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yellow scene  magazine cover for February 2015
Best of the West & The Comic Book Issue

The Single Files

Yellow Scene Magazine put the call out for area singles looking for help in the hunt. From stories of love lost, to terrible dates, to favorite super powers these YS readers spill their guts.Y Justin Long Age: 38 Profession: Sales Manager at Sonic Sense Fave Celeb Crush: Sarah Silverman. I know it’s a weird one. Length of Longest Relationship:?About five years. It wasn’t all decent


The Comic Book Issue

Over the past few years, comic books have made a significant move from the basements of children and self-proclaimed geeks, to the mainstream.

The Single Files

A quick look inside the lives of 15 area singles. From stories of love lost, to terrible dates, to favorite super powers these YS readers spill their guts.

Date Night

There's no shortage of great venues for a romantic day or evening out around here. But allow us to offer you some uniquely Colorado ideas.


Napalm Death

Napalm Death are one of the pioneers of extreme metal, bursting out of the English West Midlands grindcore punk scene in the 1980s.

LaRissa Vienna

LaRissa Vienna describes herself as a “spooky pop artist from Denver.” That’s fair, but it only tells half the story.

Gasoline Lollipops

The Gasoline Lollipops are one of the weekly house bands at the awesome Waterloo bar and restaurant in Louisville.

A Moment with Drew Litton

The long time Win Lose or Drew comic artist talks about watching cartoons, the Charlie Hebdo attacks and Denver’s Comic Con.

It’s Not Just for Smoking Anymore

Combustion isn't the only method of cannabinoid extraction. If that's news, prepare to be amazed.


Stout Month is True Madness

Kevin J. Daly, Proprietor of the Mountain Sun Pubs and Breweries, has grabbed the month of February by the scruff of its neck and made it his and his alone.

Interactive Beer & Food Pairing Course Leaves Pleasant Aftertaste

Being a beer geek and a foodie are easily the best combination of gastronomic snobberies there are, especially on the Front Range.


Mardi Moore

Out Boulder’s Executive Director Mardi Moore has been working hard for the past year to ensure the LGBTQ community in Boulder are welcomed and accepted with open arms, and we got the opportunity to speak with her about Out Boulder.

Also in This Edition

Why #blacklivesmatter is a Latino/a Issue

Guest-Author Alejandro Jimenez shares his thoughts on the #blacklivesmatter social movement.

Cheat sheet


Whether or not the celebration on February 14 is with a loved one or alone, everyone deserves a bit of candy.