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yellow scene  magazine cover for February 2016
Best of the West

Readers' Choice: Best of the West 2016 - Recreation & Entertainment

Colorado Ski Resort Eldora Hust up Boulder Canyon Drive in Nederland, $349 for the season at Eldora gets you as much access to its varied terrain as you can handle - from the Little Hawk Bunny Slope to the thrilling cliffs of the Salto Glades. And it’s far, far away from I-70 ‘s nightmarish ski traffic. Fair or...


Woo Them If You Can

So you’re single, and looking. You’ve tried online dating. Maybe even Tinder. You’ve been set up by your friends, and - good God! - your parents. You go to bars regularly, and you’ve joined your fair share of Meetups. But The One still eludes you. Newsflash: You’re looking for love in all the wrong places, and Yellow Scene is here to help. We present a selection of BoCo’s most desirable singles.

Readers’ Choice: Best of the West 2016 – Food & Drinks

Best food and drink in BoCo. Fair warning - reading this might make you salivate!

Romancing the Rockies

Dating in Colorado is all about experiences. The standard dinner-and-a-movie-date is too boring for most active Coloradoans, with skiing, hiking and parkour dates climbing to the top of the list of ideas. Not to worry, you don’t need great health insurance just to date in Colorado, but you may want to at least put on some sunscreen and stretch a little first. Here are five date ideas that are truly, uniquely Colorado.

Readers’ Choice: Best of the West 2016 – Recreation & Entertainment

Best places to hang out, work out, get some culture, and live!

Critics’ Choice: Best of the West 2016

Our critics choose the crème de la crème of the area, in a variety of categories.


Pagans in Denver: An Interview with Metric’s Jimmy Shaw

Touring in support of their sixth outing, Pagans in Vegas, Metric guitarist and producer Jimmy Shaw took time to talk about life on the road, hanging with their fans and being true to their sound.

Duly Noted – Time is Precious

Getting older sucks. Your metabolism slows down. It’s easier to put on weight. Your hair turns gray. Or falls out. Or both. Pain is more common — joints, and muscle fatigue sets in easier and your body takes longer to heal from injury.

A Blunt Talk Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The gifts you exchange with your lover can set the mood and drive your amorous experience, but you’re going to have to do better than heart-shaped milk chocolate and boring roses, so in this month’s column, we unite our love of Do-It-Yourself kitchen cannabis projects and our appreciation for gifts especially suited for the holiday.

February 2016: Editor’s Picks

Stu Miller at Bluebird Theater, Jonathan Tiersten at NAMM, Boeing Boeing at Longmont Theatre Company and more of the best culture in BoCo.


This Month In Top 10 Herbs & Spices Every Cook Should Have: Thyme

We are looking at the top 10 spices that every cook should have on hand in their kitchen to make the most basic of dishes. Certainly this list is rudimentary and not meant to cover all ethnic bases.

Also in This Edition

The Toll of Boulder County’s Rural Roads

Like much of Boulder County’s road network, County Line Road and Weld County Road 3 are characteristically rural roads. Such conditions have documentedly played a role in Boulder County’s most accident-prone intersections, a crucial issue given the ever-growing outlying areas.

If You Live Near the Mountains, You’re Probably Healthy

If you’re reading this, you’re probably healthy. Yellow Scene is for folks who live north of Denver, near the mountains, and data suggests a correlation between mountains and fitness.