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CBD Sips: My New Favorite Multitask Bar Tool | In The Cups


Ok, fine. This is not a bar tool at all, but a mixer. Well… it’s not even a mixer, but a drink for casual days, on warm afternoons, or to chase down a meal. Yellow Scene connected with the CBD Seltzer drink community recently; lucky me. I’ve been drinking a lot of CBD drinks lately and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the offerings.

CBD, if I’m honest, came slowly to me. First as a tincture after an injury (I began adding it to coffee) and later in the form of flower and pre-rolls. I also got some really excellent CBD muscle balm from the good folks over at CO Lift Hemp Company. The flower was also from them and I’ve been in love with their products since day 1. But I digress…

James and James Craft Sparkling Hemp Beverage

First on deck, James and James Craft Sparkling Hemp Beverage comes with 25 mg of full spectrum CBD. It’s non-GMO, caffeine free, gluten free, and pesticide free. It’s non-alcoholic with no sugar, calories, or carbs. I feel healthier just typing that. J&J comes in two flavors – Cherry Vanilla and Cucumber mint – to start. Will they expand? I don’t know. I settled on Cucumber Mint, a combination of two of my favorite flavors. J&J is crafted from hand-harvested flowers in Longmont, Colorado, by Founder James R. Ott and his team.

Truth be told, I drank one and was loving it. Halfway through my second I was so thoroughly enjoying the relaxation that I didn’t realize I had consumed 50 mg of CBD and was feeling rather chill. I did try it as a mixer with some whiskey, which didn’t really work out, but it definitely worked out with my current favorite choice of vodka, Russian Standard, which was introduced to me by one of my favorite neighbors. I do have a great fondness for locally produced vodka but it’s really hard to beat high quality – and inexpensively bottled and available – Russian vodka.

OhHi flavor line-up

The last CBD beverage I got was the OhHi, randomly shipped to me, though accepted with eager appreciation. The marketing sheet says that they bottle this goodness “in the mountains of Southwest Colorado where outdoor sports and the lifestyle culture that accompany them aren’t passion pursuits, they’re daily activities.” SOLD!

They see this line of CBD seltzers as “healthy, alternative, and delicious additions to [the] outdoor lifestyle. It’s an alternative, and alcohol- free, though easily used as a mixer as I figured out. These are low sugar (5g of pure cane sugar), low calorie as opposed to the sugar-free James and James. It’s “guilt free, THC free, non-intoxicating meaning no hangovers, with all natural flavors and terpenes.” I can attest to all this after pounding three and feeling fantastic.

OhHi beverages are packaging these sparkling seltzers with 20 mg of CBD. They come in Ginger Basil Limeade, Lemon Lime, Grapefruit, and Pomegranate. I can tell you before you’ve been tasting them all that pomegranate was my favorite. One sec… Ok, I just finished tasting them all and Pomegranate was my favorite.

We’re sold here at YS. We want this In The Cups that we serve ourselves and our friends. We want this in our mixers. We want these stocked up for warm days and nice hikes (please remember to pack in and pack out everything you bring). That all said, CBD beverages are definitely, undoubtedly, 100% the current wave and the wave of the future. Get on deck with these because they will definitely be making their way into our kitchens and bars.

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