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“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and that’s apparently true for everyone. Even nuns. This fifth installment in the Nunsense storyline takes the penguins out west to Sin City and drops them right on The Strip in Nunsensations: The Nunsense Vegas Revue. This regional premiere spoofs the history of the Vegas Revue, from the ’50s through Cirque-du-Soleil. Best of all, it’s being directed by the brain behind the Nunsense Franchise, Dan Goggin. Expect all the ribald and boisterously funny theatrics the Nunsense world has come to represent. March 6-March 23, Arvada Center, Arvada. $38+. 720.898.7200

Say Goodnight Gracie
The Baby Boomer generation is old now. Why not do your folks a favor and help them to forget about how old they are with a little trip back to 1976, when your folks were rockin’ bell-bottoms and “smokin’ grass, man.” The Theatre Company of Lafayette hosts this production of Say Goodnight Gracie by Ralph Pape. The show focuses on five 28-year-olds, gathered for an evening before attending their 10th high school reunion. Between bong hits and munchies, they reveal their hopes and dreams and fears on facing the future and their steadily encroaching 30s. Through March 22, Mary Miller Theater, Lafayette. $8 (anyone wearing a leisure suit gets in free). 720.209.2154

The Dining Room
So, yesterday morning, did you wake up and think, “man, I wish I knew what was happening to the upper-middle-class WASP?” We didn’t either, but A.R. Gurney seemed to think it was something worth exploring in his 1981 play, The Dining Room being performed by the North Stage Players, a community theatre group in Northglenn. The show takes place inside a dining room, where so much family life happens (or at least, used to happen). It’s a series of vignettes on different chunks of family life, from giggling teenaged girls to dottering grandmothers who don’t recognize their grandchildren. Through March 16, DL Parsons Theatre, Northglenn. $8. 303.450.8800

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