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APRESKE 80’s Pop-Up Bar Snowing in Louisville


The good folks at Bittersweet Cafe are back at it again folks. The little Louisville treasure has morphed into an 80’s-themed skier’s paradise. The APRESKE (Après Ski) Pop-Up Cocktail Bar is a 90 minute cocktail experience set in a 80’s Swiss ski lodge, if you will. Imagine chowing down on some good ol’ ski lodge food while washing it down with an epic custom cocktail in your best outrageous 80’s attire.

APRESKE is everything blinding neon, 80’s rock, and winter slopes. Enjoy 90 minutes of tasty craft cocktails and gnarly ski lodge grub. The venue is adorned in kitschy holiday decor providing a sense of nostalgia for the grown folk and a hot tub time machine trip for the younger folks.

The unusual drinking destination provides an array of unique cocktails to get you warmed up this Colorado winter. Some of the signature cocktails include the “Sex on the Snow” featuring a lavender and butterfly pea flower-infused gin, lemon, prosecco, VSOP cognac, and garnished with a candied lemon peel. Or get your taste buds on the “Double Black Diamond”, which features a charcoal-infused mezcal and solera rum. The drink processes a grey hued ice cube paired with a blackberry preserve that really plays on both the sweet and smoky tones of the pallet.

Dive right into the “Shred The Gnar” cocktail. It features a combination of Oak aged Nova Fogo Cachaca, Hell-Fire Bitters, Kaffir Leaf-infused Shoshu, and lime juice, topped with a tasty candied ginger garnish. We also recommend the “Fresh Pow” cocktail. This refreshing tropical drink is made up of Shipwreck coconut rum, silver tequila, key lime juice, agave syrup, triple sec, and a sugar coconut rim.

Not much of a drinker? Not a problem!

APRESKE has mocktails for your sipping pleasure. Some of the mocktails include concoctions like the “Ski School” which is a mixture of lemon juice, cinnamon, clove, honey, and ginger. There is also the “Like a Virgin”, which is a combination of berry puree, sour mix, and cranberry juice and “fishnet glove” fashion a la Madonna.

Once you’ve gotten your buzz on chow down on one of the many culinary creations listed on the APRESKE menu. The vegan veggie chili is a sure fire way to warm yourself up during the chilliest February evenings. Pair your pippin’ hot chili with some house-made carnitas for the perfect Dy-no-mite! duo. The giant charcuterie stuffed pretzel is an impressive foot across and is chop full of meat, cheese, spiced nuts, and fresh fruit. No matter what you choose, you definitely can’t lose.

No matter what you are munching or sipping on you are sure to leave with a warm body, a full stomach, and an enjoyable buzz. Want to experience the APRESKE Pop-Up bar for yourself? Make sure to visit the Switch Pop-Up website to book your reservation. The venue provides either greenhouse seating, outdoor seating, indoor seating, and VIP suites. Exploring downtown and want to stop by this Bittersweet Cafe special? The APRESKE bar allows walk-in guests too! Make sure to visit this step back in time before it’s too late, this is a switch pop-up bar after all.

Though Louisville is a trek from the mountain tops, the APRESKE Pop-Up bar is sure to bring you the ultimate Colorado mountain experience. With support from Ferrari Champagne and an official 80’s USA Ski Team car parked outside, you’ll be hitting the memories hard as you toss another quarter in the Ms. Pac-Man on loan from Tilt Arcade and tossing back another lovely libation.