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Unmitigated gall! | The Soul in the Sun

Unmitigated gall! | The Soul in the Sun


We’ve have watched you
Come after us and our rights
Time and time again
Every single generation
Every time we start to shine
Every single time!
Slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Selma, Segregation
And so many other instances and places
Where you’ve shed our blood and burnt our houses
Every time “progress” stats to mean results for us
You come out of hiding to slam the lid down on our dreams
And you have the unmitigated gall to stand here today
And say YOU’re being oppressed?
You’re the victim?
Or worse that you’re fighting for me
For my own good!
For my kids future
You have the unmitigated gall to tell me today
That you feel uncomfortable?
That your way of life is being threatened
You have the unmitigated gall to say
The reason for our lack of riches is that we’re lazy?
Even as we work 3 jobs to keep our children fed
You have the unmitigated gall to say
We’re being “anti-white”!
We’re being ungrateful
And though we’d have every reason
To be “anti-white we are NOT

We are anti-white supremacy
We are anti-Racism
We are anti-Sexism
We are anti-greediness
We are anti-Intolerance
We are anti-fascism

We are ANTIFA!


Muriel Vieux
My name is Muriel Vieux, I’m of American-Haitian descant, I am 56 years old with an 11 year old son. I was born in Queens New York where I spent my early years, but after my parents divorced my life was split between my two countries Haiti and the USA. It was not an easy life on many many levels. I am a writer, I’ve been writing since I was 13 but never started showing my texts until I was in my late 30’s. In my 40’s I published a French poetry book about Haiti called l’Ame au Soleil (A soul in the Sun). Most of my writings are about social, racial, political issues either in the US or in Haiti my two countries. I can not help myself to write, that is how I communicate, even if no one was reading I would still write every day. I had my one and only son at 44, after having been told since my first cycle that I would never have children. My miracle child. I currently reside in the Dominican Republic as I had to flee from Haiti due to the latest round of civil unrest which almost cost my son his life, he has severe asthma and we were locked in with no fuel during a bad attack, it was then I decided I had to leave Haiti for good. The US unfortunately proved to expensive and though I still dream of returning to my birth place, I must wait for that dream to come true. My life story is one of ups and downs like everyone else’s and unique as everyone’s too. But I have survived and in the end that is all we all can do.

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