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French’s 5


Five things you didn’t know about St. Patrick’s Day:


1. The date changed
St. Patrick’s Day was moved to March 15 from the 17th because it interfered with the second day of Holy Week.

2. They really use Orange Dye on the Chicago River
Yep, the actual dye that’s used on the Chicago River starts with orange. It’s only after a few moments in the river that it turns green.

3. March 17 isn’t just for the Irish, boyo
March 17, 1861, was the date that the Kingdom of Italy was formerly proclaimed.

4. Lots of Irish Americans
The 2006 census puts the number of Americans of Irish decent at more than 35 million. The Germans hold the trophy at 51 million, though.


5. St. Patrick wasn’t even an Irishman
Nope. Turns out he was born in Roman-held Britain, and was captured by Irish raiders when he 16. He later returned to Ireland as a missionary.

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