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Firehouse Art Center: New Events, COVID Ready 


New government restrictions are on the way due to COVID surges across the region. This has impacted everyone, including our local art scene, in serious ways. Firehouse Art Center is here to bring some ease to this global pandemic by presenting COVID safe events for our community. Are you ready to step foot into another gallery? Miss being surrounded by the fresh smell of canvases and paints? Don’t worry, art lover, Firehouse Art Center has found a way to safely open with their new restrictions. There are many different heartwarming events that Firehouse Art Center will be holding the rest of this year. Now, if you are ready, brace your eyes for their newest upcoming events.

Starting November 13th, they are opening to the public for walk-ins available Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 5 pm.  If those days don’t fit into your busy schedule you can make an appointment, 24 hours in advance, to come on Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. 

With new restrictions come new guidelines, including a limit on patrons allowed in the gallery. Right now, the gallery is operating at fifty percent occupancy. So, if you and your friends are expecting a fancy night at the Firehouse Art Center, you should call ahead. A six foot distance is also required between gallery patrons. Masks will be mandatory and, upon entering the building, you will be asked to use sanitizer.  

On Saturday, November 28 Firehouse Art Center will also be participating in Small Business Saturday. The following day, Sunday, November 29 will be Artist Sunday. Between 12 pm and 5 pm on the 28h and 29 artists, artisans, and craft makers will be showcased in the gallery. Buying these pieces could make great holiday gifts and help support local artists. 

Along with these events, the Firehouse Art Center is also dedicating an area to the Front Range Community College Student Show, which will be judged and awarded by cross recruited Denver art critic, writer and curator Michael Paglia. These are pieces that students have made during these tough pandemic times. You can find these pieces in the gallery. 

With Boulder County beginning a level red lock down, more virtual options are being offered. Starting from the moment you are reading this to December 9 you can purchase one of Firehouse’s sweater making kits. These kits will come with felt appliques, pom poms, bells, glue, glitter glue, and other spunky holiday items. You can choose to buy your decorations with a sweater for $35, or if you already have your favorite sweater and just want the design elements this will be $15. For families they will be offering discounts when you purchase multiple kits. If you are stuck and having a hard time coming up with your own christmas sweater design, then you can join the Firehouse Executive Director, Miss Elaine, for some help. She will be holding a free Facebook livestream on December 10 where she will also be creating her own DIY sweater. 

If you thought making your own christmas sweater wasn’t cool enough, there will also be a fashion show fundraiser held on December 17, but make sure you enter by the 15. If you purchased a kit, it includes the $5 entry fee for the fashion show. The show will consist of pictures of everyone’s holiday sweaters entered in the contest. You can vote on Best Design, Ugliest Design, Most Colorful, Best Family Picture, and many more, $1 = 1 vote. To enter into this contest it is $5 per photo entry, unless you purchased a kit. You can enter with either your own sweater or the sweater from the kit. For the winner there will be prizes. For more information on this check out their event website.

On this same night the Firehouse Art Center will be holding a live zoom session. During this session you can expect to learn about how the Firehouse has been connecting the community to art and culture over the past 35 years. 

This coming Spring of 2021, Firehouse will be having a collaboration with BMoCA, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, for the new Studio Project Internship. This project is to reach and engage with a larger range of high schoolers online. To apply for this opportunity, submit an application by Friday, December 11 at 5 pm. BMoCA has been doing Studio Project Internship for quite some time. Studio Project Internship is a great way for high school students to become engaged. Through this project subjects like art, art making, and social issues will be discussed. The interns will get the opportunity to work with local art activists, partner with nonprofits, and plan events to share their artwork they made during this program. More information on this program can be found on this website

As a non-collecting institution BMoCA thrives to be a catalyst for creative experiences. They “present rotating exhibitions and programs that stimulate active participation in the global dialogue about contemporary art”. 

Another feature that will be available are Zoom art classes. The first session of these will begin on December 1. More information on these classes can be found on the websiteEveryone, and every business, is having to make drastic changes to how their everyday life used to be before the pandemic. Firehouse is trying to make the best out of this situation, alongside many other places.  

I am sure there are many activities in people’s lives that they would like to stay the same to keep their sanity. Maybe art is the one thing that you don’t want this pandemic to rip away from you. Don’t worry, that is why Firehouse is here, to make the changes necessary to keep art  available for those who don’t want art to leave their life. If you are someone who is never ready to let go of art no matter what is going on in the world, then take a look at Firehouse Art Center. With the new precautions that Firehouse is taking and the new ways that are offering to provide you classes you can still get your art on during this pandemic. 

To get further resources and information on what Firehouse is going to be doing for you guys to keep your art dreams going, make sure you stay updated with their newest events. Every year this museum serves over 100,000 people. They have 9 exhibitions and over 500 programs presented for their audience of all ages and backgrounds. BMoCA is located at 1750 13 Street in downtown Boulder, CO. They can be contacted at 303.443.2122 or you can look at their website for more information.

As we prepare to head into stronger lockdowns and higher precautions, Firehouse will be changing the way they are doing things and updating it constantly to stay up to date with their consumers. 

Go get involved in some of these amazing local art events and show love for your artistic community. 

During your ventures through Firehouse’s upcoming events, you can also get connected and more involved with the art community as a whole. You can see how other people are dealing with art in these COVID times.This is a time where you don’t want to lose yourself, so just because their world is changing right around us, don’t make it change the things that you love to do. Take advantage of these events and get involved. 

As new requirements are needed during COVID, Firehouse will be keeping up and making those changes. During these times it is important to support businesses, and Firehouse should be one of them.

If you want to keep your inspiration going and help kids with their art dreams, then make sure you stay connected to Firehouse during these hard times. Keep updated with their websites and their newest events and how they will be delivered so that we can all stay involved and enjoy the art events. 

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