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It’s just a word… or is it? | The Soul in the Sun

It’s just a word… or is it? | The Soul in the Sun


It’s just a word
But what if it’s a word born of hate?
What if it’s a word filled with contempt?
What if it’s a word that denigrates?
What if it’s a slur or crude?
What if it’s an insult?

It’s just a word
So is racist… bigot…. Antisemite
You don’t like being called those do you?
So there are words you find offensive
What if I called you a pedophile?
Isn’t that also ‘just a word” ?

It’s just a word
But it has the power to cut the soul
It can draw tears, it can draw blood
It can enrage, it can discourage
Sure it’s just another word
But words have power

It’s just a word
Do you know its meaning?
Do you know its origins?
The weight of its history?
Words are so much more
Than they seem on the surface

It’s just a word
Like any other we use to communicate
Ahh… but what are we communicating?
Even if you didn’t know its meaning
Once it’s made clear to you
Why do you keep using it?

It’s just a word
No… it’s a concept actually
No… it’s a message
No… it’s an emotion
No… it’s history
No… it’s a word

It’s just a word
Or… it’s a weapon


Muriel Vieux
My name is Muriel Vieux, I’m of American-Haitian descant, I am 56 years old with an 11 year old son. I was born in Queens New York where I spent my early years, but after my parents divorced my life was split between my two countries Haiti and the USA. It was not an easy life on many many levels. I am a writer, I’ve been writing since I was 13 but never started showing my texts until I was in my late 30’s. In my 40’s I published a French poetry book about Haiti called l’Ame au Soleil (A soul in the Sun). Most of my writings are about social, racial, political issues either in the US or in Haiti my two countries. I can not help myself to write, that is how I communicate, even if no one was reading I would still write every day. I had my one and only son at 44, after having been told since my first cycle that I would never have children. My miracle child. I currently reside in the Dominican Republic as I had to flee from Haiti due to the latest round of civil unrest which almost cost my son his life, he has severe asthma and we were locked in with no fuel during a bad attack, it was then I decided I had to leave Haiti for good. The US unfortunately proved to expensive and though I still dream of returning to my birth place, I must wait for that dream to come true. My life story is one of ups and downs like everyone else’s and unique as everyone’s too. But I have survived and in the end that is all we all can do.

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