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yellow scene  magazine cover for March 2019


Scene Stealers

Silent Sky at CenterStage Theater The Evergreen Players are back with another fascinating and powerful new play – Silent Sky. This play, based on a true story, is about Henrietta Leavitt, who worked at the Harvard Observatory in the early 1900s. Women at that time were not allowed to actually touch the telescopes or offer input. Instead, she joined a group of women “computers” who worked...

French’s 5

It’s not yet Summer, but blockbuster season is already heating up — here’s 5 movies we can’t wait to see this month:

Head for the Hills

It’s been 15 years since Adam Kinghorn (guitar/vocals), Joe Lessard (violin/octave violin/vocals) and Matt Loewen (upright bass/clarinet/vocals) first started playing together while students at CSU in Fort Collins as Head For The Hills — an Americana Grass band beset with equal parts rock, soul, blues and jazz influences. The group drops their latest and most ambitious EP, Say Your Mind, on March 22, featuring a lineup of friends and collaborators contributing, including vocalist Kim Dawson and a full horn section. Here, all three main members talk about the journey they’ve been on, maintaining a healthy relationship for so long and dealing with the effects of mild electrocution.

That complaint is false!

It’s okay to be enraged at a case where someone files a false complaint with the police. Especially when it hurts an innocent person who committed no crime at all. Just make sure your ire is aimed in the right direction.


The Mollusk Reigns: Oyster Month at Jax Fish House

It’s Mardi Gras, so naturally there’s masks and beads waiting for us when we get to Jax Fish House. While we weren’t there to indulge in the Mardi Gras madness and crawfish boil, we were there to get down and dirty with our seafood selection, courtesy of chef Rob Monahan.

Off Menu with James Ross: The Main Food Groups | Rosalee’s Pizzaria

Rosalee’s Pizzeria is an old world East Coast style neighborhood pizzeria in Longmont, Colorado. I sat down with James, the co-owner with his wife, Amy. When I say “old world”, I mean, this guy loves pizza, just a pinch more than building community, which is the heart of what he does.


•   Blooming Beets has sold after five years in business. The new owners, Keizo and Yuki Aoi, will be developing a new concept at the Boulder spot. Keizo has been a sushi chef for the last 30 years, and after 22 years of dreaming and saving to own a restaurant. So expect a new sushi spot opening up in April.    •   A Harry Potter-themed Brunch is coming to Denver this summer. The...


Genus Loci: A DiverCity conversation with Andrea Gibson

Words, it was once said, are made up of 26 letters, and that's all that's needed to explain and describe everything in the known universe. Andrea Gibson's universe is one we're grateful for.

Month in Review

Month In Review: March 2019

News. Issues. Places. People. 104th

Community Corner

Community Corner: Chasing Freedom with Elisabeth Epps

Can you imagine the end of cash bail and pre-trial detention, the abolition of jail and prisons in their entirety. Elisabeth Epps can, and she’s working to make it a reality.

Also in This Edition


ANIMAL ECOLOGY . Butterfly Pavilion 6252 W. 104th Ave., Westminster. 303.469.5441. butterflies.org Denver Zoo Summer Safari 2300 Steele St. Denver. 720.337.1400. denverzoo.org Dinosaur Ridge 16831 W. Alameda Pkwy. Morrison. 303-697-3466 x101 dinoridge.org/summer-camps.html Downtown Aquarium Sea Safari 700 Water St., Denver. 303.561.4444. aquariumrestaurants.com Kids and...

Amazing Camps You Didn’t Know You Should Send Your Kids To!

Animal Ecology   Butterfly Pavilion 6252 W. 104th Ave., Westminster   |   303.469.5441  |   Butterflies.org Featuring five exhibits each with a unique experience exploring science and conservation topics. All camps incorporate nature, science, adventure and live animals. 2019 Summer camp programs include: Zoo Keeper in Training WILD Colorado Backyards Beekeeper in...

Leagues Beyond Fields: Less Than Traditional Sports Leagues

Yes, we like football. We played a little basketball back in school. But sports are so diverse. We dig in to these less-than-traditional sport leagues. We want to learn how to spar, shoot, and skate.