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14 Questions for a Rock Goddess


Karen Cuda plays bass for Nashville Pussy. You know, the band that was also nominated for a Grammy (Best Metal Performance 1999) and has toured with everyone from Motorhead to the Reverend Horton Heat.

The femme fatale also lives in Denver (when she’s not on tour) where she fronts local act Hemi Cuda. Here, she takes a few moments out from her busy schedule and answers a few questions over the phone, while standing in the cold on a street corner in New York City.

French Davis: How has life changed for you since you made the jump from hot local bass-playin’ babe to hot international bass-playin’ babe?
Karen Cuda: I spend a lot more time in a van and out of my own bed and away from my kitty. Other than that, it doesn’t feel a whole lot different. I mean, life’s been really exciting, I’ve gone around the world and back a couple of times, met a lot of people, done a lot of endorsements, but it’s been a gradual change.

FD: What’s the best part about your professional life now?
KC: I get to do what I love, you know, for the hour or so—however long I play on stage. More than anything, it’s the experiences, the people I’ve gotten to meet, the places I’ve gotten to go. I feel pretty lucky.

FD: What’s the worst part?
KC: It’s exhausting. It’s hard to be away from loved ones all the time.

FD: What’s the most star struck you’ve been since you’ve been in NP?
KC: Lemmy (Kilmister, bassist, lead singer for Motorhead)—that’s one. The rest of the band is good friends with David Cross—I have yet to meet him, but I’m sure it’ll blow my mind as I’m a huge fan of his. I don’t get too star-struck over rock stars. Will Ferrell maybe. David Hasselhoff came to a show in L.A. once. I didn’t see him, I just thought it was funny…It was at the Knitting Factory. …Actually, that was the same night that I met Lemmy—I did get a bit star struck when he told me I
“F**kin’ Rock!”

FD: What’s right with the music biz in your opinion?
KC: Honestly, I don’t have to deal with the business that much. We have a crew of people who take care of all the business stuff—I just show up and play.

FD: What’s wrong with it?
KC: I think it’s pretty logical and obvious to everyone. Frequently creative conflict happens on major labels. They’re more business oriented, where artists are thinking about the art and music, and they frequently have to compromise themselves. I’m happy that we’re not in that situation being on a more indie label. The big labels make more money than you do off of what you do. It’s a common misconception that musicians on the major labels are making a lot of money.

FD: Have you ever been arrested?
KC: Yep.

FD: Why?
KC: Spitting on a police car

FD: Nice! We love rock stars with a healthy sense of civil disobedience. What happened?
KC: It’s a long story. In a nutshell, I saw some cops beating up a friend for no reason. As I was getting the numbers off of their cars, to report them, I spit on one of the cars. I was charged with spitting in public, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace. All the charges got dropped.

FD: Other than something entertainment-related, what would your dream job be?
KC: Changes from week to week. This week I wanna work with orangutans. I guess that’s why I do this; I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna be when I
grow up.

FD: List five artists on your iPod you wouldn’t expect other people to think are on there.
KC: Hmmm. Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keyes, Stevie Wonder, Brittany Spears and Michael Jackson.

FD: You’re having dinner with four famous people, living or dead. Who and why?
KC: Will Ferrell, ’cause he’s a genius. Elvis because, not only is he a legend, but I wanna see if he’s as charming as the Elvis impersonator I’m hot for. Jesus, so he can have one MORE supper, and to say I did. Nicole Richie ’cause that b**ch needs to eat! Well, maybe I’d just feed her. I don’t think I’d really want her company. And maybe Frankenstein ’cause he’s cute. I’d have more fun with him than Nicole Richie.

FD: What’s your favorite TV show?
KC: “Family Guy,” I think it’s hilarious…I just catch bits and pieces at the end of the night. Oh, I just saw a couple episodes of “Flight of Conchords,” and I think it’s absolutely hilarious.

FD: If you could punch one contemporary entertainer in the face, who would it be?
KC: This should be an easy one for me. Paris Hilton. But put “entertainer” in quotes by the way. Her album is atrocious. Oh, and I’d like to punch Shakira. Only so I wouldn’t have to listen to her.

Nashville Pussy plays with the Reverend Horton Heat 9 p.m. Jan 11 at The Fox Theatre in Boulder ($20, call 303.443.3399), and 8 p.m. Jan. 13 at the Bluebird Theater in Denver ($25, call 303.322.2308)

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