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Boulder Chamber’s 2022 Policy Framework Highlights Need for Business Recovery and Workforce  Retention

Boulder Chamber’s 2022 Policy Framework Highlights Need for Business Recovery and Workforce Retention


BOULDER, Colorado- The Boulder Chamber is dedicated to advancing its advocacy efforts through adoption of its 2022 Policy Framework and renewed determination to achieve the goals for our local businesses, the economy and our community that it encompasses. This year’s update the BoulderChamber Policy Framework understandably emphasizes COVID-19 recovery efforts, including the prioritization of workforce retention, and affordable workforce housing, mental health care.

The Boulder Chamber develops its policy priorities through ongoing dialogue with its business and nonprofit, along with other community stakeholders, members, input from its Community Affairs Council (CAC) and final adoption by the Board of Directors. It is through this extensive analysis that the Policy Framework facilitates positive economic vitality that benefits our full community, while also addressing quality of life for the Boulder workforce and its residents.

This year, the Boulder Chamber made a special appeal in the 2022 Policy Framework for attention to mental health for its community, given the severe trauma associated with compounding traumatic incidents. We need programs and services that are sensitive to the debilitating impact of mental health conditions on workforce productivity and general well-being.

Further, as our community grapples with the growing need for affordable workforce housing options, the 2022 Policy Framework identifies specific housing opportunity zones where the Boulder Chamber urges City Council to give focused attention, including Phase 2 of the Transit Village Area Plan and the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan.

The 2022 Policy Framework also advocates for caution in any measure that entails additional business taxation. The pandemic’s impacts are still wreaking havoc on businesses, big and small, as they grapple with challenges ranging from workforce ecruitment and supply chain disruption to a significantly reduced customer base.

In announcing the 20220 Policy Framework, Boulder Chamber President and CEO John Tayer stated,“We call upon our policy leaders for sensitivity in their approach to actions that impact our businesses. Just because masks are off doesn’t mean the ravages of COVID and so many other traumatic events and disruptive forces aren’t taking a toll. Let’s work together to address the needs of our business and their workforce, while avoiding the imposition of further legislative and regulatory burdens, as they seek to stabilize their operations and regain their financial footing.”

Read the full 2022 Policy Framework here.

About the Boulder Chamber

The nonprofit Boulder Chamber is the region’s flagship business advocacy and support organization. With more than 110 years of dedicated service to our members and the Boulder community, the Boulder Chamber’s innovative programs help local businesses succeed while sustaining an economy that preserves Boulder’s high quality of life, including its environmental and cultural assets. Together with its member businesses, the Boulder Chamber is building a smarter, more vibrant economy –sustaining Boulder’s position as a global capital of innovation and a thriving center of economic vitality. For more information, visit the Chamber’s Website at http://boulderchamber.com/.

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