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It’s Time to Make the Bagels


There was literal outrage in March from Lafayette residents when they rolled up to Bunkers Bagels only to find that the staple morning stop had shuttered overnight. Last we heard it was a lease disagreement. Enter Reed and Rebecca Beaupré, owners of Big Daddy’s Bagels in Boulder and Golden. The couple wanted a third bagel shop; they just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

The first Big Daddy opened in Boulder 11 years ago. It wasn’t until a little more than two years ago that they opened the Golden shop. But when a turnkey operation just falls in a baker’s lap, the only thing to do is start boiling dough. Which Reed did. Most have embraced the change.

On a recent Tuesday morning, the outside patio was filled with leisurely residents drinking java, munching on bagels and reading the paper. Some have resisted, especially since the Beaupré’s are old school bagel folks from Vermont. They boil their goods instead of steaming them. But as every good Northeasterner knows that’s the only way to cook a bagel. Reed says Lafayette is learning quickly.

Cuisine Scene: What’s the neighborhood’s reaction been like since taking over the town’s staple bagel shop?

Reed Beaupré: Generally positive. The best reaction we got, “Thank God we’ve got a real bagel, a boiled bagel.” The worst, “You don’t have X bagel.” Usually it’s a flavor.

CS: On another note, what time do you wake up each day? And how do you get up at that crazed hour?

RB: On a typical day, 2:30. Our Boulder store starts baking at 1:30 and that’s where I start my rounds…You go to bed really early. You don’t have a life. You take a lot of naps. It’s not for everybody.

CS: So what’s your favorite non-bagel meal?

RB: My grandmother’s Italian (he compares her to the mother of Joe Pesci’s character in “Goodfellas”). I’m partial to Italian. I can eat spaghetti—my kids are the same—pretty much anytime.

CS: And when you’re not at one of your bagel shops, we’d find you…

RB: Playing basketball. You can ask anybody. I play a lot of basketball.

CS: On that note, liken yourself to a Denver Nugget.

RB: I’m partial to A.I. (Allen Iverson). I own my own business because I can’t do the corporate thing (like him).

For information on Big Daddy Bagels, 489 Highway 287 in Lafayette, call 303.665.5918

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