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yellow scene  magazine cover for November 2020
Locavore Issue

Locavore Gift Guide 2020: 20 Ways to Give & Receive

Treat the ones you love with special care and extra love this season. We’re in the middle of a realignment of the schemas we’ve come to live by. The world is not as it once was, even while so much continues. We wanted to look deeper than toys and trivialities to find ways of giving that can enhance life, make it a bit...


Locavore Gift Guide 2020: 20 Ways to Give & Receive

Even as we give, we receive. These are ways we found to give and receive from the world around us, from family and friends, and from our own hearts to ensure our lives are filled, our hearts are bursting, and our homes are helped.


Spotlight on… Colorado Gives Day

As we careen through the financial impact of the pandemic-fueled recession, now more than ever is the time these non-profits need the support from those who can give it. Here are just a handful of organizations you can give to through the Colorado Gives Day website at ColoradoGives.org (or via their individual websites).


Locavore: Restaurant Gift Guide

 Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a night when they don't have to cook, a cup of coffee, or a chance to try takeout from a new restaurant. Here are our suggestions for gift certificate options for dining. There's enough here to satisfy anyone on your shopping list, we've included an online list if you want to order from your house and then grab and go. ...

Community Corner

Promises, Policy, and President 46 | Community Corner Nov. 2020

What was expected by many to be an overwhelming loss handed to Trump at the polls became a slow grind of counting ballots. The Associated Press has finally called the race for Biden and Harris this morning, but between election day and today, many have been sharing that if Bernie had been on the ballot, the overwhelming defeat of Trump would be ours already.I’m not as certain Bernie...


Paul Wedlake Kills One Shoot at a Time

When I called Paul Wedlake for our scheduled interview, it was less of a formal interview than two guys that know each other too well having a laugh about what a mess we are. As managing editor of Yellow Scene Magazine, for just over three years now, I have worked with Paul damn near every month, except one or two, including one he missed while on a rafting trip in Arizona. He would later protest...

Also in This Edition

In the Cups: Spirit Hound Distillers / BoCo Benefit Beer Release

Lyons’ Spirit Hound Distillers Creates Three Year High Rye BourbonThe holidays are coming and that means plenty of drinks are in your future. Some of the tastiest cocktails, ones that help you warm, enjoy a date, and deal with stressful dinner guests, are made with bourbon. And if you’re looking to try a new, locally made bourbon, there’s something available to make your...

BOCO Giving Guide: Nonprofits Need You!

The people and organizations you’ll meet in this article show just such a generosity of spirit. Over the past difficult year they have been working tirelessly to help those in need, even as their own backs are against the wall.

From De La Vaca’s Desk: A Very Merry Local Holiday to You

Happy Holidays, Boulder County! You might have noticed all the recent snowfall and realized, as we did, that winter is here. And, with winter comes the Festivus season, a time of giving and receiving.However you celebrate, there's one thing I hope we can all agree on: shopping local is the best way to keep local dollars in the local economy and support our friends and neighbors. I just read...

Firehouse Art Center: New Events, COVID Ready 

Are you ready to step foot into another gallery? Miss being surrounded by the fresh smell of canvases and paints? Don’t worry, art lover, Firehouse Art Center has found a way to safely open with their new restrictions.