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Free Speech At Its Finest


We’ve all heard the story of Colorado State University student newspaper editor dropping the F-bomb in print next to President Bush’s name. J. David McSwane says it was an exercise in freedom of speech.
Even though his comments were bordering on juvenile, he was correct in saying free speech protects him. Nonetheless McSwane’s curse words had an unintended response. It spurned some competition for the Rocky Mountain Collegian with The Ram Republic popping up shortly after the comments.

It’s written and edited by a group called the CSU College Republicans. Editor Bobby Carson told various news outlets that the conservative newspaper has been in the works for some time, but in light of the anti-Bush sentiment portrayed in the Collegian, he decided to accelerate the process. Free speech is sacred and a right that should be guaranteed. And a conservative publication that counters the poor taste displayed by the Collegian is a welcome addition to the marketplace.

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