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Free COVID-19 Vaccine Pop-up Clinic in Aurora: A Community-based Initiative | Press Release


CONTACTS: Nii Armah Sowah, comedansing@1000-voices.com
Dr Kweku Hazel, Kweku.hazel@CUAnschutz.edu
Dr Cynthia Hazel, chazel@omni.org


Aurora, CO – To help address the inequity in the communities of color, Dr. Kweku Hazel, a Surgeon, and his wife Dr. Cynthia Hazel, a Public Health Expert, have partnered with the State of Colorado to host a number of COVID vaccination clinics for people of color in the Greater Denver area. This is part of a series of clinics to ensure that underserved communities have adequate access to COVID-19 vaccines. After our highly successful first clinic last month, Drs Kweku and Cynthia Hazel, together with a team of 30 volunteers, will host a second COVID vaccination clinic on Saturday, March 20, 2021 from 9:30am-4:30pm. Location: Solid Rock Baptist Church, 9635 E. Montview Blvd, Aurora, CO 80010.


We are hosting this second clinic for the 1B.3 and 1B.4 categories, which includes people 50years or older, frontline workers, student-facing faculty & staff, faith leaders, etc. We have registered about 750 people, 80% of whom are BIPOC, for vaccinations.


Please see the flyer attached, and we hope you are able to attend and speak to patients and volunteers about their experiences with the vaccination process. We trust that any

coverage you provide would help create more awareness within our community about COVID-19 vaccination in general and about more accessible clinics like ours. Given the

levels of reservations in our communities, the stories you share from our clinic have the potential to encourage hesitant community members to also register and get



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