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French’s Five


When you tire of surfing the web for gift ideas, check out this other awesome stuff on the ’net…

1. It’s a pen.
No wait, it’s a shredder. No, wait, the ink’s invisible. No, wait, it an ultra violet light…WTF?!

2. My cube sucks.
Good thing I have this new fake window that makes it feel like I have a view. Sorta.

3. Funny ’cause it’s sad.
This is the funniest thing I’ve seen this month. It’s also further proof that Ozzy has lost his mind. Not that you really needed more.

4. iPhones rock.
They are still not, however, a substitute for the National Weather Service, your airline Pilot and his Co-Pilot.

5. N3rd p0rn:
50 years of Sci-fi babes. Aw3s0m3! 

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