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Month In Review | April 2021


Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation will be taking over the role of the Colorado Wild Rabbit Foundation.

•  Ten of our neighbors were murdered in cold blood at the Boulder Table Mesa King Soopers, including three employees and one responding officer. Our hearts are still heavy with the loss, even as the news cycle moves on to the hundreds of other shootings that are replacing the COVID death reports as America “returns to normal.”

 Boulder King Soopers shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, appeared before Boulder District Court Judge Thomas Mulvahill at the Boulder County Justice Center on March 25, 2021. Additionally, a gag order was rejected, DA Dougherty plans to introduce more charges, and the defense implied a mental health defense.

 Restore Colorado launched with 17 participating restaurants and businesses beginning their direct support of regional regenerative farming. Restore Colorado is a groundbreaking public-private collaboration between Zero Foodprint, Mad Agriculture, Boulder County, the City of Boulder, and Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency, according to a Boulder County press release. The official launch day was Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

 Boulder County Public Health announced Friday April 16th that the county was moving to Level Blue effective immediately, but with some modifications. The lower level of coronavirus restrictions includes increased capacities for events, restaurants, gyms and bars.

 Boulder County launched the Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification (BCCCC) for licensed commercial cannabis cultivators. The certification recognizes cultivators who exhibit a commitment towards saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint. The certification comes with a new package seal that “allows the consumer and others in the supply chain to know that they’re supporting a cultivator who is working towards carbon neutral cannabis production.”

 Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation will be taking over the role of the Colorado Wild Rabbit Foundation, reports the Camera. That organization plans to close within the next few years, giving Greenwood time to finish construction on a brand new “bunny hotel” to house the rabbits.

•  Walter Mondale, 42nd vice president under the Carter administration from 1977–1981, died on April 19th, at the age of 93. Rest in Peace.

•  J&J Vaccines were pulled from shelves after 6 – of nearly 6 million doses – resulted in blood clots, one of which resulted in death. Women around the country were quick to point out that birth control has a higher rate of blood clot and death. The vaccine’s safety is being studied to understand the cause.

•  President Biden, after running on a platform of ending the border wall and releasing kids from cages has *checks notes* done neither of those things. More kids are in cages (meaning held beyond the legal 72 hour limit before they should be transferred to ORR), and border wall construction continues.


Small Talk

“We adopted a slightly modified version of the state’s dial framework to ease into recovery, taking data into account to ensure restrictions gradually ease and allow individuals and business to have guidance consistent with the state’s dial that we have been operating under up until this point.”
Lexi Nolen, Executive Director of Boulder County Public Health

“That stays with you forever. You can’t unsee anything in this job. And Michael will remember forever what he saw in that King Soopers, as well as the conversations with victims. Those things will haunt him.”
George Brauchler, former DA, on what DA Michael Dougherty faces in prosecuting the King Soopers Shooter

“Today I mourn the passing of my dear friend Walter Mondale, who I consider the best vice president in our country’s history.”
Former President Jimmy Carter, in a statement from the Carter Center

“It shall be the policy of my administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall.”
President Biden, who has removed border funding from his 2023 budget plan while continuing to use Trump appropriated taxpayer funds to build the wall

“The Fake News Media is attacking me for being TOO PRO-LIFE (100%). Last night, Congress passed a bill which is not clear about preventing buying of body parts of babies murdered in the womb. I voted NO.”
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, who, along with CO Rep. Boebert, voted against a bill to reauthorize a bone marrow transplant program


By The Numbers


Capacity of restaurants, bars, and gyms, with 6 ft. distancing, allowed under the new modified Level Blue restrictions for BOCO


Number of new COVID cases and deaths in BOCO over the last 30 days, as of the time of this writing, according to NYT.


Snowstorms within two weeks, to cement Colorado’s reputation for severe and unpredictable weather. We heard they call this “Third Winter” in Colorado.


Number of bone marrow transplants performed by the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute, annually and to-date.

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