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I’m Tired | Red Tornado


I’m Tired.
with a Capitol T, hard-wired.

It’s not just the hours,
that the work requires.

Our babies are killing each other
and themselves for what? Power?

They say change happens slowly
when human nature is revolting,

Against the stories they have been told
just work harder and maybe you will get some Gold.

So we flash our worth in cars, clothes, and our 45’s
thinking that makes us “really” alive

It makes a bang so loud
making men feel so proud,

of their hate
they think makes them great.

We don’t seem to see other humans,
even dead bodies numb our feelings.

Even those who preach love,
turn on each other and kill the dove.

I’m Tired.
With a Capitol T, hard-wired.

Tomorrow is another day
to hope we learn to love and play

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