC – Button Rock: So many options and they definitely didn’t forget about gluten-free and vegan. It’s hard to choose but we believe in you and your decisiveness. Offering so many different bars, cakes, pies, breakfast goods, cookies, and more, there is something for absolutely everyone. They even have baked at home pot pies!
Runner-up: DP Sweets

B – La French Cafe: La French Cafe stays faithful to one of the more important aspects of French culture. Sure Voltaire and Rousseau were important, but their contributions to the culture might be rivaled only by the reputation for the mouth-watering crepe desserts that France has gifted the world. Now La French Cafe shares that crepe gift with you. Authentic French decorations throughout the restaurant, a serious French menu, and of course delicious desserts that culminate every meal with a firework show in your mouth.
Runner-up: Kilwins

Colorado-Based Chain

EC – Jax: Best Sporting goods store in the county and locations statewide. They’re the best spot to get your setup for those home runs you’re destined to hit, goals you’re meant to score, and hole-in-ones you’re going to sink. Also, they have guns. And we love guns.
Runner-up: Illegal Pete’s

Green Chile

EC – Efrain’s: This stuff is HOT! I guess you could ask them to turn it down, but to get the full eye-watering, barely able to speak, mouth on fire, spectacular green chile experience, keep it how it is. Enjoy it slowly. Take your time. Savor it. There’s a reason it’s the best.
Runner-up: Fork N’ Frijole

B – Santiago’s: Green chile is one of Santiago’s claims to fame. They use only the most authentic and high-quality ingredients to concoct a green chile recipe that maximizes the flavor. Using the chile as a sauce for pork dishes, tamales, or burritos will have you addicted, and you might even wind up buying bottles to-go so you can get your daily chile fix at hom, too.
Runner-up: Santo


EC – Taj Mahal 3: Back in the day, we used to have buffets, can you imagine? Well, no more, and no problem for Taj Mahal. They’re still bringing us the best Kormas, Curries, Masalas, Saags, Vindaloos, Biryanis, and so much more. Have Lassi with your meal or heat it up with some spicy chilis. Taj Mahal is the way to go.
Runner-up: Azitra

B – Tandoori Grill: Boulder values ethnic diversity and cultural knowledge. While other restaurants might do the bare minimum in serving Indian food, Tandoori Grill is revered for transporting customers into an authentic Indian experience. With the art and decorations evoking beautiful images and historical traditions, and with the chefs ensuring that ancient recipes are used correctly, a night at Tandooris Grill is a surefire way to truly experience the food and culture of India.
Runner-up: Hickory & Ash


EC – Gondolier: It’s amore! Italian food is a staple of world culinary art and Gondolier is doing what they know best by bringing us our own little slice of Italy. Mixing old school with new school, there is something for everyone. Don’t like grains? Try the Unpasta! It’s made from zucchini.
Runner-up: Parma

B – Carelli’s: Italians are famous for many things. The ability to fill us to the brim with massive meals of mouth-watering food has always been one. But it’s the atmosphere that elevates Carelli’s. The intimate settings, gorgeous decor, and the romantic ambiance that radiates throughout the restaurant makes this a perfect choice.
Runner-up: Pasta Jay’s


EC – Lunada: A wonderful location with friendly vibes bringing you Mexican food galore. You just can’t go wrong, it’s all so good. And if Lunada’s winning best Mexican food doesn’t catch your attention, they also won best Margarita in the EC. Freshly made Guacamole, fully loaded fajitas or even Fajita Nachos, Seafood dishes and so much more.
Runner-up: TeoCalli

B – Efrain’s: Efrain’s is a returning champion, as Boulder agrees that the restaurant wears the crown for most authentic Mexican experience. The spicy excitement of the restaurant matches the spicy flavors of the meals. Add some strong margaritas to perfect Mexican dishes, and Efrains is guaranteed to be a fiesta for friends and family.
Runner-up: Sancho’s Authentic


EC – William Oliver’s: Yeah, they won best patio but let’s talk about the fact that this place considers itself a Whiskey and Bacon Pub. Is this heaven? Have I stumbled upon the very finest human creation to ever exist? Yes and yes. It’s so rad and so thoughtfully crafted, their cocktails go above and beyond, and you get the beautiful patio.
Runner-up: Stem at Acreage

B – Chautauqua: Location and ambiance means everything when it comes to a patio. The Chautauqua Dining Hall is right at the edge of the beautiful trails leading through Chautauqua Park and up into Flatiron territory. This makes it an ideal spot to end a day of hiking, as many Boulderites enjoy capping off a hike with relaxation and sips.
Runner-up: Avery Brewing


EC – Martinis Bistro: Is lunch an appropriate time for an extra dry martini, or has the name simply enticed me? Regardless, and yes they do serve Martinis, this is the best lunch around for options such as their Steakhouse Salad, Blue Cheese Chopped, Chicken Piccato. They’re even offering take-out for you to safely enjoy your food at home when you need that well deserved break.
Runner-up: Pumphouse Brewery

B – Oak at 14th: Oak at 14th performed a brilliant feat by creating a rustic ambiance inside the restaurant that effectively complements the natural surroundings. The efforts did not go unnoticed. You’ll also enjoy how the bright colors, wood-based decorations, and rustic environment lightens and enlivens your day as you meet friends or co-workers for a delicious lunch in the cozy restaurant.
Runner-up: The Kitchen


EC – Your Butcher Frank: Too many options overwhelm. The menu over at Your Butcher Frank might not be the biggest, but it gets to the point and it honestly doesn’t need to include much more. We’ve come for a sandwich and we’re going to get one. We want the classic mid-century butcher experience so that we can indulge on stacked meat, soft bread, warm cheese, and a layer of toppings and more.
Runner-up: Moxie Bread Co.

B – Snarf’s: Who would’ve thunk that a meal as simple as a sandwich could evoke such divine pleasure? You can’t match the effect by slapping together a bologna sandwich at home. From exceptional classics to fancy specialties, Snarf’s is providing a hip atmosphere with unforgettably delicious sandwiches.
Runner-up: Organic Sandwich


EC – Tortugas: The food is unique and the style is inspiring. With options such as Shrimp Ceviche, Smoked Salmon Wontons, Seafood Etouffee, and West Indian Curry, Tortugas is creating a culinary experience unmatched by anything else in Boulder County, perhaps even the state.
Runner-up: Big Mac & Little Lu’s

B – Jax: Jax is famous for providing excellent seafood. The genius of Jax is the ability to combine the elegant with the casual. The prestigious oceanic atmosphere and upscale menu makes it an ideal choice for special occasions. But the oyster bar also enables groups of friends to shuck a few oysters while siping tasty drinks, pretending that they’re partying in paradise.
Runner-up: Spruce Farm & Fish


EC – Rosalee’s: Classic Old World East Coast pizza meets Colorado high altitude living. Styles we all know and love, and flavors that ignite senses and comfort the very soul of our being. Rosalee’s is the very finest Pizza in the EC, serving them up in 20” rounds or ½ pan squares. Grab the family or your pod and enjoy the sweet, sweet aroma of Italy.
Runner-up: Rosati’s

B – Cosmo’s: Does Cosmo’s Pizza need any more praise than it already receives? Well, we’re going to bestow more well-deserved compliments on this gem. The enormous slices, crispy crust, and delicious flavors of their pizzas do justify the reputation. But it’s the late hours that enable late-nighters to keep the party going over delicious slices of pizza.
Runner-up: Brooklyn Pizza


EC – 740 Front: They recently installed an iWave Air Purifier System and are hoping to bring back the delicious, fine dining we know and love. It’s a classic steakhouse with a selection that goes above and beyond the expected. We come for the steaks and with so many to choose from – and aged 35+ days – it’s all prime and all so damn good.
Runner-up: Empire

B – The Cork: The hot sizzle and mouth-watering flavors of a great steak is the best way to treat yourself. The classy atmosphere and marvelous decorations make the dinner seem like a special event, the service makes you feel like a special guest, and the the steaks assure you that you are indeed experiencing something special.
Runner-up: Steakhouse 316


EC – Sakura: Sushi rules, plain and simple. Sakura is offering everything we love with a twist of something new. Whether you’re coming for the Nigiri, the rolls, the Sashimi, or you’d rather stay away from the raw and indulge in a chicken teriyaki bento box or some Soba, Sakura is the best Sushi/Japanese food around.
Runner-up: Sushi Aji

B – Sushi Zanmai: If it’s a raw fish night, Sushi Zanmai is how Boulder rolls. The old-meets-super-cool decor provide an extra level of experience, and you can enjoy eating from home with takeout or delivery. However you roll, Sushi Zanmai is the champion of sushi in Boulder.
Runner-up: Hapa


EC – Busaba: Located in Louisville, Busaba is your go to place for all things Thai food. Pad Thai, Curry, vegetable dishes, spring rolls, skewers… Whatever you need, it’s a great place to grab takeout from and have a delicious meal at home. Busaba also offers a variety of drinks, sides, and salads to really add to the deliciousness.
Runner-up: Jai Thai

B – Aloy Thai: Authenticity is the superpower of Aloy Thai. Owned by immigrants from Bangkok, the restaurant prizes bringing Thai culture to Boulder. The historical treasures, the traditional menu, and the decorations provide a sincere Thai experience. You may forget you’re in Boulder until you walk outside.
Runner-up: Folsom Thai


EC – Pho Cafe: Pho is warm, comforting, and delicious… and can be consumed any day of the year! For the best Vietnamese around, you voted, we heard, and Pho Cafe it is. With lots of other options such as Thai Curry, Fried Rich, Grilled Rice Platters and to name a few, Pho Cafe is a great option for any occasion.
Runner-up: Pho 79

B – Chez Thuy: Boulder is fortunate to be able to enjoy an accurate taste of Vietnam without needing to hop on a plane. Chez Thuy offers the flavors and ingredients that are used to cook Vietnamese dinners in a real Vietnamese home. With the owner Thuy cooking the food, every customer can be assured that their meal is given special attention.
Runner-up: Black Pepper Pho

Hot Dog

EC – Marco’s: Classic Hot Dog joint for casual weekend outings for an all American Hot Dog. Some like them with Kraut and Mustard, others with ketchup and mayo, and some just want theirs plain. Monsters! What it may be that you wish to cover (or not) your Hot Dog with, it’s all good with us and Marco’s can hook it up.
Runner-up: Johnny’s Food Truck

B – Mustard’s Last Stand: Nothing’s better than a well-done hot dog, and nothing more disappointing than when it’s done wrong. Fortunately Mustard’s always cuts the mustard. Both the hot dog and the restaurant are faithful representations. The Chicago images scattered throughout the restaurant along with the Vienna style dogs make this a must visit hot dog of a joint.
Runner-up: Freddie’s Hot Dog Stand


EC – Taco Wagon: Food trucks are the way of the future and Taco Wagon, which is found outside El Mercado, is a BOCO favorite offering a large variety of different Mexican food as well as those super delicious tacos. It’s a terrific, quick and easy stop for something tasty and good.
Runner-up: Jefe’s

B – T/aco: T/aco can boast an optimal location, as being positioned right in downtown Boulder entices shoppers, diners, and walkers. They also have a festive atmosphere, and offer the communal experience. Beyond tacos, they have burrito options available and delicious margaritas.
Runner-up: Tierra y Fuego

Healthy Meal

EC – Organic Sandwich Company: Healthy, meet really freakin’ delicious! Awesome choices like Prosciutto Caprese, Grass Fed Roast Beef, or a Cured Ham and Cheese Sandwich, the Organic Sandwich Company was voted best Healthy Meal for their large selection which also includes Vegetarian options and well crafted soups and salads.
Runner-up: Cavegirl

B – Thrive: Thrive deserves credit for the brilliant concept of combining healthiness with partying. The artwork on the exterior and the creative patterns highlighting the interior shout for customers to come in and enjoy. The menu, composed with healthy locally grown ingredients, can transfer the party to your mouth while enhancing the health of your body.
Runner-up: Shine


EC – Kevin Kidd – 24 Carrot: Kevin Kidd grew up eating some of the best seafood in the country in Cape Cod area. We’re fortunate that he moved here to share the lessons he learned while mastering his culinary skills by the sea. He has worked at many local restaurants and he has won many awards. In 2013 he took his talents to 24 Carrot Bistro, where he is now fulfilling his culinary passions, serving delicious locally-grown meals, and satisfying bellies.

B – Hosea Rosenberg: A local icon and culinary genius. Owner of Blackbelly and Santo, Rosenberg works hard to source food locally, buy whole animals, and provide our community with delicious food that’s directly connected with the surrounding ecosystem. He’s top notch, best of the best.



Overall Bar

EC – Miners Tavern: This great little pub in Erie provides us with a calm atmosphere to chow down on some excellent pub grub, kick back a couple beers, watch the game, and just have a good ol’ time with friends. With a huge menu and a large selection of on tap beers, it’s sure to satisfy.
Runner-up: William Oliver’s

B – Bitter Bar: It’s all about the attention to detail. A carefully misted martini, a ting of lemon, a delicately placed garnish. You voted, we heard, Bitter Bar is the overall best bar in Boulder and rightfully so, this place is serving up class and it’s yours for the taking.
Runner-up: No Name Bar


EC – Left Hand: Another titan of a brewery, Left Hand is best in the EC. Their large selection of beers has been fulfilling the areas quench for pristine beer for years and there’s no sign of slowing. Their expanded Nitro selection is unreal; try the Black Forest Nitro or maybe the White Russian Nitro. Our editor’s beer of choice is the Beerito.
Runner-up: Oskar Blues

B – Avery: Of course we weren’t surprised. Avery is a titan amongst the Boulder brew crew. It’s awesome that breweries are using their space to not only brew beer but to serve it as well. For gatherings big or small, Avery is reigning champ of the breweries.
Runner-up: Twisted Pine

Bloody Mary

EC – Lucile’s: Cajun cooking meets Colorado’s high altitude in a homey vibe with wonderful service. It’s our East County winner for best Bloody Mary because it’s made with great ingredients and matched with delicious biscuits, beignets, and eggs benny galore.
Runner-up: Dug Out

B – Foolish Craig’s: Available with Ghost Chili or Basil Lemon-infused vodka, and bacon for $1.50 extra, this Bloody Mary is the best way to start your alcohol friendly brunchtastic adventure. This Bloody Mary is the best and, when matched with their brunch, it’s truly no wonder why.
Runner-up: The Buff

Happy Hour

EC – Empire: Classy lounge restaurant serving up excellent food and great cocktails. Come here for a romantic dinner, a night out with friends and family, or a casual outing for a drink and a snack. Located centrally in Louisville.
Runner-up: The Post

B – Corner Bar: They’ve got an outside patio and a fancy inside seating area to please your senses as you indulge your Happy Hour fantasies. Their menu is delightful and their cocktails are delish.
Runner-up: The Attic


EC – Lunada: The house Margarita is tangy, sweet, and with enough kick to call this the very best Marg in the EC. Try one coin or mix it up with one of their other six options. Best paired with their awesome bites and great atmosphere, Lunada’s is a presence to reckon with.
Runner-up: Tequila’s Mexican Bar

B – Rio Grande: It’s a classic. With it’s summertime misted rooftop, open floor plan, and irresistible chips and dip, Rio Grande is concocting the best Marg around. Frozen or on the rocks, flavored or not, Rio does it right.
Runner-up: T/aco


EC – Abbot & Wallace Distilling: Boulder County doesn’t just have one distillery, we also have this one and we gotta say, the competition is stiff. Abbot & Wallace’s claim to fame is their Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey. They also have a Bourbon, Alpine Dry Gin, Lusca Spiced Rum, Fire Cinnamon & Ginger Whiskey and so many more.
Runner-up: Dryland Distillery

B – Vapor: Led by Alastair Brogan, an absolute character, Vapor distillery is making their very own American Single Malt Whiskey, along with Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, and Ginsky. The flavors are strong and the product is daring, they’re pushing boundaries and satisfying their customers, one dram at a time.
Runner-up: DV8 (Deviant)


EC – DJ Reimer – 24 Carrot: DJ Reimer and Kevin Kidd are destined for greatness and the success of 24 Carrot proves it. Not only is this one of the best restaurants in town, it’s home to one of the best Mixologists around, serving up beautiful cocktails using locally made liqueur. Get you a Han Shot First.
Runner-up: Bradford – William Oliver’s

B – Bitter Bar: To some a drink is a drink. To Bitter Bar, it’s a masterpiece. Every time an order comes in they’re working hard to bring you an experience, from quality booze to classy ingredients, Bitter Bar is performing art all night long.
Runner-up: Niwot Tavern

Liquor Store

EC – Superior Liquors: Large selection ranging from the Single Malts to the tall boys and everything in between. A casual experience with great staff, it’s a must for after-work beer runs or weekend preparations.
Runner-up: County Line Liquors

B – Hazel’s: Whatcha looking for? Hazel’s got it. Whatcha need? Hazel’s got it. This place is absolutely massive and it’s basically only got booze! From high ranking Scotch to monk brewed Belgium beers, from Chartreuse and Kirschwasser to a box of wine, it’s got everything… and more!

Wine Shop

EC – Atlas Valley Purveyors: Another great selection of whiskeys, gins, fine wine, and beers from all over. Atlas Valley Purveyors are providing you with the service you need to find that next bottle of red, white, or maybe a little rose. Wine shouldn’t be hard to read, Atlas Valley makes it so.
Runner-up: Superior Liquors

B – Boulder Wine Merchant: Quaint. Knowledgeable. Helpful. It may be small, but the selection is top notch and they’re there to help you find something to wow your company and expand your horizons. There’s a whole world of wine out there, let Boulder Wine Merchant help you find it.
Runner-up: West End Wine Shop



Fair or Festival

EC – Rocky Grass: Not sure how this is going to play out this year but this is the best Bluegrass Festival around. With awesome line-ups and a fantastic setting, come dance, eat, drink, and enjoy the warm summer air as the artists perform and life is good. We’re thinking it looks good for social distancing fun.
Runner-up: Erie Town Fair

B – Boulder Creek Festival: We love events that generate excitement and foster community. Few events incorporate as diverse a range of activities, performances, and displays as BCF. This three-day summer-fest has it all and you don’t want to miss it.
Runner-up: BIFF (Boulder Int’l Fringe Festival)

Live Music Venue

EC – The Speakeasy: Small, quaint, full of good people and great vibes. Lots of performances to choose from, whether for a night out with friends or a cute date, The SpeakEasy is the best for live music within the County.
Runner-up: Muse Performance Gallery

B – Boulder Theater: It would be sacrilege to snub the live music venue that has been a staple of the community for since 1906. We’ve enjoyed the exhilarating, profound experience, and cathartic release of great bands in an intimate space. This place literally rocks.
Runner-up: Fox Theatre


EC – Old Firehouse: It’s Longmont’s Leading Contemporary Art Gallery. They host shows and events, and it’s just an all around great place to come and enjoy some art with friends. Make your way through the gallery and engage the aesthetics. What could be better?
Runner-up: Creative Framing

B – BMOCA: Aristotle famously asserted that art must both delight and instruct, and BMOCA won best gallery for serving this vital function. The diverse artists range from regional up-and-comers to international stars. The exhibits are sure to be good for both aesthetic pleasure and intellectual stimulation.
Runner-up: Phil Lewis


EC – Longmont Museum: Classic Museum for a classic experience. A lovely, newish building with lots of facilities and room to put a wide variety of exhibitions. Recently they had the special exhibition: Enduring Impressions: Degas, Monet, Pissarro, & their printmaker George Thornley.
Runner-up: Miner’s Museum

B – New Museum of Boulder: The New Museum of Boulder is a blast. It has a great combination of educational programs, dinosaur segments that feature actual fossil remains, and scientific exhibits that provide interactive lessons. It is an adventure for adults, but it is an especially great activity for families.
Runner-up: CU History & Art Museum

Theater Company

EC – Longmont Theater Company: It’s a weird time for indoor activities with lots of people but we’re hoping one day the Longmont Theater Company will again gift us with great shows and performances. They’ve been doing so for 63 years and they are a classic pristine example of Longmont’s finest.
Runner-up: Theater Company of Lafayette

B – BDT, Boulder Dinner Theater: The two-punch combo of seeing plays while eating meals makes it a perfect event for friends and family. The plays are high-quality Broadway-style productions that feature exceptional actors, riveting stories, and captivating performances. When you add a platter of delicious food, it’s not even a fair contest.
Runner-up: Nomad Theater


EC – Tilt Pinball: With safety precautions in place, Tilt Pinball is providing a space for all things arcade. From classics like Centipede and Donkey Kong to new fan favorites, there is much fun to be had and room to freely move. This place rules, so come on down and bring your quarters!
Runner-up: Quarters

B – Press Play: Just saying the word “arcade” fills you with excitement. An arcade is nostalgic – rocking games as kids. Yes, they have all the games. Add that Press Play is also a bar that serves alcohol, and you’ve got yourself a fun night. Done.
Runner-up: The Connection at UMC

Pumpkin Patch Company

EC – Anderson Farms: It may not be October yet but we’re ready. There is something beautiful about crisp fall weather, layers of warm clothes, perhaps some hot cider and a donut as you pick your very favorite pumpkin and bring it home to brighten the front stoop.
Runner-up: Cottonwood Farms

B – Munson Farms: Pumpkin Patch Company: Munson Farms serves up healthy food and fun adventures. Munson wants you to come visit the farm, walk through the fields, watch the cultivators work their magic, and then leave with goodies. Halloween is a special season for Munson because the fields of pumpkins they harvest have people flocking to the farm.
Runner-up: Hoot & Howl

Local Celebrity

Bicycleman of Erie: For those of you who know, the Bicycleman of Erie loves classics! Check out his Facebook page and reach out if you need help getting your bike into tip top shape. He’s your local celebrity and we weren’t surprised one bit. He’s great!

Nick Forster: Boulder is proud of Nick Forster. A successful musician from Lebanon, Forster gained fame as the guitarist and songwriter for Grammy-nominated bluegrass band, Hot Rize. Forster resides in Boulder while operating the radio show eTown that he co-founded in 1991 and that is syndicated nationwide.



Day Spa

EC – Holding Space: In an era of ferocious divisiveness, everyone can at least agree that life is often difficult, our days can be stressful, and the mind can get burdened with anxiety. Holding Space Day Spa can substantially cure these debilitating impediments. The facial and massage sessions offered by this Louisville spa are essential for helping the community relax their bodies, calm their minds, and elevate their moods.
Runner-up: Spavia

B – Dragontree: It’s that time of the week again, spa day. Dragontree was voted the best Day Spa in Boulder because they provide an all-encompassing environment to provide you with all the Massages, Acupuncture, Facials, and Skincare services to make sure you are feeling your very best.
Runner-up: Spavia


EC – Ocean Stone: Ocean Stone is revered for the remarkable facials they offer. Merging together the ancient with the modern, Ocean Stone uses classic Chinese techniques and advanced western treatments. For people who have never visited Ocean Stone, once you experience it, you’ll wind up making the sessions a consistent and important part of your routine.
Runner-up: Arejuvenation

B – Alchemy Bar: Alchemy Bar is here to provide you with an excellent face rejuvenating experience. Offering services such as Tinting, Lash Lifts, Eyelash Extensions, Makeup Services, Facial Enhancements, and more, they’re offering the best Facial Services in Boulder.
Runner-up: Spavia


EC – Evergreen: All humans enjoy having a sense of discarding the old and commencing the new. Evergreen spoils its customers with a comprehensive range of services that can facilitate that sense of rejuvenation and renewal. After a ridiculous pamper job, you’ll leave as a new person without a complaint in the world.
Runner-up: 95th Street

B – Voodoo Lounge: Voodoo lounge is the best Salon in Boulder mixing spa aesthetics with haircut routines. They’ve got six different levels of stylists ranging from $35 to $70+ plus for the classic 45-60 minute cut. Other services include, undercut, beard clean ups, curly cuts and dryer sets, and lots of other ways to get your hair looking great.
Runner-up: Paul Morrison


EC – Woodward: We often take for granted the immense responsibility that barbers perform for our lives. Ironically, we don’t fully appreciate their impact until we get a bad haircut. The experts at Woodward understand your hair goals, provide advice regarding styles that are optimal for your head, and then cut with the precision of Edward Scissorhands to maximize the beauty of your appearance and the confidence of your stride.
Runner-up: Deluxe

B – Brooklyn Barbershop: Great haircuts for all. $42 and up for men, $57 and up for women. Get a beard trim for $22 and up, or a shave for $32 and up. With lots of talent and a great experience, Brooklyn Barbershop is providing great services at reasonable prices right here in Boulder County.
Runner-up: Rollin’s Barbershop


EC – Blooming Massage: Just writing about Blooming has my body craving for the actual experience, so I’ll write this quickly so I can go have them loosen these pesky knots. Blooming massage therapists provide you with the psychologically cathartic release, the physically therapeutic treatment, and the spiritually exhilarating experience you need.
Runner-up: Niwot Massage

B – Elements Massage: Life can be stressful. So we get massages! Elements Massage is here to make sure that your spa day goes exactly as planned. With helpful staff and lots of services to choose from, Elements will make sure you’re ready to seize the day.


EC – She Nails: East County agrees: She Nails it! Led at the helm by manicure and pedicure expert An Vo, Erie’s She Nails salon is giving customers epic value with nails that radiate with pristine beauty and colorful vibrance. She Nails is also a special place in the community, as locals enjoy treatments with friends, seeing neighbors, and catching up with An and her staff while they absolutely nail the manicure sessions.
Runner-up: The Ten Spot

B – J Lounge: Let’s get nails back to fleek. Men, women, whoever needs to get a cleaning, some color, or some trimming will find what they’re looking for at J Lounge. Lots of helpful employees ready to make sure your nails look their very best and stay healthy. Get yo’ nails did, fam.
Runner-up: Orange Poppy

Medispa (Medical Treatments)

EC – Ageless Health: Like a Greek myth, if you send a wish for ageless youth to these medical deities, your wish shall be granted. The Ageless Health deities their considerable godlike skills and power to tighten your skin, remove your wrinkles, and grant your wish of having smooth skin that shines with the flowery bloom of eternal youth. Count us in.
Runner-up: Meyers Aesthetic

B – Rinnova: The place for medical treatments like skin care, laser treatments, injections, eyelid lifts, and so much more. It’s voted the best place for cosmetic and skin treatments. Whatever it may be that you would like to change or work to resolve, Rinnova is here to help.
Runner-up: Vasu


EC – Chiropractic Center of Erie: Sometimes the heavy weight of life can break our backs and have us walking with the slouch of a hunchback. You can trust the Chiropractic Center to correct the debilitating issues in your skeletal situation (this sounds like science to us), remove the weight of stress from your mind, and have you once again walking with an upright posture and revitalized strength.
Runner-up: Achtermann

B – Chiro Now of Boulder: Bodies are delicate things that need to be cared for and with all this work from home stuff going on, many of us are probably hunched over right now reading this. For some that might be just fine but for others, perhaps a little help can’t hurt. Visit Chiro Now for the support you need!
Runner-up: Swan


EC – Jasper Animal: Having a great veterinarian clinic in the neighborhood is assurance that beloved pets will be cared for. The medical experts at Lafayette’s Jasper Animal fulfill this function by being ready to handle almost any animals that come their way and to implement any treatment that pets might need.
Runner-up: Fox Trot

B – Boulder Natural Animal: Our animals are so important and we want to make sure that they are happy and healthy. Boulder Natural Animal is here to help and make sure no matter the injury or issue at hand, your animal is cared for with dignity and respect.
Runner-up: Uniquely Cats

Medical Center

EC – Boulder Community: Like insurance, using medical facilities is something that we try to avoid but that we need in emergencies. With a comprehensive range of services, responsive care by the staff, and effective treatments enjoyed by the patients, this care facility is a winner.
Runner-up: Nextera

B – Boulder Medical Center: If you’re facing a life or limb-threatening emergency, call 911. Lots of Doctors in one easy location. If you’re struggling and need help visit the Boulder Medical Center. They’re there to make sure your process goes smoothly and the help comes quickly, with a pharmacy in the lobby, it’s a one stop shop for all things medical.
Runner-up: North Vista Medical Center


EC – UC Health: UC Health is renowned nationally for being a top-notch hospital. The reputation stems from the pivotal research conducted, the next-gen equipment in use, and the superior treatment provided. In the era of COVID, doctors and nurses have been praised for their heroic efforts in caring for our society, and we are happy to join the chorus. Bravo!

B – Boulder Community: Remember, if you’re facing a life or limb-threatening emergency, always call 911 first. If you need medical attention for a whole swath of procedures or care, Boulder Community is voted the best Hospital in Boulder.


EC – Keene Smiles: Get ready to show those teeth and offer a wide smile while applauding Dr. Gregory Keene, AKA Keene Smiles. Keene is the best dentist in the community. The Lafayette dentist prides himself on continuing education. Keene turns dentist appointments into fun family events. Okay, maybe not fun, but not as scary as Dr. you-know-who…

B – Incredible Smiles: Floss. Those. Teeth! Dental hygiene is important and Incredible Smiles is here to make sure you’re properly cared for and your gums and teeth stay healthy and clean. Although dental procedures can of course be painful, it’s Incredible Smiles job and mission to make sure you’re properly cared for.


Gloria Oberbeck, Home of the Healing Hearts: Erie’s Dr. Gloria Oberbeck must have a shelf full of trophies for all of the awards she has won throughout her career. Now she’s going to have to clear some space on that shelf for the best doctor award, and there could not be a more deserving winner of the prize. Her clinic, Home of the Healing Hearts, uses holistic methods and natural medicines to cure the ailments and improve the minds of her clients. Many people admire her successful career and respect her expert knowledge. But everybody appreciates her connection to her clients, her compassion for their ailments, and her eagerness to alleviate the symptoms of their conditions and maximize the quality of their lives.



Bike Shop

EC – Louisville Cyclery: For over 40 years, Louisville Cyclery has been providing the community with bicycles. With something for everyone, they’re knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and ready to set you up with your new carbon road bike or Sunday beach cruiser.
Runner-up: Velo

B – University Bikes: Boulder takes it’s biking very seriously, which puts a heavy responsibility on local bike shops. University Bikes is a local champion. The shop provides any type of bike customers might require, as well as services, but it’s the museum that elevates University Bikes above the competition, as enthusiasts can admire classic bikes and vintage products that date all the way back to 1888.
Runner-up: Full Cycle

Ski Shop

EC – Snow Hut: As the fairly new ski shop in town, Snow Hut is making a name for itself and providing ski setups to get you out on the slopes in style and functional freedom. Whether you’re skiing on-piste or hitting the backcountry, they’ll help you get there.
Runner-up: Angel’s Sport Shop

B – Crystal Ski Shop: Crystal Ski Shop takes care of an urgent need for Boulder residents: offering ski and board services. You can rent a diverse range of top-shelf skis and snow-boards, have the staff repair or fine-tune your existing equipment, and purchase your lift tickets right there in the store.
Runner-up: Epic

Sporting Goods

EC – Jax: Large store with larger selection. They have what you need to make sure you’re up to par with the best gear and the best information to get you playing at that next level. It’s a great place to browse for something new or find exactly what you’re looking for and more.
Runner-up: Play It Again

B – Play It Again Sports: More than just a sporting goods shop: it’s a communal experience for local sports enthusiasts. The selling and trading concept was a unique idea that propelled Play it Again to immense heights of success. They sell new and used gear, but you can also sell your old sports equipment or trade it for updated gear.
Runner-up: REI

Golf Course

EC – Indian Peaks: Indian Peaks is a beautiful golf club offering you a full round with open skies and wonderful vistas. With their online tee booking services and helpful staff they’re making it easy to get out and play. Whether you’re walking or renting a cart, Indian Peaks is the best Golf Club, voted by you.
Runner-up: Colorado National Golf Course

B – Flatirons: The Flatirons Golf Course is like a show-dog that is used to getting praised. The course has basic holes for beginners, and challenging sections to satisfy all levels and experts. But the beauty of the course is especially remarkable. You’ll appreciate the landscape architecture, the rich shades of grass, the elegant arrangements to the tree-lines, and the beautiful mountains that surround you.
Runner-up: Haystack


EC – YMCA: The YMCA provides people the ability to recreate safely and freely by offering classes, camps, gyms, and so much more. Drop your kids at a class or camp and hit the gym, alone, with a friend, or get yourself a trainer to make sure you’re staying safe!
Runner-up: The Gym at Prospect

B – YMCA: It would be hard for any gym to compete against Boulder’s YMCA. Like a baseball pitcher who can throw every pitch, the YMCA provides every possible service. But the programs are especially beneficial, including the athletic competitions for professionals, the sports leagues for adults, and the fun camps for kids.
Runner-up: Mountain’s Edge

Rec Center

EC – Bob Burger: No! Not like the show but like the Rec Center, offering you quality fitness and recreational activities to fill your weekends, or providing you a space to work out or play. Clean facilities and good value.
Runner-up: Erie Rec Center

B – East Boulder Rec Center: EBRC is a boon for the community. Adorned with a gym, swimming pool, courts and fields, the rec center serves as a spot where people can play. Go play with your friends, meet new people, and enjoy the camaraderie of sweating together in public.
Runner-up: North Boulder Rec

Ski Resort

DAYTRIP – Eldora: Pack the skis or snowboard and head on up Canyon till the actual canyon forms and you find yourself in Nederland. With Eldora just west of the sleepy little town, it’s a mere stones throw from Boulder, and the closest opportunity to resort ski.
Runner-up: Winterpark

OVERNIGHT – Steamboat Springs: Steamboat should be proud. The reputation for fresh powder, the beauty of the spectacular mountain, the plethora of exciting runs, and the positive atmosphere among the guests explain why everyone at the resort is in a great mood and why Steamboat is the preferred ski resort.
Runner-up: Beaver Creek

Martial Arts

EC – Bennetts Karate: Karate! Learn to discipline your mind and the body will follow. Bennetts Karate is the best place in town to get your martial arts on offering the best instructors around. They also offer Kobudo, a martial art featuring weapons.
Runner-up: Vision Quest

B – East Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Taking a page from it’s own book, East Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dominated the competition. The facility offers Brazilian jiu jitsu, MMA, and kickboxing classes for adults and children. The instructors are also revered for equipping their students with advanced knowledge and superior skills required to whoop some butt in their matches.
Runner-up: Boulder Karate

Yoga Studio

EC – Soul Tree: Currently offering online courses, a day pass starts at $12 and a monthly for $69. They have wonderful teachers making sure you keep up with your Yoga while we wait for the pandemic to be over. When it is, stop by for a lesson and find your Nirvana.
Runner-up: Yoga Junction

B – Yoga Loft: Boulder voters showed their appreciation for the service Yoga Loft provides in lofting minds up to elevated states. The range of classes include Vinyasa, Avita, Yin, and Kundalini. But the tranquil environment and serene ambiance is especially lovely for lofting the mind into a contented state and stretching the body into nimble positions.
Runner-up: Little Yoga Studio

Pilates Studio

EC – Pilates 4 Bodies: Starting at $27 for a single class or $230 for a pack of 10, Pilates 4 Bodies works closely with patrons to ensure safe exercise and the ability for anyone to meet their goals. They also offer private instruction and a variety of different classes to get you excited about all things Pilates.
Runner-up: Pilates of Niwot

B – Pat Guyton Pilates: Pat Guyton is the superstar that started her Pilates studio. Her teachers have been trained and worked with her for many years and they pride themselves on operating as a team. They offer private sessions catered to individuals. Whether you are training or recovering they are a trusted source to live healthier.
Runner-up: Pilates Center



Private School

EC – Dawson: Serving kindergarten to twelfth grade this co-educational, college preparatory school has helped students grow and develop within the Lafayette area since 1970. All three schools, lower, middle, and upper, find themselves situated on 107 acres.
Runner-up: Longmont Christian School

B – Bixby: Pre-school to 5th grade this is the best private school in Boulder. They highlight the Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs as a foundation of their program. They believe that there are needs to be met before one can expect someone’s full potential to shine, thereby, they have created a program that allows all students to succeed.
Runner-up: Boulder Country Day

Public School

EC – Erie High School: Go Tigers! Erie High School is the best public school in the EC. Providing our community with great teachers and fantastic programs, they’re helping young people develop into independent successful adults capable of taking on the world.
Runner-up: Angevine

B – Fairview: Fairview is one of Boulder’s high schools. It has 2226 enrolled students, with a class ration of roughly 22:1. With lots of pathways to follow and a great athletic program, it’s a fantastic place to learn, grow, and begin to define one’s path forward.
Runner-up: Bear Creek

Summer Camp

EC – Avid4 Adventure: It’s an adventure camp and they have programs for all ages. From climbing to riding around the Valmont Bike park, there is so much to do and so much to learn. Avid4 Adventure is the place for super fun, exciting camps for all.
Runner-up: Thorne Nature Academy

B – CalWood: Offering unique outdoor educational experiences to youths and adults, CalWood has lots of opportunities to join in on. Whether you’re there for a camp, a retreat, or to volunteer, CalWood provides the chance to spend time outdoors, learn, and have fun. You can even rent their facility for group retreats.
Runner-up: Renaissance Adventures

Music School

EC – School of Rock Broomfield: Rock and learn! The school of rock is bringing students closer to their instrument and allowing them to finally crush that solo like they were always destined to. Talented teachers and lots to choose from, it’s the place to learn an instrument or tune up that old guitar.
Runner-up: Center For Musical Arts

B – Rocky Ridge Music Academy: Programs for all ages! Rocky Ridge is teaching all sorts of people to learn a new instrument or pick up that old guitar and shred like Eddie Van Halen. They’re currently also offering online music lessons, so no matter what COVID may be disrupting, you can still learn that instrument from the comfort and safety of your home.
Runner-up: Rock and Pop

Place to Play With the Kids

EC – Ninja Nation: You know those TV shows where people are leaping from towers and running through obstacles and most of them end up in some sort of goo or water pit? This place is pretty much that, without the goo and more of the fun.
Runner-up: WOW

B – Gateway: Go karts! Mini Golf! A Human Maze! This place is an oasis of run located in North Boulder. There’s also a Driving Range, an arcade, snack bar and lots of other fun activities to enjoy with the family or friends any day of the week. Check out their website for ways to save such as their $32 every activity value pack or the “You Pick Two” $15 package.
Runner-up: Scott Carpenter



Shoe Store

EC – Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.: Brown’s Shoes has a leg up over the competition and there are many reasons why the store was a shoe-in to win this category. They’ve been a crucial part of downtown Longmont since 1946, which means they sell shoes for adults who once wore the store’s tiny shoes as babies. So cute!
Runner-up: My Saving Grace

B – Pedestrian Shop: Centrally located on the Pearl St. Mall, Pedestrian Shop has been around for over 50 years! Support this long-time local business and get yourself a new pair of clogs, boots, or maybe some sandals that look great and are good for your soles.
Runner-up: Two Sole


EC – Carbon Valley Eye Care: I was blind but now I see! Colorful decorations and bright features make appointments a pleasant experience. But it’s the quality of care and efficacy of treatment that’s unmatched. Also, the spectacular designs of their frames and lenses come from the best manufacturers in the nation.
Runner-up: Eye Care Center

B – Aspen Eyewear: Fashionable, affordable, classy, sporty, for the sun, or just to see, Aspen Eyewear is fully stocked and ready to help you find the perfect pair. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff make it easy to get the look you’ve been searching for.
Runner-up: Tom’s Sportique


EC – Anspach’s: Anspach’s has established itself as a crown jewel, and now the store can wear the glittering spoils and gold crown of our BOW award. This Lafayette gem and family-owned business has been accumulating and selling prestigious jewelry since 1955. Get you some glitter, girl.
Runner-up: Eric Olson

B – Hurdles: Located downtown on the Pearl St. Mall, Hurdles makes it easy to shop for jewelry. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, be it you or the love of your life, Hurdles does what they can to make sure you find it. Classy, elegant, fun to shop, you may leave with more than intended.
Runner-up: Walters & Hogsett

Fashion Boutique For Women

EC – Boulder Body Wear: Dancing combines the physical prowess of athletic movement with the artistic sensibility of musical intelligence. Wearing intentional outfits and gorgeous garments can enhance performance. BBW has outfits to improve the flexibility and agility of dancers and attractive pointe shoes for dancers to wear while maneuvering through the ballet routines.
Runner-up: Ivy Rose

B – Barbara and Company: High fashion, top brands, and specialized employees to help find the perfect look for the new year, new month, or new week. Have an upcoming event or zoom party to attend? Make sure you stop by Barbara & Company for a slice of fashion heaven.
Runner-up: Ramble On Pearl

Men’s Clothing

EC – Acme Fine Goods: Acme shares the same priorities as the residents: looking good while engaging in outdoor activities. If you’re taking an extensive hike on some gorgeous trails or planning a camping trip in the high country, make sure to stop by Acme first to get that adventure fit right.
Runner-up: Jax

B – Weekends: On the corner of the Pearl St. Mall and Broadway, Weekends is providing Boulder with fashionable luxury goods from all over. Bringing you the finest clothing from different brands in one centrally located and comfortable setting, it’s the best stop for Men’s Clothing and more.
Runner-up: REI

Consignment Clothing

EC – Fabulous Finds: It would be hard to knock this heavyweight off the throne. The high-end attire, fashionable accessories, upscale furniture, and exquisite home decor make the concept of consignment shopping especially addicting. You may never leave.
Runner-up: Found Underground

B – Rags Consignment: Previously owned clothing that’s clean, in great condition, and being sold for awesome prices. Rags Consignment is the best in town offering you a price-conscious shopping experience to get you looking great for any occasion.
Runner-up: Childish Things

Shopping District/Center

EC – Louisville, CO: With the attractive nature of the downtown buildings, the extensive variety of retail stores, and the positive atmosphere of the district, Louisville is cracking. People might walk through the shopping district to buy stuff. They also might go to eat, drink, and enjoy the atmosphere. Whatever brings you downtown, you’ll be happy just to be there.
Runner-up: Downtown Longmont

B – Pearl St. Mall: What can I possibly say? It’s the Pearl St. Mall! Of course we know it for its red bricks and long-standing history as the central hub of our beloved city. With food carts, window shoppings, bars, restaurants, and boutiques, it’s the best place for a daily stroll.
Runner-up: 29th Street Mall


EC – The Read Queen: The Read Queen sits atop the throne in Lafayette, and wears the crown in this BOW category. All hail the Read Queen! Walking up and down the aisles is a highly stimulating and pleasurable experience, for us book nerds. They just want to fulfill your passion for literature and chop off heads of whomever refuses to kneel to the queen.
Runner-up: Barbed Wire Books

B – Boulder Bookstore: Since 1973 the Boulder Bookstore has dominated the literary Boulder community with its vast selection and local atmosphere. If there’s one way to support local business and the wonderful art of print, it’s right here at the Boulder Bookstore.
Runner-up: Bookworm


EC – Lafayette Florist: I can smell the flowers just writing about this. When you walk into the Lafayette Florist, the sweet aroma of flowers and the beautiful array of plants strike your senses with delightful pleasure. Then you get to browse and enjoy. Perfect.
Runner-up: Juniper & Twine

B – Sturtz & Copeland: Flowers brighten rooms and Sturtz & Copeland is providing us with thoughtfully placed and crafted flower arrangements for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating someone’s 60th or just want to say those three little words to someone, they’ve got you covered.
Runner-up: Fiori

Kids Store

EC – Grandrabbits: You’ll actually look forward to buying toys for your kids if Grandrabbits is your destination. Since 1977 Grandrabbits has been loved by locals. The store has all kids’ ages covered. The only problem is you might enjoy the shopping experience more than your kids. All the toys might have you playing in the store until your kids drag you out kicking and screaming.
Runner-up: Pitter Patter

B – Grandrabbits: Cute toy store in Boulder. Games, knick knacks, plush toys, crayons, legos and more, there’s so much to be excited about and more to figure out. Grandrabbits is the best place to take your kids or find them something special.
Runner-up: Childish Things

Gift Shop

EC – Purple Poppy: The creativity of the Purple Poppy would captivate any shopper and satisfy any customer. But the items often entail engaging twists, such as cool designs, clever sayings, funny themes, or sweet messages. You get a double bonus by shop-ping at Purple Poppy: enjoy the entertainment of exploring, and a big hug when your friend opens the gift you got them.
Runner-up: Timbalier

B – Bliss: A self-proclaimed unique and timeless boutique, Bliss is offering a large variety of home decor, accessories, cards, and so much more. From lamps to vases, candles and jewelry, it’s a unique and carefully curated space of Bliss.
Runner-up: Jacque Michelle

Natural Goods

Sprouts: We’re notorious for prioritizing healthy lifestyles, so Sprouts couldn’t have picked a better place to open up. With a store full of organic food, it is understandable why the residents appreciate the ability for Sprouts to supply natural products that are beneficial for your physical health and that are also pleasurable for your taste buds.
Runner-up: Vitamin Cottage


EC – Alfalfa’s: Alfalfa’s Market is an important element of the EC culture. They generate a sense of unity in the community, as people enjoy shopping at a locally owned grocer and supporting a relatively small business while seeing other neighbors who also value engaging in the same activity. So shop, and then leave with groceries that are much healthier than elsewhere.
Runner-up: Niwot Market

B – Alfalfa’s: Fresh produce, high quality meats, a wonderful lunch counter, and everything else you could possibly need to meal prep for the week using high quality ingredients with lots of locally sourced products.

Musical Instruments

EC – Lafayette Music: You can rock all things music while banging and grooving at Lafayette Music. Lafayette Music has almost any type of instrument, piece of equipment, genre of sheet music, and musical accessory that you might desire. The small size of the shop ironically magnifies the special ambiance for the customers. The small size reinforces the small business feel, and adds a neighborhood intimacy to the experience of hanging out in the store or experimenting with new instruments.
Runner-up: Jensen Guitar

B – HB Woodsongs: It’s that time of the year, you know, when you finally drive down to HB Woodsongs and buy that instrument you’ve been meaning to finally learn to play. It’s the best place to go in Boulder and with their help you’ll be fiddling away like the musician you are destined to be.

Pet Supply

EC – Struttin Pup: Struttin Pup makes sure that your furry little friends are healthy pets with happy homes. After visits to this store, your pet will be strutting along the sidewalk like the king of the neighborhood while bragging to every other animal that he just got pampered by the 2021 BOW winner for best pet supplies in East County.
Runner-up: Four Paws

B – Farfel Farm: Farfel is a great place to find a new friend to take home and care for. They’re working to change the way we treat rescue animals and we respect that. They even have Trump Poop bags cause what better way to remember the past than to fill it with you know what?

Consignment/Reuse Furniture Store

EC – Fabulous Finds: Having won various awards over the years, Fabulous Finds is an excellent place to find quality items or sell your own. With a fantastic website that explains the entire process, you can earn 40-50% return on any sale depending on if you’d like cash or credit towards the store. Come by Fabulous Finds and find… something fabulous!
Runner-up: Simply Home

B – Clutter Consignment: Clutter Consignment has a large open floor with many different options of furniture for you to browse. Lots of options to fill your open with price-friendly options whether you’re looking for a new couch, painting, or that reading nook you’ve always wanted.
Runner-up: No Place Like Home



Old Town

Louisville: Quaint and cute main street with lots of locally owned business and fantastic restaurants. Check out the Waterloo for their rooftop patio and burgers, or The Huckleberry for a good ol’ breakfast experience filled with scrambles and pancakes and fresh coffee.
Runner-up: Longmont

Neighborhood to Live In

EC – Indian Peaks: Somewhat bordering the plains that surround Boulder, Indian Peaks is a fantastic neighbor to get away from the hustle and bustle without having to drive 30 minutes to all your favorite locations. As a growing community, this has become the best neighborhood in East County, and we can definitely tell why. It’s lovely.
Runner-up: Erie Village

B – Wonderland: This small NOBO community boasts its own lake and park, an ever-growing shopping area, excellent schools nearby, and intimate access to the foothills.  It’s voted the best place to live in Boulder and it’s only expanding.
Runner-up: Spanish Hills


EC – Woodley’s: Since 1979, Woodley’s has been working to enhance your home with fine furniture. If you’re looking for that perfect dining room set or simply wanting to upgrade your media unit, Woodley’s will help you define the home of your dream be it a rustic farmhouse or a mid-century modern dwelling.
Runner-up: Hello Furniture

B – Arhaus: Great selection with helpful staff. If you’re looking for unique furniture or inspiring decor, Arhaus is helping you design your house. Located in the 29th St. Mall, find your next aesthetic masterpiece to really tie that room together.
Runner-up: Boulder Furniture & Mattress

Home Furnishings

EC – Due South: Accessories, clothing, home decor, and their famous Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. Due South is in the business to bring highlighting accents to your home that exemplify your personality and demonstrate perfection. It’s the best place to tie it all together.
Runner-up: Simply Home

B – HW Home: A well-crafted home takes time, energy, creativity, and thoughtfulness, HW Home is the place for all things home decor. Whether you’re designing a dining room or creating a beautiful living room, their selection is vast and carefully selected.
Runner-up: Canova

Home Improvement

EC – Jax: Jax is an all-around all-encompassing store that offers a wide range of goods. From sporting goods to their fantastic home improvement section, Jax is here to make sure your new DIY project gets done or that roof finally gets replaced. Check in with one of their employees for great services and dedicated answers.
Runner-up: Lowe’s

B – McGuckin: McGuckin is a Boulder staple and provider of all things home. From tools to auto maintenance, from coffee machines and kitchen supplies, to work clothing, it’s the best place in town to get set up for a weekend of fixing it up.
Runner-up: Home Depot

Landscaper Service

EC – SJ Ward Landscaping: If you’ve got a yard that needs some fixin’, SJ Ward Landscaping is the best around for all things yard improvement. Whether you’re installing a new A/C Unit, Flagstone Steps, a Pergola, or Perennial beds, they offer a streamlined and effective solution to get your property looking great.
Runner-up: Mosaic Outoor Living

B – Ecoscape: They’re in the business to make your property look its very best. Installing everything from water features and retaining wells to paths and patios, EcoScape is on a mission to help you create the property of your dreams.
Runner-up: Matrix Garden


EC – Brandy Unruh: Brandy is one of the top realtors in the area. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, Brandy is there to help make sure the process goes smoothly and you walk away content. Buying or selling is hard but it’s the realtor that will make the difference. Brandy is in business to help her clients, and with her reputation, it’s safe to say her clients are happy.
Runner-up: Brie Fowler

B – Karen Bernardi: For 30 years, the Bernardi group has been going above and beyond to serve their customers the best they can. Whether you’re buying your first home, or selling your long forgotten left over vacation cottage, they’re there to make it easy.
Runner-up: Ann Cooper


EC – M and M: When issues arise at home you could try and fix it, or you could call M and M. Specializing in plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical, M and M is the best in town. Maybe your toilet is clogged or your faucet keeps dripping, the employees at M and M are professional and here to help you.
Runner-up: Pete Labella & Sons

B – Mesa: Dang it! The sink is busted again. Good thing Mesa is around to help. Specializing in plumbing, heating, and cooling, Mesa has been voted by the people as best Plumber in town. So next time your sink is overflowing and your A/C has fried, you’ll know who to call.
Runner-up: Precision Plumbing

Home Contractor

EC – Blue Spruce: Blue Spruce surpasses expectations.  Their client-focused construction management services transforms all types of spaces – residential, commercial, and restaurant (places such as The Greenbriar, Pica’s and Snarfs.) They truly value relationships and their decades of experience ensures they can navigate any building challenge that arises: resulting in high-quality homes and commercial spaces.
Runner-up: Elton R. Construction

B – Melton: Absolutely beautiful homes. Melton is working with clients and creating amazing homes for our community. From fabulously sourced materials, to immaculate craftsmanship, they’re taking it to the next level to ensure your dream becomes a reality.
Runner-up: BW Construction

Tree Service

EC – Reinholt: It’s important to take care of our properties. Trees fall, wires snap, water damage is real, and with so many other things that could go wrong Reinholt is there to assess the issue and solve the problem. It’s also really cool to watch them take down a giant tree.

B – Berkelhammer: Trees fall and branches may snap, and before they do you best be calling Berkelhammer to make sure all the trees on your property are A-OK to make it through another hellish Boulder wind storm. Best in town, lots of experience, and ready to take on the mightiest of trees.



Auto Repair

EC – Stan’s: Stan’s has been winning awards for their outstanding services almost as long as they’ve been open, which is close to 50 years! If you’re in need for all things auto repair, Stan’s is your go-to. Located in Lafayette, Stan’s is in the business to make sure your car is ready to take on the road, commute, or journey of a lifetime.

B – Hoshis: Got a Honda, Acura, Toyota, or Subaru? This is your go-to stop for best auto repair in the county. No one likes dealing with car problems, Hoshis is voted the best because they’ve served their customers well, and nothing speaks louder than word of mouth. They make it easy.


EC – Germany Law Firm: The Germany Law Firm has experience with estate administration, guardianships, wills, and lots of other legal situations you may need assistance with. Check out their excellent FAQ section on their website for detailed explanations of all the things that they help with. There’s a reason they are voted best Lawyer in the East County.

B – Holland & Hart: With 26 lawyers and 8 practices, it’s been voted the best law firm specializing in a wide variety of legal services from commercial litigation, employment matters, estate and wealth transfer planning and multifamily and affordable housing, the list goes on.

Marijuana Dispensary

EC – Starbuds: Located in Longmont, Starbuds has a massive selection and all the accessories you need for your cannabis, CBD, and other needs. With awesome specials for every day of the week like Shake Sunday or Wax Wednesday, be on the lookout for good deals and great supply.

B – Terrapin Station: Weed has developed into so much more than that sticky green stuff you use to shove in your pipe or roll in your joint, it’s almost, dare I say, a cuisine of sorts. Terrapin has a wide range of bud, shatter, CBD, drinks, eatables, and so much more.


EC – Public Smoke: Lots of options to choose from. Whether you’re in the market for papers, water pipes, bubblers, bongs, lighters, filters, accessories, you name it, Public Smoke is a one stop shop. Check out their Facebook page for great pictures of some of the many things they offer.

B – Mile High Pipe & Tobacco: If you smoke you might be in need of a pipe. This is the place for all your smoking accessory needs, from bongs, to pipes, bubblers, and one-hitters, they’re fully stocked and ready to provide.

Tattoo Shop

EC – Inksmith: Inksmith has been at the forefront of tattoos in the area and continues to be a force to reckon with. With new COVID procedures, they’re working hard to make sure you can still get your art and that everyone involved stays safe. Work with one of their fanatics arts to make your tattoo dreams come true.

B – Bolder Ink: Again and again Bolder Ink is at the top of the lists as the best tattoo shop around. With so many artists and caring consultations they’ll hook you up with the best tattoo around and make sure you’re getting the treatment you deserve.

Bank or Credit Union

EC – Elevations Credit Union: Everyone knows Elevations. They’re a popular name in a smallish town. They’ve also been voted the best Bank or Credit Union in the East County and are looking to help you save, plan, and maintain your finances. Reach out to them for assistance and one of their many staff members will work to answer your questions.

B – Premier Members Credit Union: Money. We all need it and we all want to hang on to it, for the most part. Premier Members Credit Union is the best in town and providing its customers with the experience we want from a financial institution.

Place To Buy a Car

EC – Valley Subaru and Nissan: Valley Auto Group owns both Valley Subaru and Valley Nissan in Longmont. Car buying isn’t easy, with so many models and so many options, it can often feel uncomfortable and deterring, Valley was voted best place to buy a car because they put in the time and effort to make sure you’re walking away with the car of your dreams.

B – Green Eyed Motors: Used cars, and by that we mean clean, great cars at better prices than new ones! Car buying isn’t our favorite activity and we know how important it is to have a place that makes it easy. According to voters, this is the best place to buy a car in Boulder, so if you’re in the market for a new car and want to make sure you know what you’re getting, come visit Green Eyed Motors.


EC – Sister Carmen: With over 1,600 volunteers, Sister Carmen is feeding our community. Even in Boulder, people are living below the poverty line and with the average rent at over $1,400, Sister Carmen is ensuring that people are finding ways to eat and for others to help.

B – Imagine!: Imagine! is working to help people with developmental, cognitive, and physical challenges to join in with the rest of their communities. Offering services such as educational and therapeutic services, job training and placement, recreational activities, support for families and opportunities for community living, Imagine! is doing good and a great place to volunteer or donate to.


Jared Polis: Jared Polis has accomplished many things. He became Governor of our beloved state in 2018, built stronger relationships that protect our public lands, worked towards free, full-day kindergarten opportunities, is attempting to change the tax code, and is the first same-sex parent elected to the United States Congress.


Imagine being a local and not knowing all of these!